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Finished miss o

  1. 1. There are many different stages in the processes of making a TV program and or a feature film. It always starts with a pre production stage gathering ideas, placing them on paper hiring the correct staff to help with their main filming ideas. It then moves to the production stage acting out the ideas that have been decided using the crew the hired to help make the production look realistic and interesting for an audience. And the moves into a post production stage which is the sending out of the films to different cinemas about what DVD its going to appear on. This means there is a lot of roles to be taken on due to this large scale of work to produce this film. This article will explain a few job roles in each of the stages presented above explaining their roles and contributions to the production.
  2. 2. Management: This is one of the most important roles in the crew why? Because without someone keeping it organized then most of the pre and production stage will be all over the place. People will get confused and the production will be shambles! The role that is mostly under main management role is the producer. There role and why? : This persons role (the producer) it to mange everything that happens in and outside of the production to keep everybody organized and to keep things under control. You can tell this by the things they do to help. The main manger on set would be the producer, helping the director, looking over the budget for the cast and the location and props making sure everybody on set and off set is doing their job to make this film a success. The main person a producer normally works with is the director, this is to show ideas to help with the director’s decision and to explain and show new ideas that would help with the production. This is why in films and in pictures you always see the producer and director together. What department: The producer can be seen in pre post and main production. This is because there main duty is to make everything that happens everywhere on and around the set. With pre production they help the director with the creative side coming up with ideas. Whilst filming the producer is with the director helping him with the action on set in post production they mange all the budget and the journey from film to cinemas and DVD’s
  3. 3. Creative: Editorial: The creative team normally works their magic in the pre production stage haring and coming up with ideas for the film. A role you would normally find in this section is a script writer. A script writer gives a production its skeleton first showing a fresh idea to the team of people who are going to create it. This job is a very creative job in the crew, you can tell by the way the writer is coming up with imaginative ideas that are going to be interesting and exciting for the public. The editorial team works there magic in the post production stage taking the footage and placing it together, also taking out bits that are not needed and sharpening it up for when it gets sent to cinemas and put on DVD’s Their duties:Screenwriters tend to involve the following course of action idea generation and research, planning, character development, and then writing. Scriptwriters write every aspect of a script, from the dialogue to the stage directions. This means that they will always be on set making sure that their ideas are being shown in a way which the screenwriter has imagined them to be. Editors have one main duty when the production has finished filming. The editors are given all the footage that has been shot and start putting it all together making sure there’s no error and that everything flows whilst watching, This stage can go up to a long period of time depending on how big the film is. Work with: The screenwriter works with the director on set showing and explaining to the director what he/she has imagined and how they want a certain scene or character to look. Editors normally work by themselves whilst editing but can work with the director for a short time explain bits on the film to the director. For example the editor wants to cut a crash scene out but the director wants to keep it due to the money they have spent and the time it took to film in a certain angle What department: A screenwriter normally is shown and seen in the pre production stage planning and creating the idea and scenes for the film waiting to be created. What department: The editor will mainly be set as the post production stage taking all the footage that had been taken and putting it together to make the final finished film for an audience to watch. This job is quite technical due to the editors working on high Tec computers on very professional programs to edit the feature film or TV program. Their duties: Work with:
  4. 4. Technical: One role in the department is the camera team the camera team captures all the action and drama that happens on set by using different techniques and movements to create a different effect and a different meaning for an audience. This role falls under the technical department of the crew using high tech equipment and having that specialist knowledge about the equipment they are using. Duties: The camera team’s main duty is to be on set catching all the action and drama that is happening using different movements to capture it. Their main responsibility on set is to capture the action that I taking place on set but also telling the actors which way to face and which way to turn to take a good interesting shot. Work with: The camera team work a lot with the cast giving them advise in what positions they should stand to capture moments and to make sure everything flows when played together to avoid jumps and to keep the continuity. What department: The camera teams are usually found in the production stage filming and capturing all the action and drama talking place in different locations and on set. Also adding different techniques and camera movements to create different emotions and effects for the viewer. cd Research: There are many different roles under the department of research. The one I am going to focus on is the research for location. Theses find different locations that can be filmed on handling the price of the location the health and safety and finding the right place that fits with the screenwriter’s idea. This role comes under many different departments of a production like fanatical because of the location prices they deal with and organization organizing the different locations and the paperwork behind it all. Duties: They duties of the members finding the location are simple. Finding the right location that fits with the ideas with the screenwriter. There responsibility’s make sure that all the details are handled like health and safety and permission to use the location and any buildings that are popular that will be seen in the footage for example big Ben and the London eye. ba
  5. 5. Organization: As seen above there are loads of different roles that fit under this department all sharing a different past of organization for the production. But the main role that takes the organization from every different role and looks over them making sure that they are all organized is the producer. The duties of the producer is to make sure that everything is correct off set and on set helping the director with his ideas and decisions and also making sure that everyone is up to date with the work they are doing. They also are under management becoming manger for all the different roles across the set .As said above the producer works mostly with the director. .
