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Welcome to MELSIG at MMU


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A short introduction to MELSIG, the special focus on Smart Devices for Learning, the book projects, Challenge and opportunity cards, and thanks to MMU.

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Welcome to MELSIG at MMU

  1. 1. Manchester Metropolitan University 14 April 2014 #MELSIGMMU @melsiguk Smart Devices for Learning #3 Andrew Middleton Sheffield Hallam University Chair of MELSIG
  2. 2. Welcome to the 20th event Media-Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group • Digital and social media • Together • Sharing practice • Generating ideas • Asking questions • Ideas and risky thinking • Innovation and change
  3. 3. Smart Devices for Learning •Connectivity – always on •Personal - not institutional •Authentic and ubiquitous – ever-present like 'intelligent clothing' •Changing the learning context and the learning environment •How? •Today: diverse experience and interests •Online resource and book (cc) ) by sa Saad Faruque
  4. 4. Digital Voices • Representing the MELSIG ethos • How the recorded voices of teachers, students, employers, professionals and many others can change and enhance learning • Essays, case studies and 50 ideas • 24 authors from UK post- compulsory education • Now free to download
  5. 5. Coming up… •Social Media for Learning event – Liverpool John Moores 3rd June •Creative Capture and Flipped Classroom event •Media Enhanced Feedback event #2 •#BYOD4L – take 2 (June 2014) •Online resource •New book call – “Smart Learning” (cc) by nc Incessant Flux
  6. 6. About today • Housekeeping • Full house • Challenges, opportunities, ideas • Your stories and ideas • Morning – sessions together • Then decide which parallel workshops • Plenary – what we have learnt
  7. 7. Finally… #MELSIGMMU • Thank you CELT at MMU! – Chrissi Nerantzi, Penny Sweasey and Lesley Hamoodi • Dee Vyas (Learning Innovation team) • Open Badges – thanks Ellie Livermore • Challenges and Opportunities