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Digital Narratives welcome slides from #MELSIGNTU


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Includes key points about the Digital Narratives focus for the MELSIG event at Nottingham Trent University

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Digital Narratives welcome slides from #MELSIGNTU

  1. 1. Nottingham Trent University 8 January 2016 Andrew Middleton Sheffield Hallam University Chair of MELSIG #MELSIGNTU @melsiguk Digital Narratives (re)storying learning experiences for a digital age
  2. 2. Welcome to the 25th event Media-Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group • Digital and social media • Together • Sharing practice • Generating ideas • Asking questions • Ideas and risky thinking • Innovation and change
  3. 3. Digital Scholars •Informal network or co-creators •Open journal •Books •Resources •Informal online courses •Events •Associations: BYOD4L, TLC, Asset, Creative Academic Magazine, etc Please speak to me if you would like to get more involved in MELSIG @andrewmid @melsiguk
  4. 4. • Changing the learning context and the learning environment Developing an online resource together • Understanding digitally enhanced learning experience as narratives Digital Narratives: (re)storying learning experiences for a digital age • Learning ecologies - the idea of story or narrative recognises the uniqueness of personal learning journeys • ...We become student-centred in our thinking • We are not alone as students (or teachers, or aspiring professionals) • Transformation - Developing the digital-social habit • Digital – always on, connect, share, create, communicate, curate • Social – network, co-operate, collaborate, accessible • Personal and Social - peer enhancement as digital-socially mediated conversation • Finding our peers wherever they are • Rich – video, voice, and viewpoints • Open – redefining the spaces and approaches we use for learning • Authentic, ubiquitous, informal shift? – learning is ever- present, real, unbounded, lived (cc) ) Saad Faruque
  5. 5. Announcements • Programme change - Chris Rowell can't lead the session on 10 Days of Storytelling at 15:15, so... but we are going to begin building it anyway! • Telling Different Stories – the Storify Challenge day long experiment on how we can construct rich learning stories. Please 'feed': Rebecca Sellars (@becksell2001), Neil Withnell (@neilwithnell) and Graham McElearney (@GrahamMacca). All next week
  6. 6. Finally… #MELSIGUoNThank you Charlie Davis and the Nottingham Trent University Andrew Middleton Head of Innovation & Professional Development, QESS Sheffield Hallam University @andrewmid