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AFHNetwork Update


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This is the presentation Network Chair, Garrett Jacobs gave on April 26, 2015 to update chapter leaders of the development and Steering Committee work over the past two and a half months.

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AFHNetwork Update

  1. 1. Chapter Network Leadership Update! AFH
  2. 2. LATAM US CENTRAL Bogota Guadalajara Monterrey Mexico City Santiago US EASTUS WEST US SOUTH EUROPE/ AFRICA ASIA/ Oceania CANADA Chicago Denver Minneapolis Santa Fe Milwaukee Indianapolis Sioux Falls Cincinnati Lexington Louisville Boston Detroit New Haven New York Providence Washington DC Baltimore Philadelphia Newark Los angeles Portland Seattle San Diego San San Francisco Phoenix Las Vegas Santa Barbara Hawaii Atlanta Dallas Houston Montgomery New Orleans Austin Miami Greenville Spartanburg Raleigh Abuja Athens Genova Lisbon London Auckland Dhaka Manila Tokyo Karachi Sydney Melbourne Canberra Toronto Vancouver Calgary WHERE WE ARE
  3. 3. Building Internal Community
  4. 4. To Function Together
  5. 5. “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point it to bring them the real facts.” - Abraham Lincoln Establishing Trust
  6. 6. United by our shared vision, fueled by the solidarity for our mission, this network supports our passionate efforts Leading to Alignment
  7. 7. - A true collaboration and consensus decision making - Working with patience to get it right - Meeting weekly to define our shared values, mission and process - Developing a new organizational structure - Assembling a diverse advisory board - Hiring a transition coordinator TRANSITIONAL STEERING COMMITTEE IS
  8. 8. Fostered design leaders Tested processes and assumptions Created a safe space to challenge the status quo Built work and designed with our local communities FOR 10 YEARS THE NETWORK HAS...
  9. 9. “AFH means that I can contribute to our global community my talents and time. AFH helps to provide the connection to the communities who need volunteers like me”
  10. 10. “I have always thought that volunteering for AFH advocates for designers. We reach out to communities and they learn more about the value of design. We also are a catalyst for projects to get off the ground and that creates jobs for architects and designers, usually in a new market”
  11. 11. “AfH has given me opportunities to use - and develop - my skills as a designer in ways that my "job" has not, while keeping me motivated and inspired by connecting me with other passionate, talented individuals”
  12. 12. Draft Mission Statement Building power in communities by unlocking the true potential of design professionals as catalysts for positive change in the built environment. OR Unlocking the potential of passionate designers. Building resilient and empowered neighborhood groups. Together, forging strong communities by creating projects as catalysts for healthy change. OR Building community equity by connecting passionate design professionals with local advocates as catalysts for positive change
  13. 13. Draft Vision Statement Design is a tool to visualize what’s possible. The design process can empower people to take ownership of their dreams, and advocate for positive, healthy change. We unlock the full potential of passionate designers while partnering with neighborhood groups to envision dignified places for everyone. Design is a right, not a privilege.
  14. 14. How We Work State Our network is a powerful force, mobilizing design professionals in support of their local community. Our organization supports all chapters and individuals by providing resources, training, advocacy, international collaborations and strategic partnerships. Local chapters gather design professionals to work with and advocate for their local community groups, non-profits, and education and government agencies to build resilient physical environments. Each chapter is encouraged to develop a mission that best serve the common needs of people in their city.
  15. 15. Public Architecture - Temporary Fiscal Sponsor Curry Stone Foundation - Funder Design Corps Association for Community Design (ACD) Engineers Without Borders AIA - National All Hands Enterprise Rose Fellowship Journeyman International Net Impact Possible Collaborators We’ve Spoken With
  16. 16. Governance - Legal entity; business models; interim process for chapters; decision making governance flow chart External communications - Web presence; brand development; graphics; media relations Internal communications - Coordination between chapters; project and impact tracking; chapter establishment and management procedures Development - Fundraising and partnerships; interim fiscal sponsorship; developing sustained funding sources Internal Sub-committees
  17. 17. Do what you need to do to keep operating - but work with us while you do so it can inform the network structure moving forward. - New York: Secured local org for temporary fiscal sponsor( - Chicago: Talking with local AIA Component for temporary fiscal sponsorship - Portland: Beginning to investigate non-profit state registration - New Orleans: Just do projects that don’t require legal entity Chapters Move Forward
  18. 18. Shorten Architecture for Humanity to AFH EX: AFHNY, AFHTORONTO, AFHPDX... - One word because AFH is already trademarked - Do not use Architecture for Humanity because of bankruptcy - Now that we have a collective mission/vision we can begin working with branding experts - for rebrand Interim Branding
  19. 19. 1/22 2/23 3/11 4/14 5/15 6/15 8/15 9-10/15 Draft Timeline BankruptcyAnnouncement SCFormed SeedFundingSecured SFIGatheringStrategyAlignment CoordinatorHired DevelopNew Brand/template& processes New GovernanceStructure defined/strategyestablished Formationof Something Launch Campaign - Sense of inclusion and urgency
  20. 20. Now : Aggregate lessons learned, invest in what works. Create feedback loops of learning Provide professional development resources Develop metrics of success Dream up more opportunities you want to see First 10 years - autonomous unsupported efforts Next 2 years - collectively identifying needs GOALS AND FOCUS
  21. 21. This is a new beginning, different from the last. Let’s leverage this economy of scale - together. Join the conversation, build what you believe in.
  22. 22. Thank You! Questions?