Sexual pleasure


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Chapter 7

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Sexual pleasure

  2. 2. “ORGASM” Can be mild, sensuous, or intensely physical or ecstatic Can be exclusively physical or can include subjective and psychological aspects. Feelings of intimacy can impact orgasms/ orgasms can impact intimacy Can feel different at different times (sex with a partner/ masturbation/when your menstrual cycle is) Can occur from penetration of the vagina or simply stimulation of the clitorisSome women experience orgasms from thought or imagery alone without any physical touch
  3. 3. MODELS OF SEXUAL RESPONSE Excitement- Pelvic area may feel full. Erectile tissue in the vulva, pelvis and clitoris swell with blood while nerves in that area become more sensitive.Inner lips on the vaginal walls become wet, muscles contract and nipples may be hard. Plateau- when/if stimulation continues. Vagina becomes more sensitive. Response will intensify and the glans of the clitoris retract under the hood.Orgasm- with enough stimulation for the clitoris and some from the G-spot awoman will build up to a peak (orgasm). During this orgasm all of the tensionreleases in pleasurable muscular contractions. These contractions could be felt in the vagina, uterus, and rectum. Resolution- when stimulation doesn’t continue the resolution stage occurs.During the half hour after an orgasm the muscles relax and the clitoris, vagina and uterus return back to their usual positions.
  4. 4. WHAT GETS IN THE WAY OF ORGASMS? You don’t want to be having sex with that person/ communication about sex is poorYou both need more sex education in order to understand what’s happening Your too busy thinking about how to do things right or why it doesn’t go well Could be impatient or tired Afraid to ask for too much and seem too demanding Afraid if your partner concentrates on your pleasure you’ll feel pressure to orgasm and you won’t be able to. You’re trying to orgasm at the same time as your partner
  5. 5. MASTURBATION Touching yourself sexuallyFirst time might be awkward and you might feel self conscious Children do it to explore their bodiesHelps you to learn what feels good and what doesn’t Can use fingers / dildo’s / vibrators or rub against something
  6. 6. YOU MAY HOLD BACK FROM COMMUNICATING ABOUT SEX BECAUSE: You feel embarrassed by the words themselves Feel embarrassed by desires, thinking they might be strange Feel afraid a partner will be judgmentalAfter having sex with the same person for so long, it feels risky to bring up new desires Communication isn’t going well in other areas of the relationship A partner seems defensive and night interpret the communication as criticism or demand Inexperience or confusion over what you want at a particular time * communication during sex is very important also for discussing safe sex and birth control
  7. 7. PLEASURE Fantasies: treat us to all kinds of erotic experiences, even if they are crazy. Most people have fantasies either in images or stories Role-playing- acting out situations/ dressing up. Bondage can be use for forms of dominance or fantasy situationsLubrication- decreases painful friction, enhances sexual arousal by stimulating blood flow to vulva, makes route to orgasm easier, changes taste. Erotica- enjoying erotic entertainment alone or with a partner helps explore sexual needs or shared desires. Pornography- materials that sexually show pleasure to a women will promote fantasies (hard or soft porn) Sex toys- spice up sexual encounter, make safe sex fun, help creativity
  8. 8. VOCABClitoris- organ most sensitive to stimulation, plays a central role in elevating feelings of sexual tension. “the joy button”The G-Spot- a particular area inside the vagina approx. 1/3 to ½ up the front wall. When stimulated will lead to sexual pleasureMasturbation- touching yourself sexually, enables us to explore &experiment with our own bodies- helps us learn what feels good Oral sex- “foreplay” involves cunnilingus and fellatio Cunnilingus- (eating out, going down) Fellatio- (blow job, getting head) Anal stimulation- the anus can be stimulated with a finger, tongue, penis, butt plug or any other smooth slender object
  9. 9. FUN FACTSSome women get aroused by watching a partner masturbate or by pleasuring themselves during sex Pressure at the back of the vagina can be key to orgasm for women but painful for othersDon’t use numbing lubricants for anal penetration, if it hurts, you need to stopSome feminists have sought to make a useful distinction between erotica and pornography Reduced lubrication occurs during breastfeeding or perimenopause/postmenopause, using birth control, ADHD & depression medications, and dehydration
  10. 10. QUOTE THAT JUMPED OUT“ In the 1970’s Shere Hite polledmore than three thousand womenand discovered most of them did not experience orgasm through intercourse alone.”
  11. 11. DISCUSSION QUESTIONIn the text it explains that communication during and about sex is important.*Do we think its important enough to always be open about it, or do we think it’s foreword and awkward to communicate? * Does communication about sex really make it that much better?*Could there be two different situations if it’s a sex partner you’ve been with for a while compared to a first timer?