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Impact Hub Report 2015


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Impact is at the core of everything we do. Across our global network, we take our commitment to defining, understanding and measuring the impact of our work seriously. Each year we conduct an annual Global Member Survey in collaboration with the Social Entrepreneurship Centre / Vienna University of Economics, and publish the results openly. Derived from a global sample of 2,457 members in 44 Impact Hubs, our most recent survey paints a colourful picture of the impact being created across our network. For even further insights on the learnings from five years of analysing Impact Hub's data, read this article:

All rights reserved. The Material may not be reproduced or distributed, in whole or in part, without prior written permission of Impact Hub Company. However, reproduction and distribution, in whole or in part, by current Members of the Impact Hub Association and by non-profit, research or educational institutions for their own use is permitted if proper credit is given, with full citation, and intellectual property rights are acknowledged. For further information, please contact:

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Impact Hub Report 2015

  1. 1. Impact cannot happen in isolation. It requires collective action.
  2. 2. We believe a better world evolves through the combined accomplishments of compassionate, creative and committed individuals focused on a common purpose. From Accra to São Paulo, Singapore to Zurich — we provide access to connections, resources, knowledge, talent, spaces and investments to turn ideas into action and move from intention to impact. What began as a single location in 2005 has evolved into a collaborative global community that now inspires, connects and enables people across the world to sustainably impact society.
  3. 3. Impact Hubs Around the World
  4. 4. * opening soon (status November 2016) Accra ∤ Amsterdam ∤ Antigua ∤ Athens ∤ Austin ∤ Baltimore ∤ Bamako Bari ∤ Barranquilla* ∤ Belgrade ∤ Belo Horizonte ∤ Bergen ∤ Berkeley Berlin ∤ Bern ∤ Birmingham ∤ Bogota ∤ Boston ∤ Boulder ∤ Bratislava Brno ∤ Bucharest ∤ Budapest ∤ Bujumbura* ∤ Caracas ∤ Cluj-Napoca Curitiba ∤ Donostia ∤ Dresden* ∤ Dubai ∤ Florence ∤ Florianópolis Freetown* ∤ Geneva ∤ Harare* ∤ Hong Kong* ∤ Honolulu* ∤ Istanbul Johannesburg ∤ Khartoum* ∤ Kigali ∤ Kuala Lumpur ∤ Kyoto ∤ Lisbon* London: Brixton, Islington, King’s Cross, Westminster ∤ Los Angeles Madrid ∤ Manaus ∤ Manila ∤ Mexico City ∤ Milan ∤ Minneapolis–Saint Paul Monterrey ∤ Moscow ∤ Munich ∤ New York City ∤ Oakland ∤ Oaxaca Odessa ∤ Ostrava ∤ Ottawa ∤ Phnom Penh ∤ Prague ∤ Recife Reggio Emilia ∤ Rome ∤ Rotterdam ∤ Salt Lake City ∤ San Francisco Santa Barbara ∤ Santo Domingo* ∤ São Paulo ∤ Seattle ∤ Shanghai* Singapore∤Stockholm∤Syracuse∤Taipei∤Tbilisi∤Tokyo∤Trento∤Turin Vienna ∤ Vigo ∤ Washington DC ∤ Yangon ∤ Yerevan ∤ Zagreb ∤ Zurich
  5. 5. 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 NumberofImpactHubs 2006 Growth over the last 10 years
  6. 6. 90+ IMPACT HUBS 15,000+ MEMBERS 1,200+ MAKERS 67,000+ SPACE IN M²
  7. 7. Trust Courage Collaboration
  8. 8. TRUST We trust each other to do what we say we will do. We may have different approaches, but we share an underlying positive intention and set of values. COURAGE We have the courage to walk the path less travelled. We honor the past and pioneer new solutions. COLLABORATION Collaboration is the key to solving the issues of our time. We welcome diversity and partner with like-minded organizations to make a meaningful difference.
  9. 9. SPACE inspiring COMMUNITY vibrant CONTENT meaningful
  10. 10. Impact Hub Experience
  11. 11. Global Reach 90+ Impact Hubs 1,200+ Makers 15,000+ Members 25,000,000+ Customers & Beneficiaries
  12. 12. Unlikely Allies Bringing together
  13. 13. entrepreneurs ∤ activists ∤ creatives ∤ artists ∤ innovators professionals ∤ advisors ∤ investors ∤ students ∤ campaigners executives ∤ leaders ∤ disrupters ∤ thinkers ∤ makers ∤ doers
  14. 14. Running Operations Initiation & Start-up Intention Formation Idea Development Impact Scaling Exploration & Interest Exploration & Interest
  15. 15. Running Operations Scaling Start-up Initiative Exploration & Interest Intention Formation Idea Development 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Stage when joining Stage today 37 28 8 5 5 17 14 6 27 19 7 27 Entrepreneurial Journey* * Progress of members since joining Impact Hub
  16. 16. Education & Learning Employment & Job Creation Sustainability Health & Wellbeing Environment Supporting NGOs & Social Entrepreneurs Children, Youth & Families Sharing Economy Climate Change International Development * Top 10 Issues addressed by Impact Hub members Impact Areas*
  17. 17. Average importance of returns as rated by our members in % ENVIRONMENTALRETURN SOCIAL RETURN 41% FINANCIAL RETURN 42% 17% Blended Value Orientation
  18. 18. Start-ups Founded at Impact Hub 2015 2014 2013 2012 2016 …2,100+1,150+750+400+
  19. 19. inspire, connect & enable = measurable positive impact
  20. 20. (Co-)Founders Current Staff New Jobs Created New Jobs & Careers
  21. 21. 47% of surveyed members with existing organizations have created at least one new paid position in 2015* new full-time jobs created in 20155,300+ * Sample size: 1,901 responses
  22. 22. recommend Impact Hub 89% of our members
  23. 23. • Come up with new ideas and initiatives • Learn about new issues and topics • Strengthen your personal motivation • Start an own project or venture INSPIRED 71% • Build international connections • Connect to advisors, experts and supporters • Feel part of a larger community and network • Find and keep good talent and staff • Partner and collaborate with other members CONNECTED 69% • Access new clients or beneficiaries • Develop skills and capabilities • Gain visibility and credibility • Generate revenue • Access better working infrastructure • Obtain financial capital • Advocate for better policy frameworks and market conditions • Expand into new geographic areas • Evaluate impact of own activities ENABLED 53% Provided Support* * Percentage of members indicating importance and a rather, or high level of support
  24. 24. Design by Alfredo Carlo, Housatonic
  25. 25. SHARING 70% feel comfortable discussing a new idea with other members SUPPORT Each member provides 5 hours/month of feedback, mentoring, or advice to other members — a total of nearly 600,000 hours of peer support by the community in 2015 JOINT VENTURES 17% started a new project or organization with another member Everyday Collaboration
  26. 26. Displayed member data and information is based on the Annual Global Member Survey conducted between February and March 2016. The final sample contains a total of 2,457 responses from 44 Impact Hubs after elimination of double counts, reductions based on local response rates and corrections of individual outliers. Results have been independently analyzed and compiled by the Social Entrepreneurship Center / Vienna University of Economics in coordination with Impact Hub GmbH. Displayed network key performance indicators are based on internal data collection (status November 2016).
  27. 27.