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Open Data!? What is it and how can Designers use it


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This is Jason Lally's presentation about open data for designers, which she gave during the webinar on the same subject matter. Found here:

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Open Data!? What is it and how can Designers use it

  1. 1. Open Open Data For Designers Jason Lally Open Data Program Manager City and County of San Francisco
  2. 2. MISSION To empower use of the City’s Data.
  3. 3. “I recently grabbed all crime data captured by the SFPD Crime Incident Reporting system, which is available through SF open data. It has ~1.7 million records from the past 12 years with a temporal and spatial stamp on each one. I've been interested in digging into some GIS data, so this is awesome!” - Lance Martin But, there's a lot more to look at with this data. I invite folks to pull the notebook and explore for themselves!
  4. 4. “Like many cities, San Francisco runs a 311 hotline for non-emergencies: everything from noisy neighbors to potholes to broken parking meters. We can use Turf to quickly calculate the number of 311 calls by neighborhood for a single week and see the top-five call topics for each neighborhood.” -  Lyzi Diamond, MapBox government-data/
  5. 5. Still from the Movie Big Hero 6 by Walt Disney Pictures “The animators used detailed property data from the city's Assessor-Recorder's office—available thanks to the city's progressive open data program—to get detailed information about the city's 83,000 buildings and the nearly exact number and location of elements like streetlights and street trees.” - Gizmodo article by Alissa Walker, 11/10/14
  6. 6. What is open data? Technically open – available in machine readable, standard formats Legally open – explicitly licensed to allow commercial and non- commercial use, without restric=on
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Built Environment Social EnvironmentNatural Environment Open Data for Designers
  9. 9. What…does the city do about affordable housing? Where…do you go for reliable data about affordable housing? The answers are the problem… not sure X and Y and Z and Q and… Not possible! The solu>on…Housing Data Hub Single place: • Housing overview • Descrip=on of policies and programs • Suppor=ng data & viz
  10. 10.
  11. 11. enduring sources of truth & unbroken data lineages
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  14. 14. Fifteen-year-old Grace Clark teaches New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison how to write his >irst line of code. (Of>icial NOPD photo by Tyler Gamble)
  15. 15. @SFBrigade
  16. 16. THANK YOU@datasf | |