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  1. 1. Chap. 12Brittney Van Winkle
  2. 2. Social Influenceswhich affect sexuality Childhood experiences shape our adult sexuality Body image-judging ourselves based on the opinion of society Destructive stereotypes Violence (rape, abuse) Religion
  3. 3. Sexual Expressions Virgin-someone who hasn’t had sexual intercourse. Celibacy-traditionally meant: choosing not to marry  Today means: not having sex with a partner for a certain period of time • Lovemaking-allows for endless possibilities (oral, rubbing, erotic talk)
  4. 4. Sexual Arousal and Response Human Sexual Response; William Masters and Virginia Johnson Observed and measured men and women engaging in sexual activities Result=orgasm and intercourse are necessary to sexual response
  5. 5. Stages of Physiological Arousal 1. Excitement-whole pelvic area may feel full, vulva, clitoris swell with blood and nerves. Area becomes more sensitive to stimulation and pressure 2.Plateau-responses continue to intensify, vagina becomes more sensitive and the clitoris retracts under the hood. With enough stimulation on the cervix we may peek, or climax 3.Resolution-stimulation does not continue. Muscles relax and clitoris, vagina, and uterus return to usual position
  6. 6. Orgasm Female Orgasm-brought about by the stimulation of the clitoris, with contractions primarily in the outer third of the vagina Women have potential to respond to sexual arousal throughout entire body Cervix and uterus-crucial to orgasm
  7. 7. Female Ejaculation G-spot-erectile tissue surrounding the urethra -sometimes called female prostate Ejaculation-release of fluid from urethra  Can occur with or without and orgasm
  8. 8. Lovemaking With… A Man  A Woman-Often suited to men’s needs not ours -No single way to be sexual with another women-May only give clitoral stimulation -May feel uncomfortable with lust-To reach orgasm may need prolonged clitoral stimulation before and -Dildo is not a penis replacement during intercourse
  9. 9. Medications, Hormones andSexuality Certain medications can play a role in sexual desire, intensity of an orgasm Antidepressants are known to affect sexual functioning Some SSRI (Prozac, Zoloft) may reduce sexual desire and ability to orgasm Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone affect a women’s sexual desire and functioning Many factors affect our hormone level (for more read p.201 in text) Hormonal changes lead to lack or sexual desire
  10. 10. Sex and DisabilityDisability Effects on Our Sexuality Helpful HintsCerebral Muscle spasticity, rigidity and/or weakness Nongenital lovemaking, using different make certain sex acts difficult or impossible. positions, and propping legs up onPalsy (CP) Some experience lack of vaginal lubrication. pillows may ease spasms. Can use vibrator, get arms and legs involved.Diabetes Orgasms become more and more rare and Using a vibrator may allow for orgasm. less intense. Lack of vaginal lubrication and Healthy women with diabetes can usually recurrent infections. Can cause fertility take birth control pills. problems.R. Arthritis Swollen, painful joints make it painful to Be creative with sexual positions to avoid make love in some positions. Medications pain and pressure on joints. Choose the(RA) may decrease sex drive. best time when you have the least pain.Spinal Cord Can result in skin ulcers, pain, and dry Make love in ways other than vaginal vagina sometimes complicating making penetration. Use a vibrator.Injury love. Changes ability to feel genital sensations.
  11. 11. I really agreed with the portion of my chapter thatdiscussed communicating about sex. As a future healtheducator I think it is extremely important for us to openlydiscuss sexual topics. Whether it be talking to yourchildren about birth control, and sex or just gettingtogether with friends to discuss specific topics such asorgasms. Sex should not be an embarrassing topic it is anatural occurrence.Something I did not touch open in my slideshow wasmasturbation with a partner and penetration. I was not surewhat key points I should focus on.
  12. 12. Quote “We always sleep right up next to each other naked. There’s always a lot of touching and feeling, so even though we don’t have intercourse that often, I consider us having sex all the time.” (p.204) This quote stuck out to me because it shows that sex is not the most important aspect of a relationship. Society puts so much emphasis on having intercourse that couples forget about the important things.
  13. 13. Discussion Question Sex and sexuality are all over the media today and have become symbols within society so why do you think our society has such a hard time truly discussing the important areas of sexuality? Such as birth control, consequences, and the non- glorious side of things.