Love and betrayal


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Love and betrayal

  1. 1. Nov 2011 Love and Betrayal Why Women Needs Commitment? Why most men are disloyal? By, Kaushal
  2. 2. Every woman Wants a man who calls her baby, kisses her like he means it, holdsher tight like he never wants to let go, doesnt make her jealous with otherwomen, instead makes other women jealous of her, is not afraid to let his friendsknow how he really feels about her, and makes sure she knows how much he lovesher....Women can have unending list of Expectation for Men... she requires all thesequalities in men for love to happen.... and men just need women to love.....Women need many qualities in Men in order to select him as a partner. For men,such restrictions normally are not applied. They got attracted to other womeneasily. It happens with all men and no men under the sky are out of this. TheMisery is, if a man is attracted to other woman and they fall in any relationship, itcalled as BETRAYAL – Courtesy: Emotional Atyachaar, Season 1 and Season 2. Thereis a biological diversity in men and women and this diversity creates manyproblem. Our social system is based on marriage, its based on the commitment.When men falls in relationship outside this marriage system, its called betrayal. Thenew version today is, when you are in relationship, women expects utmostcommitment from man. If any man could not live up to the commitment, then itsbetrayal. Now we can only term man as disloyal, only if we expect thatcommitment is the utmost priority in any relationship and nature helps man andwoman to live up to this commitment.Let’s identify whether such gap is artificial and created by human raceor its natural
  3. 3. What is the sole purpose of life on this planet earth? Why you are here? Scientist and Spiritual Leaders came to a consensus that we are a part of random mutation and we are here to make sure that existence of human race continues in form of life on planet earth. You are here to reproduce, to make sure that travel of your DNA remains unending. Nature brings all things to you whichhelps you to reproduce. The attraction between men and women is so strong,that no one can stop it, no one can suppress it. Look at your body and theirfunctions, the moment you think for SEX, your body starts its preparation forREPRODUCTION, it’s like your body does not want to leave any chance of error.In this race for existence, duplication and reproduction, two elements requiredfor human race are SPERM and EGG. A Sperm meet an EGG in Ovary and that’swhere life begins.In 28 days, A Woman releases one egg in fallopian tube. This EGG has allpotential to become a human body and continue the existence on planet earth.While in case of men, in 28 days, they can release as many sperms, whosecount could be more than the total population of the planet earth. There is nolimitation on men to release sperms, there is no quota or restrictions. But in caseof Women, yes…in one month, there can be one egg only. This diversity has psychological impact on the behavior of men and women.Because of this diversity, it’s natural for men to get attracted to as many womenas possible. Whereas in case of woman, she wants commitment. She choosesthe right partner, who is strong enough to feed her children, to help her raisingher children. And she has to choose the best one. Woman requires time to fall inlove and for man, there is no limitation of time. They can fall in love within aminute or second. A woman is the real chooser, and that’s why GOD gave herpowerful intuition which helps her to choose the right partner for reproduction.Her desire for commitment is natural.
  4. 4. As nature reinforces the desireof commitment in case ofwoman, A Man’s desire forother women is also Natural.The real challenge is for man, tocontrol this desire in orderto sustain and protect the socialsystem, in benefit of thegenerations. If we accept thisnature’s law, there is noquestion for betrayal and love.Both betrayal and love are twosides of one coin, and this coinrepresents Existence(Evolution).