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AUS IT Handbook - Fall 2012

  1. 1. CONTENTS1. Welcome2. How to contact us3. Services5. AUS Accounts - Email6. AUS Accounts - Password7. AUS Accounts - Computers & U-Drive8. AUS Accounts - iLearn& Banner9. AUS Accounts - Pharos, Library, VideoPortal and Fileshare Services1m! How to Print• Laptop Requirements 14. Wireless Configuration - Mobile Devices: iPhone/iPad15. Wireless Configuration - Mobile Devices: Blackberry16. Wireless Configuration - Mobile Devices: Android19. Wireless Configuration - Laptops: Mac22. Wireless Configuration - Laptops: Win XP25. Wireless Configuration - Laptops: Win Vista/729. Computer Lab locations
  2. 2. ServicesThe following services are commonly provided by all IT Specialists-Wireless Configuration on Laptops and mobile devices-Installation of Pharos Printer Packages on Laptops-Installation of free Antivirus (AVG or Avast)If you wish to use any of our services, please follow the proceduresoutlined below:-Log-on to Web Help Desk ( and log-in with youremail username and password-Create a new ticket, include contact details, which College or School youbelong to (CAS/CAAD/COE/SBM/AA), and the what kind of service yourequire-Drop in your laptop at the IT Specialist stationed in your College/SchoolStandard Operating hours are between 8am-Spm-Follow up on the progress of your laptop via the Web Help Desk website Welcome To IT Helpdesk Login User Name l Password I r Login Automatically @ 2009 Web Help Desk 3
  3. 3. ServicesStudents may also attain a stand-by laptop if your laptop stops functioningduring a computer based exam.Students will need to submit their valid AUS ID Card for the duration of therental service .*Service is subject to laptop availability,**The Library allows for a 3- hour checkout period only*AUS Policy dictates that we do not repair, format or installOperating Systems on personal laptops .School of Business and ManagementPurchase and Install Microsoft Office 2010-Go to the cashier and pay AED 185-Collect the receipt and deliver to either S 017 or S 181in the New Business Building-IT Specialists will then install the software in your laptop, and provideyou with a copy of the Installation CO for future purposes 4
  4. 4. AUS ACCOUNTS E-MAILWhat is my valid AUS Email account?The AUS Email account is sent to you with yourapplication package or via the personal email youve notedin your admission form.To access your 500MB inbox, please go toHttps://*note this password does not grant you access to the AUS NetworkWhat if i cant login to my Email accountIf youre unable to log in, you could be experiencing atemporary lockout.Do not attempt to log in for the duration of Thirty (30) minutesand the problem will resolve itselfShould it be urgent for you to access your email, pleaseapproach the nearest IT Specialist on Campus, and provide thenecessary ID and account details. 5 ...... M.-------@AUS Collaboration Suite -~ ~================~ I Password: < -_ I _ _ _ _ _ _ _- - - - - oVtKh version would you i{e to use? IDefault ~ I V.1Ii!1S This} 5
  5. 5. AUS ACCOUNTS Network AccountHow can I login to AUS Computers?Once you have registered your classes for the semester, you will receivea message through your AUS Email.This will contain your Network credentials.Once you have received this, you will need to - Log in to a computer using the credentials - Go to https ://passwords . -Enroll into the website -Change your password . * AUS PASSWORD POLICY STATES : passwords need to be 6-10 characters long. At least 1 (one) capitalized letter, and 1 (one) numeric character. It cannot be your name or ID number.This will automatically synchronize all your email and network passwords .What if I want to change my password in the future?Log in tohttps :// " •• w, 1,---- Prin cy Policy . Te , m 5 01 U.., The AUS information te.:hnol09Y (iTl system is for use only by authorized users.unauthorizedandlorimpro~ruseofthissystem,as delineated by University pol" ies, is not tole,ated and the University mil ytilke formilldisciplinary ilction il9i1inst such individuilis. With the authorizat ion of the Chancellor orthe Director of Inte m al Auditth e Univ .. rsity may moni!or, acce ss, use, a nd disciose any informations! oredon theuniverstyITsyst"m • "" .. .. ,.... , fin" .... " ....... tI"....., """ con drl . . this link ........ brioIM.... I.., ........ -.;.to<fo ..... • lfy... " .... _.,..Jy_~, .....,b.,_ .. __ .., ....... "l"" ...._... ~ ,IIc. . . lhi s 1ink _.wc. . _ otT...1 User 10: AUS BOOO12345 Manage Account 8 FOrgot Your Password? If you hayl a lrlady Inro ll"d, you (an s",( u rlly rU lt your for90tt",n pn~ ... ord by an~w"ri n 9 your privatI questions. , forgot p asswo r d , 6
  6. 6. AUS ACCOUNTS Network AccountCAAD Students also have a CLASSES FolderIThis folder allows the Students to submit their work to theircurrent courses.Windows:Start »> Run and type " nasfilerl Classes$". It will then askyou to log in using your credentials.Mac:GO »> Connect Server »> enter; "smb:/ /nasfilerl /Classes$"3. iLearn E-Learning PortaliLearn.aus.eduThis is the newest version of the e-Iearning/course managementplatform here at AUS, which is based on the Blackboarde-Iearning system.You may log-in to the system using the same log-in credentialsas your email account.4. Banner Student accountBanner.aus.eduBanner, is where you can do the following:• Register for the next semesters courses (not for new students)• View your course schedule• View your Final grades for the semester• View your Academic Transcript• View and fill out your Student Employment timesheet• View your remaining Printing Quota and, current PharosPrinting usage• Pay your tuition (Dorm, Books and Transportation) fees online 8
  7. 7. AUS ACCOUNTS Network Account5. Pharos Printing SystemPharos is the Printing system we use to queue and send printjobs over the network to Printers.(Go to the page 10 for more details on how to print)6. Library AccountLibrary.aus.eduThe Library account allows you to• View your outstanding Library fines• Books currently checked out by you• Renew the due dates on certain items• Reserve Books• Request new books for the Library to purchase• View Your Student Library record7. VideoportalVid e 0 porta I. a us. e d uVideoportal is a new service that allows Faculty to upload Uni-versity-related videos onto an onsite server for students tostream and watch8. FileshareFileshare.aus.eduFileshare is a service that allows students to upload items to ourservers that are too large to email.From there they can send a link of the item to other people todownload to their computer.Students have the choice of two options:250mb- will stay on the servers for 1 calendar week (7days)before being automatically deleted500mb- will stay on the servers for 1 day before beingautomatically deleted*Links can only be sent to other AUS accounts. i.e. ***** 9
  8. 8. How to print using the AUS Pharos Printing systemWhen a student prints, a pop-up will appear asking them toenter their Network Accounts Print Job Details ~ Please enter ~our Username This name is associated with or Logon ID the job at the Pharos 5 tation Please enter a password for this job Pharos Systems I umuIlie Print CancelOnce validated it will send the job to the specifiedPrinting station . 10
  9. 9. At the Printing station , you need to log into the release StationComputer using your Network account Pharos Station Identifying Yourself ~ ~.-Y~~ ~ .:. .Q 0 a~ Thi s is where yo u log on to the system. Please enter your logon 1D and Password. Logo n 1D Password 1*** ****** LQgon 4 :4 1: 26 PIl 11
  10. 10. Release the printing job by selecting it and clicking PrintThis Release Station then sends the job to the Printer. Pharos . Station Releasing Print Jobs ~rr-_;~ ~,~- .0.. 0 n/~ This screen a llows you t o re lease p rin t j o bs t o a print e r. Se lect a j o b and cl ic k prin t or delet e . Jo bs SO lted b y Date a nd Ti m e Job Name I Owner 117 Date I ~@iiA"M·iiWiiti·tj.r;j"I$,i 15_1" DimJ·"··_ 1 s heet at a cost of $0. 25 I l ogoff Ba lance Total $ 95.00 11 Print 4:42: 17 P~lWhat if I want to print from my own Laptop?You need to download the area-specific Printer Package fromPharos.aus.eduOnce you download it, you need to install the package before you canprint from the AUS Printers 12
