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  3. 3. 1. VISITING INTERNATIONAL FACULTY PROGRAM ( VIF)• Is the United States largest cultural exchange program for teachers and schools• It is dedicated to trans forming lives through international exchange of teachers.• Offers highly qualified teachers from around the world serving as teachers and cultural ambassador in the United States.
  5. 5. • It is the intention of the VIF to ensure that student, educators and communities worldwide reap the benefits of international education . the program believes in the following principles:1. All school should have at least one international exchange teacher.2. All students should be exposed to a variety of exchange teachers during their academic careers.3. All communities should have an equal opportunity to develop globally literate citizens to help build a foundation for success in the global market place.
  7. 7. • The program started 19 years ago. It was founded in 1987 and began accepting teachers from other countries of the world to teach kindergarten up to grade 12 in 1989.This project is in cooperation with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. The first group of 12 international teachers worked on in 10 North Carolina countries as foreign language teachers.• The international teachers are coming from more than 50 countries of the world such as Australia, Canada, Chile, and New Zealand, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain including the Philippines. There are several Filipino Teachers who participated in this program.
  8. 8. 2. Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program• Since 1946, the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program has helped nearly 23,000 teachers and school administrators to promote mutual understanding between the United States and countries around the world. For the U. S teachers, this opportunity involves a year or semester direct exchange with a counterpart in another country teaching the same subject at the same level.
  9. 9. 3. Inter –African Teacher Exchange• The objectives of this program are to provide opportunity for African teachers to learn from teaching environment in other African countries and also aimed to extend experiences and widen the horizon of African teachers by encouraging exchange visits to countries outside Africa as well.
  10. 10. • The teacher will travel to neighboring countries to work for over a period of the two weeks after which in pairs they will engage in following activities:1. Be stationed at one school for one week and another school for another week.2. Observe teaching in the said teachers subject3. Guest ICTs at the schools that the teacher is visiting4. Engage in discussions with the teachers in another school.5. Write a journal of their exchange visit.
  11. 11. 4. Canadian Educators Exchange• The Canadian Education Exchange Foundation is a non- profit foundation which handles both student and educator exchanges.
  12. 12. • In Alberta, two kinds of exchanges are possible for a powerful professional development experiences. These are:1. One Year Exchanges - These exchanges enable teachers in Alberta to swap their jobs (and homes) with teachers in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States, Germany, and other for a period of one year. During this time, the teacher continues to be paid by his/her school board in Alberta, when the year is over again the teacher returns home to his original position in Alberta.2. Short- term Exchanges – This exchange which occur during the spring and summer holidays, enable the teachers and administrators to job shadow with the counterpart in another country.
  13. 13. 5. Global Teachers Millennium Awards• Although this program is limited only to participating countries, It is important to learn that Global teacher Exchange program contribute to the quality of teachers worldwide.
  14. 14. The programs Aims to:• Change the live UK educators personally and professionally by encouraging them to fulfill their aspiration and use their talents in innovative ways,• Ensure benefits for staff and pupils of UK schools under local communities through the dissemination of innovative development education.• Support the aims and activities of Links’s educational program in South Africa, Ghana, and Uganda
  15. 15. • Set a standard and develop model for other similar scheme• It is the intent of the program to achieve learning outcomes among the target partners of the Unite Kingdom in terms of:A. Increase knowledge of people and life in developing countriesB. Better understanding of how UK is linked with other countriesC. More positive attitudes toward people and life in developing countries – challenging stereotypes and beliefs in shared humanityD. More positive attitudes towards multicultural nature of UK society-challenging of stereotypes and embracing of diversity.
  16. 16. A Global Teacher in this program is described as someone who:• Thinks and acts both locally and globally;• Embraces the world’s rich variety of ways of life;• Understand how this world is interconnected;• Is committed to making the world a more equitable place• Believes in education for sustainable development• Has a professional and personal skills to share, and to learn;• Bring world into their classroom, school, and community;• Encourages dialogue and partnership between the North and the South;• Can inspire others to acts Global Teachers
  17. 17. “As a result of participating in the scheme I have developed my ability to mentor students and staff and have developed a more consultative leadership style in my school.”
  18. 18. “The best thing I have ever done. I have come back a different person – more tolerant, more understanding, and more sensitive to the needs of others. The impact of this award will stay with me forever.”
  19. 19. Presented By:Juna Cabibijan Aracelli Ranille