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12 stages of production


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production stages

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12 stages of production

  2. 2. THE IDEA Original ideas are the most valuable key idea in the film making industry. Books also inspire people to make films to because books can get popularity which inspires people to make films. Producers are always looking for great ideas to write down for a film that they believe will attract audiences. The creative development of a film always involves the director sooner or later and often their involvement begins very early in the development process.
  3. 3. Development finance Turning an idea to a finish script can take a long time because of money. Funding is needed to support the director, producer and writer during this progress. This money is called development funding.
  4. 4. Script Development The producer and writer are still working very closely together at this stage because they still need to develop on the film like add more to the script and make it better. Then once the director writer and producer have all approved on the script it becomes the final piece
  5. 5. Packaging First the producer takes the sale treatment and the final script then comes up with a budget. Stars are in adverts and are attracting to the funding of the film. A top editor can transform a film getting a well known name editor on board early can help persuade potential financiers that the finished product will be a fun and enjoyable piece of cinema.
  6. 6. Finance The hardest part about film making process is investment needed to actually make the movie. In return for finance, the sales company will want to sell the right film to distribution companies to some or all territories. There are departments in banks that specializes in film making. Studio financed movies do not usually require completion bonds because a studio takes the financial risk. Film financing is a very crucial part of the actual movie and it also the most trickiest part of movie making.
  7. 7. Preproduction The preproduction is a very important stage because it means that everyone in the production team is getting ready to film. First the cast director, will need to start to auditions for casts for all the roles for the script. The editor is the one who chooses people that will need to be required to be in the movie at least once. The head of sound is very important to cause he will have to hire some of his crew for the boom mics and stuff.
  8. 8. Preproduction The cast director has a very important role in the movie because without her there would be no cast. Also she can identify cast members through the way they act and how much expression they give in their performance. The director will use a storyboard to sketch out all the scenes for the movie. Most films have a storyboard artist to help the director to come up with sketches for the actual movie. The director of photography is usually called up at this point because they want to make sure that he understand what he is supposed to do.
  9. 9. Preproduction The production designer is very important because she/he helps the movie by creating props and stuff for it. The visual effect supervisor is responsible for planning and designing all the effects needed in the movie. The first AD is very important because he deals with the crew and makes sure that they are all doing their job.
  10. 10. The Shoot The film stars at this scene are getting ready for the shoot to actually act for the scene. The gaffer is the one who gets all effects and everything for the set. The sound team are the ones who record high sounds on set. The 3rd assistant director helps all the background people all get into position.
  11. 11. Camera work The head of photography is very busy at this moment because he has to get every shot right for the movie. The camera Operator are responsible for getting all the action. The grip person is responsible for holding the camera and making sure it doesn't move while shooting a scene.
  12. 12. Lighting and Sound The boom operator is the one that is responsible for holding the mic as close as it can to catch some sound on the set. The sound recordist is a very important person because he helps get all the sounds that are needed for the film.
  13. 13. Post production The Editor has to effectively remake the film in an edit suit. Once all the sounds and effects are all created after that the final mixes will begin . The composer helps the director to create a music piece for the film. When the film is finished there will be things called the credits with everyone's name who have taken part in the movie.
  14. 14. The final mix's The final mix's is very important because basically it is putting all the sounds and effects into the movie this is very important because without the final mix's there would be no movie.
  15. 15. Marketing The marketing is a very important part of the film making industry because they will see who will want to actually see this movie also the cover is very important because it needs to be eye catching. The key to a successful movie is to get the people what they want.
  16. 16. Marketing It is very important for films to have advertisement e.g. posters on buses, bus stops, t.v and much more. Films have very high budgeting with out advertisements no one would buy the movie.
  17. 17. Exhibition Actors really help the movie because if the actor was really well know then he/she would attract more people to see the movies so it will guarantee to make progress and money for the film. The uk has over 3,500 cinema screens as well. Also films in boxes office will make profit.
  18. 18. OTHER WINDOWS Even if the film has a healthy profit it will be years after the producer will actually see the real money. However the producer trade on their reputation. If the producer and director come up with another hit movie they will produce a lot more money.