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Online safety coaching module parents


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Online safety coaching module parents

  1. 1. Online SafetyCoaching Module for Parents 2 Hour Training By: Amber Burkholder
  2. 2. New Media Literacy SkillsPlease fill in your graphic organizer with the new media literacy skills that need to be taught to your children. New Media Literacy Skills
  3. 3. New Media Literacy Skills The New Media Literacies. (2011). Project New Media Literacies: Learning in a Participatory Culture. Retrieved June 10, 2012, from
  4. 4. Cyberbullying-Jot ThoughtsPlease use the post-its at your table to participate in the Kagan© structure titled Jot Thoughts. You will jot down an idea of how to prevent and react to cyberbullying on each post it. The goal of the activity is to fill up the table. We will then share our favorite ideas with our groups when the timer goes off. This will help to activate prior knowledge and hopefully you will make some connections to the instruction of cyberbullying prevention.
  5. 5. Cyberbullying-Prevention • Monitor the software your children use • Make sure your browsers are “kid-safe” • Block inappropriate cites • Place computers in visible areas of your home • Limit the amount of time students use technology for recreation • Encourage your children to talk to you about any problems they are having with others• Make your children aware of cyberbullying and why it’s wrong.
  6. 6. Cyberbullying-Case Study Please see your “Cyberbully Case Study” handout and discuss the questions andanswers related to cyberbullying prevention.
  7. 7. Responsibility of Your Child Related to Online Safety• Children should critically look at online resources• Children should use their best judgment when interpreting information from the internet• Children should take responsibility when they make bad choices such as cyberbullying or visiting an inappropriate cite• Children should stay informed and know the rules of the house concerning technology
  8. 8. Parental Role Related to Online Safety• Encourage your children to know and use New Media Literacy Skills• Inform your children to dangers of cyberbullying• Take the necessary precautions for online safety• Monitor the information your children are exploring at home.• Encourage open communication with your children concerning online safety.• Inform your children about the importance of online safety and their responsibility relating to this.
  9. 9. Online Safety-Quiz Quiz TradeUse the Kagan© Quiz Quiz Trade structure to practicewhat you have learned today. You must take a card andstand up, hand up, pair up with someone that is not atyour table. Then one partner is going to ask a question and the other is going to respond, if they get it correct praise them, if they get it incorrect coach them. Thepartners then switch roles, trade cards, and find a new partner.
  10. 10. Thanks for Participating!Please remember to do the quiz before leaving,these are the questions you practiced during Quiz Quiz Trade. Also remember to do the evaluation form survey found on toexpress how you felt about this coaching module.