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BYOD4L – Exploring the possibilities


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Presentation to support the idea generation workshop with reference to one or two taxonomies for smart device learning or 'padonomies'

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BYOD4L – Exploring the possibilities

  1. 1. BYOD4L – exploring the possibilities an idea generation workshop Andrew Middleton @andrewmid
  2. 2. Generate 100 ideas for Smart Device Learning Aim
  3. 3. Anne Nortcliffe Ways of organising our thinking 1.Productivity 2.Reading 3.Browsing 4.Media Capture 5.Managing learning 6. Social media 7.Communications 8.Data manipulation 9.Subject specific tools 10. Other Connecting Communicating Curating Collaborating Creating
  4. 4. • Idea generation • 4 activities • 1 poster Exploring a different world
  5. 5. 1 way that you know smartphones have been used to enhance learning Activity 1 - Record 1. Give it a short title – something sensational! 2. What app (or type of app)? 3. Who used it (e.g. tutor, student, group, employer…) 4. What did they do? 5. Why?
  6. 6. Second guess your partner’s idea Activity 2 - Inspire 1. Listen to the short sensational title 2. Guess who used it (e.g. tutor, student, group, employer…) 3. Guess what they did 4. Together – explain why this was a good idea 5. What app could they have used?
  7. 7. Activity 3 – Agony Aunts! Problem 1 Student: I travel to Uni on the train – nearly an hour each way. 2 days a week I have a lecture at each end of the day and a big empty gap in the middle. I never seem to have the right notes with me. I have been asked to keep a reflective blog on a forthcoming module. Problem 2 Tutor: I am expected to mark my student’s assignments in 3 weeks and return them with useful feedback. I want to make my lectures more interactive. I’d really like to move to a Flipped Classroom approach. I co-teach one module with two other tutors. The students have complained about our inconsistency – how can we do more to show we’re joined up? I can’t find enough time to attend CPD events.
  8. 8. Develop your best idea Activity 4 - Present Use the poster template to create a scenario that explains your best idea clearly and develops the detail