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Hyper vocabulary words


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Hyper vocabulary words

  1. 1. overlyactive;abnormallybusy
  2. 2. an overstatedcomment; anexaggerationHis nose was over 10 feetlong!
  3. 3. overlycritical;harsh injudgment;hard toplease
  4. 4. to injure a bodypart (i.e. knee,elbow) bybending itbeyond how far itshould normallybendThe football player hyperextendedhis knee during the game when hefell backwards and got tangled upwith another player.
  5. 5. abnormally highlevel of sugar inthe blood; ablood sugarlevel abovewhat is neededfor healthybloodEating a little bit of these foods isokay but too much can lead tohyperglycemia.
  6. 6. overlysensitive;sensitivitybeyondwhat isnormal
  7. 7. abnormallyhigh bloodpressure;having bloodpressure overwhat isnormalA normal blood pressure reading is120/80.
  8. 8. very highfever; bodytemperatureover andabove whatis normal andhealthy
  9. 9. A disorder caused bya thyroid gland thatis faster than normaland overlyproductive; results inrapid pulse,nervousness, andloss of weightThe thyroid controls metabolism(converting the food we eat intoenergy).
  10. 10. to breatherapidly anddeeply; tobreathebeyond normalor what isnecessary