  11. 11. Wireless Configuration Mobile DevicesiPhone/iPadBelow are the steps and screenshots for the configuration(this was done on version 3.1)• Go to Settings a Wi-Fi then choose Other ...• Type AUS_ Wireless for the network name (case sensitive)• Chose WPA2 Enterprise for the security type• Type in your AUS username and password, then press Join F1 I Conn CtIoo$e a I Security ns ()I > AUS_Gueat Usemamo b98 ETISALAT > Other ••• > AsJt to Join NetworU 14
  12. 12. Wireless Configuration Mobile DevicesSTEP 4: Ensure that the Wi - Fi checkbox is checked .STEP 5: Select Wi-Fi settingsSTEP 6: Under the "Wi-Fi networks" heading, tap Add Wi-Fi network .If you get a prompt for Enter Credentials Storage Password, enter theusers mobile password . 17
  13. 13. Wireless Configuration Mobile DevicesSTEP 7: A box labeled "Add Wi - Fi Network" will appear.• Network SSID: AUS_Wireless• Security: 802 . 1x EnterpriseClick on Save.• Enter the credential strorage password: 1234567890Click on OK.STEP 8: Configure the following settings, and then tap Save .• EAP method: PEAP• Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPV2• CA certificate: N/ A• Client certificate: N/A• Identity: b00012345/g00012345• Anonymous identity: aus .edu• Wireless password: aus login passwordSTEP 9: Verify that under the heading "Wi-Fi" it reads Connected toAUS_Wireless, and under "Wi-Fi networks" it states AUS_WirelessConnected .You may tap to see more information about the connection.The Android device is now configured to connect to the AUS_Wirelessnetwork.*You will need to repeat this process the next time you change yourAUS login password. 18
  14. 14. Wireless Configuration LaptopsMAC OSXStep 1:1.Right click on the wireless icon, found at the top menu to the rightside.2.Click "Join Other Network ... " AirPort· On Turn AirPort Off ./ AUS_Wireless Join Other Network .. . Create Network .. . Open Network Preferen ces ...Step 2:1. For "Network Name", enter: "AUS_ Wireless" . This is cas-sensi-tive.2. Pick "WPA Enterprise" for Security.3. Enter your user name. i.e . bOOOxxxx or gOOOxxxx4. Enter you email password .5. Click "Join"Step 3:1. "Verify Certificate" dialogue box will appear, click"Show Certificate." 802.1X AUlhe nl G lion Th t ~rver ( tfl Q tt Is SlgncG by;)l nlcnown root ( m. c t ~ ~ • 7 ( C.neel ~ 19
  15. 15. Wireless Configuration Laptops2 .Click on "Always trust "radius-cert-new9"" . v." fy CertlRute SOZ.IX AUlhenlkol lon TM stfWr( ~ Siogl1ed by ~ ""known root <MiRa t ,uitho(ity. n dlus - utt- new9 tsJutd by. "Vtl~u ()cpl,.. r ,",;,y. 0<10.... 9.2009 6 18 2"" GIo!T.Q4 00 o Thd cC!rbhc.ltc! .~s stgr.ed bot ~n Ioofttlll}{fd , ,,... or ... TrUS I ... Oct~ ts3 . Click "Continue"4 . May be, you will be asked for Administrator name and password,enter "admin" in the Names field, and the password in the passwordsfield.5 . Enter your own username and password in the dialogue box "Type yourpassword to make changes to your certificate trust settings" TYpe your password to ~ e ch.lnges to your cen" cat Trus t II no . v ? - ca.i«Q 20
  16. 16. Wireless Configuration Laptops6. Should you face problems authenticating,-go to System Preferences »> Network »> Advanced »> 802.1X tab-move the PEAP authentication protocol to the top: ~ ·rfort ~ AirPort TCP/IP S 802. 1)( Proxies Ethernet ----. . Ustr Profllu Ust r b00012345 Pas~O(d : •• ••• • •••• •• • •• ~ Alwavs prompt for password AutMntlu on: WtoIt PrO(o<OI P(AP o TTLS o EAP. FAST o TlS CotoIl9..~. C Conflgur .r I~ss NtlWOr . AUS_Virtltss I Stcurlty TVpt: I #PAl Enttrpri s~ + - 21
