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Melamine Dinnerware Information


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This information is about Melamine Dinnerware production and sale.

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Melamine Dinnerware Information

  1. 1. Business INFORMATION Types of Company- Private Types of Business Melamine Dinnerware Name of Company Pakistan Melamine Ware Business address Gala Goga Pehalwan wala, Jinnah road, Gujranwala Telephone Number 03127113121, 03347972472
  2. 2. Pakistan Melamine ware
  3. 3. Vision & Mission Vision To be so remarkable that our customers will recommend us to others. Mission Our Company is Committed to providing best Quality products with a reasonable price.
  4. 4. Why These Products? Melamine products are like by mostly peoples. Its seems beautiful and attract the others. High quality melamine plates are close to unbreakable. Melamine products price is affordable. Melamine is an economical option when you need large amounts of plates or trays. As might be the case with business events or other big gatherings. Today, Peoples are moving their demand to Melamine Dinnerware. Because, Steenless Steel & Ceramics Dinnerware price is very high. Glass & Chinaware have not long life. It’s a risk while using it, its can be break by touching with anything. Plastic Dinnerware badly effect on health and makes cause of Cancer, Skin Deceases and also birth defects. .
  5. 5. Total Investment Description Rupees All Machineries 3510000 Total Designing preparation charges 18400 Total Electricity & Wiring Exp. 550000 Average Expenses per Month 2205600 Total Investment 6449600
  6. 6. Products Dinner Set ICE Cream Bowls Drinking Glasses Tray Set
  7. 7. Raw Material Melamine is an organic chemical that is used around the world for several products, most famously for dinnerware. In Pakistan, Pure Melamine not in use. Manufacturer uses the Resin, Urea Formality or Urea compound in the place of melamine as a raw material. Resin imported from abroad (China, Saudi Arabia, Turk, Iran). Saudi Arabia resin has best quality. Designing paper imported from abroad but its design printing in Pakistan.
  8. 8. Safety Alerts These hints on how to keep your melamine dinnerware beautiful and safe: Avoid scratching the surface with sharp knives. Avoid steel wool or harsh while washing the dinnerware, its damage the finishing. Do not put the tray in microwave or oven. Don’t put hot liquid in melamine cups, it can break.
  9. 9. Location & Space Type of Building Land area 1 Canal Built up 4896 square ft.
  10. 10. Marketing Segmentation & Targeting Market Segmentation Geographic All over Pakistan. Demographic Its uses all kinds of peoples. Behavioural Its demand increases on different. Occasions & events (Marriage,Ceremonies, Election Days etc.) Marketing Targeting Pakistan Punjab Gujranwala
  11. 11. Project Cost Description of Machineries & Design & Electricity Connection Quantity Total Price Hydraullic Press (Size # 16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30) 8 3440000 Buff Machines 2 50000 Rubbing Machines 2 20000 Film Plates (5 film plates require for 1 design) 40 180000 Design Making Charges 8 4000 (Rs.500 per Design) Electricity Transformer (50 KV.) 450000 Electricity & Wiring exp. Complete Factory 100000 Total Cost 4798000
  12. 12. Human Resources Description Quantity Operators for Hydraullic Press (1 operator for 1 Machine) 8 Machine Operators for Buff Machines 2 Machine Operators for Rubbing Machines 2 Helpers requires 2 Total Number of Workers 14
  13. 13. Per Month Production Cost Description Price * Quantity Total Resin Bags 2825 * 480 1356000 Transportation 20 * 480 9600 Glaze 600 * 480 288000 Electricity Bills 400 * 480 192000 Labor Wages 500 * 480 240000 Packing Charges 50 *480 24000 Rubbing & Buffing 100 * 480 48000 Extra Charges 100 * 480 48000 (Maintence, Design paper etc.) Total Production Cost 2205600
  14. 14. Per unit Bag Production Cost Description Price Resin Bags (25kg.) 2825 Transportation 20 Glaze (2kg.) 600 Electricity Bills 400 Labor Wages 500 Packing Charges 50 Rubbing & Buffing 100 Extra Charges 100 (Maintence, Design paper etc.) Total Total Production Cost 4600 Note -23 kg. Finish goods produces by per Bag, 2 kg. Resin wastes while manufacturing of goods
  15. 15. Revenue per Bag Computation of profit per Bag Sale Price = Rs.240 * 23kg = Rs. 5520 Manufacturing Costs = Rs.200* 23kg = Rs. 4600 Profit per Bag = Rs. 5520 – Rs.4600 = Rs. 920 Note - A Worker uses 2 Bags for manufacturing in 1 Machine per day 8 Machineries (2 Bags per Machine) = 16 Bags uses per day
  16. 16. Expected Sales & Per Month Profit Expected Sales Per month Sales 9000 kg. = 2160000 Per Month Profit = 360000 Breakeven point We reach to break evan point only in 25 days.
  17. 17. Group Members Ali Ijaz BC14029 Hassan Ali BC14051 Husnain Arshad BC14042 Hafiz Khawer BC14132 Yasir Saleem BC14119 Umer BC141dc