Digital Focus 2013: Reaching Women Online


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The rise of mobile has changed the way digital marketers reach women. Find out where women are online and how they use their smartphone more than ever before.

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Digital Focus 2013: Reaching Women Online

  1. 1. Reaching Women Online Women make approximately 80% of health care decision for their families and are more likely to be the caregiver when a family member falls ill. Women are also consuming media and making decisions using media in an ever- growing fragmented media landscape. Source: U.S. Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration
  2. 2. Moms need more ways to get things done … & they’re turning to technology to help Moms are 25%more likely to own five or more connected devices compared to the US Average 76% of moms agree … “The only way I can get everything done is to use two or more devices at the same time” 73% of moms “…would find it hard to spend two hours watching TV or a movie without using a laptop, picking up my phone or tablet at least once or twice”
  3. 3. Quantum Related content across devices sequentially Related content across devices at the same time Four multi-screen pathways Content Grazing Different content across devices at the same time Spider-Webbing Multi-tasking Investigative Social Intent-based
  4. 4. Incidence of multi-screening pathways Investigative spider-webbing Quantum Social spider-webbing Content grazing 57% 46% 39% 68% 58% 46% 40% 71% 59% 49% 42% 68% 57% 41% 38% 71% 55% 38% 36% 73%
  5. 5. • Quickly moving between screens and activities • Multi-tasking and a constant need for distraction Content grazing pathways require quick, low-effort engagement opportunities
  6. 6. 23% 24% 31% 34% 47% To connect with others To stay in the loop on things / not miss something To be more efficient I like to have a device as background… It's just my habit +12 +13 -3 +6 +3 Habit and background noise are most prevalent, but moms also want to stay in the loop
  7. 7. • Consumers journey around content • Supplemental content just as compelling as the original • Entertainment, bonus information and rewards for seeking more Investigative spider-webbing requires depth and exploration
  8. 8. 20% 21% 28% 32% 36% I like to have a device as background when I'm… To get more detail or new content about… To be more efficient To find out more about something on another… It's just my habit +1 +15 -6 +6 -1 The search for more content drives investigative pathways for moms
  9. 9. -1 +3 +8 -13 -520% 37% 42% 57% 62% All Work/study All Social All Info All Shop/task All Relaxing/Entertaining Activities: moms are more likely to investigate for shopping & purchases
  10. 10. • Conversations stem from original content seed • Commentary just as compelling as the original content Social spider-webbing transforms solitary experiences into shared ones
  11. 11. 26% 26% 27% 30% 41% 45% To be more efficient I like to read or reply to messages quickly I like to have a device as background when I'm… To increase my enjoyment It's just my habit To connect with others +24 +6 +8 +6 +11 -8 Connection still leads, but moms also seek enjoyment and 2-way interaction
  12. 12. 21% 40% 55% 65% 79% All Work/study All Info All Shop/task All Relaxing/Enter… All Social Activities: Social spider-webbing is even more social for moms, but they’re sharing to get useful information +29 +2 +1 +6 +4
  13. 13. Multi-screening moms are hyper-social; more than half seek connection within all pathways Content GrazingSocial Spiderwebbing Quantum 79% 53% 52%
  14. 14. Quantum pathways require seamless connection • Intent-based quantum paths exist in different places: they start on one screen and ‘leap’ over space, time and screen to another • Sometimes disjointed and require clunky workarounds
  15. 15. 19% 19% 24% 24% 32% To connect with others I like to have a device as background when I'm… It's just my habit The first device or screen I used was too difficult to… To be more efficient -3 +16 -11 -2 -2 Moms are much more likely to seek a better screen when on quantum paths
  16. 16. +8 -9 +2 +13 -331% 38% 52% 54% 62% All Info All Work/study All Social All Relaxing/Entertaining All Shop/task Activities: Quantum activities are pragmatic for Moms “The main reason I multi-screen is if I start looking at something on the train or at work, like I started my shopping on the way home on the train, now finally finishing it off on Sunday on the laptop.” Beckie
  17. 17. Help Moms be more efficient while she’s on the go 55% of US Moms are “Super Connecteds” on mobile devices – they do multiple advanced activities and are the most sophisticated users of mobile
  18. 18. Moms are open to brands… on their own terms 90% “…It's great that I can check out products or brands that interest me whenever and wherever I see them.” Note: US Moms data shown. Global moms and US Totals shown in notes for comparison. of US Moms agree that :
  19. 19. Key Take-Aways Think personal & portable Spark conversation Keep it contextual Invite … then delight Keep it seamless
  20. 20. Tablet Growth= More rapid than smartphones
  21. 21. Tablet Shipments= Surpassed desktop PCs & Notebooks in Q4 2013, <3 years from into to market
  22. 22. Thank you Charlie D. Ray Broad Street Co. @broadstreet