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Art impact layout


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Published in: Education
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Art impact layout

  1. 1. Productions & OperationsManagementAssignment No. 4 Layout Decisions Submitted to: Prof. KashifZaman Submitted by: AimaMasood 0030 MCOM Punjab College Date: 13th February 2013
  2. 2. Art ImpactThe ART IMPACT PRINTERS started their business in 1984. The founder of art impact wasMr. M KHURSEED .The office of art impact was situated in Davis road Lahore . At later theyshifted their office to Urdu bazaar in 1995. With the passage of time it was over taken by hissonMr. M RASHID PARWAIZ. In 1999 he opened their branch in Faisalabad and in 2000opened a new branch in Sargodha. In 2006 he opened new branches in other cities of Pakistan.They mainly run their business in Lahore at Urdu bazaar. And the head office of Art impact isalso in Lahore.The mission of Art Impact is to provide quality products in the field of printings. They areproviding their services of printing to different multinational companies. They are mainlyengaged in the printing ofBooks, Pamphlet’s and Flex Sign.
  3. 3. Services of Art Impact:They are providing their services to different organization and to different institute which are• Nestle• NGO (shirkatgha)• Hang ten• Punjab College• Textile• Hotels• Schools• Denim• NMC• HKB• GLORIA JENZProductsThey are engaged in the production of• Books• Pamphlets• Flex signs• Tags• Compositions
  4. 4. • FilesService station:There printing service station is divided into three departments: Cutting Department Printing Department Binding Department Operations involving in service station:1) Cutting Department:First department is cutting department where cutting of paper takes place according torequirement of the printing order placed by the customer. They place there cutting machine at thestart because cutting of paper is essential element before printing they have two cutting papermachine in this section and there are 3 workers which are work on that two machines. After thecutting of paper, the paper than transfermanually to the second department that is printingdepartment with the help of workers.2) Printing Department:After cutting of the papers the papers are being transferred here in the printing department. Theprinting department is 10 feet away from cutting department. There are four printing machines inthe department the distance between machines are 6 feet and 2 workers are working on eachmachine its means there are 8 workers in printing department.They have solna 125, GTO, heidelburg ,rota machines for printing department . Then theprinting process starts in printing department after printing of paper, the printed paper transfer tobinding department with the help of worker manually.
  5. 5. The distance between printing and binding department is of 12 feet.3) Binding Department:In binding department there are five workers. 2 workers are at binding machine because there isonly 1 binding machine which is used to make crease in the paper and the rest of the workers areworking manually in order to bind the products.After binding of books the books are transfer to their store room which is 30 feet far away frombinding department. They transfer books manually with the help of workers from bindingdepartment to store room.Issues faced by art impact in their operations are:1) Due to limited space machines are closely placed. Machines emit heat due to whichsometimes the environment gets suffocated which affects the efficiency of workers.2) All papers are place at a same place in store room and sometimes papers mixed togethermedium quality with high quality which cause delay in working process3)The service stations take place in the basement due to which sometimes there are no mobilecoverage over there which is a hurdle between the communications or workers and instructor.4)As there are machines under one roof so machines produces sounds while in the workingcondition which makes the environment noisy which affects the working of labor.Justification for choosing such layout:In order they are having limited space for their operations that why they chose this layout in which theyplace machineries side by side. Secondly this is the requirement of their business to place closely thedepartments in order to make a stream of communication among the workers