  17. 17. Wireless Configuration LaptopsWindows XP/Vista/7Find a computer with internet,Go to http://itdfaq.aus . eduSearch for ContiguratorAt the results page select ((How do I use the AUS Automatic Wirelessco ntigu rator?"Download the Contigurator tile from the link labelledStudAUS_ wireless . zipSave Zip File to USBXP-On your laptop, Ensure your Windows XP Operating system is updated toService Pack 3(Right -Click on My Computer »> Properties » > General Tab, SystemsInformation)- If it is not, please go to the Microsoft Website to update your system toService Pack 3-Plug in the USB containing the tile- Extract the tile using Winzip, Winrar or 7Zip Explore Extract files ... ~ ["trod I lere Extract to StudAUS_wireless 22
  18. 18. Wireless Configuration Laptops-Double-click the RunSetup.vbs file r-:"""="",,"C!II certnew StudAUS _wireless Security Certificate 83KB 1Io..:.o:.o:..o::~ 1 KB Li!!!i![!!iJ create unSetup 10...._ _ _ MS-DOS Batch File BScript Script File 1 KB 1 KB StudentWireless XlvlL Document WLAN 2 KB-You should receive a message confirming Wireless is configured Windows Script Host Wireless has been configured! OKAnd a pop - up in the bottom right corner of your Desktop, requestingyour AUS credentials. Cli ck on the pop - up ((1») Wireless Network Connection ~ Click here to process your logon information for the network AUS _Wireless 23
  19. 19. Wireless Configuration Laptops-Enter your AUS Network Details as followsUser: b/gOOOl2345Password: you AUS Network passwordDomain: leave this blank Enter Credentials User name: I bOOO***** Password: 1 •••••••• 1 Logon domain: r Save this user name and password for future use I[ OK J Cancel-Click OK to complete the Wireless configuration process 24
  20. 20. Wireless Configuration LaptopsVista and 7Stepl-Ensure the Wireless Radio on your laptop is on- Right-Click and Extract the file labelled StudAUS_wireless . zip to yourcomputerStep 2- Double-click the wireless certificate labelled certnew.cer create .bat WLAN. exe-Click on "Install Certificate"-Click "Next" 25
  21. 21. Wireless Configuration Laptops-Select Place all certificates in the following store-Then click the Browse button on-Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities-Then click OK te ~ e you ant use. ,,~ OK 26
  22. 22. Wireless Configuration Laptops-Click Next-Click Finish to complete the Wizard Completing the Certificate Import WizardIf you get the following screen prompting you to install the certificate,click YES Vou.,t fbout co Ins~ • (t1Il£l(llt from I (t<Cifl(.tioto IUchor (0) c....,i1>9 rtll AUSCA YMcIows unnee vllidoU th eM (t<CiliCItt is IC1vIIIy (rc<ro • AllSCA·. You ,hO<Ad COlHm • 0I191nby (-..(t,,., °AlISCAo, The (0_,n9 n...nber w I .us;r;t you In th i~ Focez; ~ omln!J root Ca1ific .. Windows " .utomooK"ay trust . "Y 1f )O<I in<uII lhis cMit( t IIWtc! by 1M C 1fts~lh,., H COlt ",lh on ~n(OtII,,~ lhumbpnnt ,s lS~"" ris W de "YtS ~ .(knowft~ this you " Yes 27
  23. 23. Wireless Configuration LaptopsStep 3-Once the Certificate has been installed, double-click on the file labelledRunSetup .vbs-You should receive a message confirming Wireless is configured-A pop-up will appear asking you to enter your credentials. Click on thepop-up ~ Additional information is needed to connect AUS_Wireless. ~ x-Enter your AUS Network Details as follows:User: b/g00012345Password: you AUS Network password-Click OK to complete the Wireless configuration process Cu~ ~n t ly con tete<! 28
  24. 24. LAB LocationsLibraryThe Library has 101 PCs on the Ground floor and 34 on the First Floor .A total of 135 computers. Students looking for a vacant PC may checkthe Information Commons desk on the ground floor .The Library maintains the following services for students7x A4 scanners1x A3 scanner2x Digital Senders to scan your documents to Jpeg or PDF and emailthem to you account.6x{A3/ A4) Black and White Printers1x{A3/ A4) Colored Printer2x Black and White Photocopiers1x Colored PhotocopierExpress StationsThere are Express Stations located in the library and the rotundas ofSBM, Physics and Language buildings for Students in a hurry to print orcheck and send emails when the labs are full.AUS IT Handbook designed by:Vladimir Fermazi 30