  6. 6. Seamus McGarvey This is the cinematography for the famous movie by marvel the avengers. To do his job he controls the main camera to create the perfect shot and the perfect angle for that scene he connects with the actors to guide them into the perfect position to create blocking in the film which sets mood and atmosphere for the viewers watching. Seamus first started off taking still photos before going off to university. He then got accepted into a film school, due to his studies of film he stared to gather a liking of the film and camera roles started to create short films because of his newly found hobby of making films which overtime won awards. Seamus has worked and filmed many successful and interesting people during his film like Nicolas cage in his film Oliver stone worlds trade. He also started filming many music videos including U2, the rolling stone and Haley Williams as well as filming well known feature films. Because of his hobby for making and creating short films and documentaries for example skins. He got noticed for his talent and skins got nominated for a royal television society cinematography award. Because of the notice he has been approached by many different directors. As well as skins he has done filmed other films that have become quite famous within the film industry for example the Atlantic directed by Sam Taylor-Wood which was nominated in 1998 for the turner prize and many others including very famous actors. What I have learnt from Seamus McGavery is that he stated off with it only being a hobby but because of his hard work for many years he started to get noticed which expanded his work. This got him to film longer films with famous people. The main department he would work in is the main production stage by capturing all the action that is happening on set. Taking the footage so the editor can put it together and make it into a real film.
  7. 7. Louise Berridge This is one of the screenwriters for the famous TV soap series ‘EastEnders’. Louise writes plans and creates different story lines and comes up with different characters to use to explain the different actions and dramas taking place. Louise before starting writing before EastEnders she was a novelist, she always had a passion for writing stories and coming up with different scenes and dramer’s, because of her love of fiction writing, using her skill and passion to create a TV soap was right for her and how she is used and how she enjoys working. Because in EastEnders there's always new dramas and everything always changes to keep the audience on there toes. Louise is the one that creates these changes using her skills to create different characters and different dramas between the characters to create the action that an audience will find amusing and interesting to watch. Louise has always been famous for her EastEnders scripts. During her time of writing her stories have been shown and heavily written about in the media which raised her views to 6 million. In 2002 Louise became producer of the series, 4 months later she was promoted to executive producer writing In many famous characters with her time there. What I have learnt from my research of Louise that in soaps there is always more the one writer, many writers come along coming up and including some of there own characters stories events and dramas . Her department she would be working in is pre production stage this is because she is a writer coming up with ideas that are going to be made into a feature film or TV program. She is the first creator of the film which is needed in the very first stages of a film.
  8. 8. This is a casting director from a feature film she's the man. Casting directors are mostly seen in the pre production stage of a production. This is because their main responsibility is to audition and pick different actors that they think would make a good character to play the roles that have been created. They do this by looking at past records and past career jobs they have taken up. Then ten see if the actor is good enough or will suit the role that they are being picked to play. They do this by looking at the actors appearance, personality, body, voice and personality. Because they have pick the best actors to play the roles they get to meet and talk to very famous and skilled actors that are well known by the public and the media. They also get to see new skill that is being developed by new and young actors that have a future of being successful actors. Randi was asked to join AMPAS in 2006, she then started casting for famous feature films like iron man and avengers assemble. Looking and researching this casting director and others show that most if not all work in pairs and rare to see a casting director on his/her own. The department she will be working in is pre production due to her finding the cast to put into the film. Without cast then there will be no one to act out the story write by the writer.