Chapter 7


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Chapter 7

  1. 1. * By : Alex Leppo
  2. 2. * • • In 1960 William Masters and Virginia Johnson researched interactions with men and woman and came up with Human Sexual Response Masters and Jonson’s model had 4 stages • • • • Excitement – pelvis feels full, vulva and clitoris swells with blood Plateau – responses intensify as the vagina becomes more sensitive Orgasm – Tension releases in involuntery and pleasureable muscular contractions Resolution – half our or more after sexual orgasims muscles, clitoris, vagina and uterus return to usual position
  3. 3. * * Orgasms are all different and can be mild or a peaceful sigh * Clitoris is the most sensitive to stimulation and plays a major role in feelings and sexual tension * Knows as the “joy-button” * G- Spot : 1/3 to ½ up the front wall that is stimulated * Named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg * Masturbation * Touching yourself sexually and exploring your body
  4. 4. * * Yes means yes slogan that enhances the understanding of cons * Asking for what you want can be difficult * Feeling embarrassed by the words themselves * Embarrassed by desires * Sex with the same person for years feels risky to bring up new things * Bad communication * Partner is defensive * Inexperience or confusion over what you want * Learning to talk to your partner comfortably about sex * Attend a performance * Visit a sex shop * Host a sex toy party
  5. 5. • • Allows for endless possibilites Self-Pleasuring During Sex With Your Partner • • Vaginal Penetration • • Sometimes takes time to build that communication Can be gentle, intimate, forceful or passionate Erection Enhancing Drugs • • Viagra – causes a firmer erection Oral Sex • Sucking or licking of genital; female is cunnilingus and male is fellatio
  6. 6. * * Anal Stimulation * For many people it is a highly sensitive area * Fantasies * Thoughts and images we carry in our head * Roll Playing * Dressing up and acting out themes * Sadomasochism sex play * Bondage and discipline
  7. 7. * *“ I want sex a lot more than my husband does. I try not to take it personally when he says no, but sometimes it hurts. I feel rejected. The images on television and in the movies and the jokes that circulate on the internet always show the man wanting sex more than the woman” .
  8. 8. * * Being a girl, its hard to make the first move. If your sexual partner didn’t want to have intercourse and you did, how would you feel? Would you take it personally and feel rejected? Why or why not?
  9. 9. * * Lubrication : can help with… * Decreasing painful sex * Enhancing arousal and pleasure * Lubricate the clitoris * Change taste of oral sex * Keep vaginal skin soft and maintain elasticity of vaginal walls * Different types of lubricant * Water Based with Glycerin * Water Based without Glycerin * Silicone * Oil Based * Natural Oil Based * Other Oil based
  10. 10. * * Sex Toys * Spice up your sex life * Many people in their twenties experiment with them * Erotica * Exploring needs and shared desires * Pornography * Materials that sexualize women's pains and suffering