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Observation lab assignement

Observation lab assignement

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Observation lab assignement

  1. 1. Observation Lab If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than any other talent. Isaac Newton: (1642-1727)The 6 stores visited are: 1. Hypermarket Cora 2. Bonsai Deco: interior decoration products 3. Mazda: car seller 4. Nine West: shoe store 5. Desigual: clothing store 6. Reserved: clothing storeBefore you enter the store:Does the store draw you in? If so how? 1. Yes, merchandize well organized and low prices 2. Yes, colorful products for decoration with good taste 3. Yes, interested in buying the product after searching on internet 4. Yes, very good quality products 5. Yes, very nice casual cloth, full of color and trendy 6. Yes, office cloth at good prices and in tredsIs the door open or closed? 1. Yes, only gates 2. Yes 3. No 4. Yes 5. Yes 6. YesHow does this make you feel? 1. Free to go in 2. It makes me interested what is it new 3. Indifferent, I am here to have a drive test and most probably buy a car 4. Attracted inside 5. Attracted inside 6. WelcomedHow big is the sign lettering and in what font?1. Extremely big – plain and clear font2. Not very big – a font reminding of Asian writing3. Big letters to be seen from far away on the street – the font is keeping the one from the logo
  2. 2. 4. Normal to small and thin letters – like a discreet appearance5. Quite big letter for an indoor lettering – the font is bold like making the name more visible6. Quite big letters for indoor – I guess font Arial and in bold.What does it tell you about the store? 1. Just to very visible from very far away on the streets 2. Here you can find some Asian tranquility and relaxation 3. Visibility from far away on the streets 4. Let our products that are chic and of high quality speak for ourselves not necessary the name 5. We gave you cloths that make you bold and dare to wear special trendy colorful casual cloth 6. We have nice cloth for every day and office needs at good pricesEnvironment:What is the color scheme of the store? How does this affect you? 1. Predominantly red like the logo. Makes me more energetic and buy more 2. White, green, pink – creates peacefulness and tranquility 3. Plain white – makes me focus in the product (cars) 4. White and glass – quite cold atmosphere, but highlights the products 5. Dark blue, neon lights, colored lights on the cloths like in a club – makes me think on some party with friends in a cool club 6. White and black – makes me focus in the productsWhat type of floor does the store have? How does this effect the environment?1. Grit stone – looks a little bit cheap, but it is a high volume store with low prices2. Wood floor – looks cozy and like being at home3. Grit stone – but of good quality – attention to details4. Grit stone of very high quality and very tasty – suggests elegancy5. Parquet – makes you feel like in a club or on a terrace on holiday6. Grit stone – of good quality, indiferentHow high is the ceiling? How does this feel? 1. Very very high ceiling – like outdoor 2. Quite high ceiling – spacious 3. High ceiling – not very important 4. High ceiling – not important 5. High ceiling with colored cloth – special light effects 6. Very high ceiling - indiferentHow brightly lit is the store? How does this affect you? 1. Very bright – so you can see all details 2. Warm light – like at home, and good for relaxation
  3. 3. 3. Natural light mainly – like being outdoor 4. Very bright with spots focused on products – focus on products 5. Bright and colorful lightening – gives you energy 6. Normal bright – nothing specialHow loud is the environment?1. Quite mostly2. Not loud3. Quite4. Quit quite5. Very noisy6. Somehow noisyWhat is causing the noise? 1. Announcements from the front desk 2. music from the cash desk 3. just discussions with the customers 4. music from the cash desk 5. music from the cash desk 6. music from the cash desk and some customersIs there music playing? If so, does it fit the environment? 1. No 2. Yes, yes 3. No 4. Yes, somehow 5. Yes, yes 6. Yes, yesIs the store warm or cold? 1. Warm 2. Warm 3. Nor, neither 4. Nor, neither 5. Warm 6. Somehow warmIs the store crowed with merchandise or is it sparse? 1. Crowded 2. Crowded 3. Sparse 4. Crowded 5. Crowded 6. Crowded somehow
  4. 4. Does the store have a distinctive smell? 1. No 2. Yes, they also sell scents 3. Yes 4. Yes, of leather 5. Yes, somehow 6. Not reallyWhere is the cash register located? 1. A very long row of cash registers along the entrance 2. Aside near one of the exists 3. In back middle of the store 4. Somewhere in the back 5. Somewhere on the right side a little bit hidden among the products 6. Just on the other side of the entrance, in the middle of the storeHow visible is the store security? 1. Not visible – somewhere on the high ceiling 2. Some video cameras at the entrances, but very discreetly 3. Not visible at all 4. Some video cameras at the entrances, but very discreetly 5. Some video cameras at the entrances, but very discreetly 6. Some video cameras at the entrances and in the corners and a bodyguard at the entranceHow long do you want to stay in this store? 1. 1h 2. 15 min 3. Around 1h 4. 15 min 5. 30 min 6. 20 minDoes the environment influence the perceived value of the merchandise? 1. No 2. Yes 3. Somehow 4. Yes 5. Yes 6. YesPersonnel:
  5. 5. How long does it take before a sales person initiates contact? 1. Not usual 2. 5min 3. 2-3 min 4. 2min 5. 8-10 min 6. Not observedDoes the salesperson have a script to follow with each customer?1. No2. Somehow3. Yes4. Yes5. Somehow6. NoDoes the salesperson treat different customers differently?1. no2. no3. not really, although it may be the case4. somehow5. not really6. noWhat is the ratio of salespeople to customers? 1. 1:30 2. 1:4 3. 1:1.5 4. 1:3 5. 1:3 6. 1:7What age and gender are the employees? 1. 25-50 years, mixed 2. Around 25, female 3. 30-35 years, male 4. 27-32 years, female 5. 25-28 years, mixed 6. 25-30 years, mixedAre the salespeople using the store products? 1. no 2. Yes 3. Yes
  6. 6. 4. Yes 5. Yes 6. NADo the salespeople have a uniform? 1. Yes 2. No 3. Yes 4. No 5. No 6. YesDo the salespeople match the stores image? 1. Yes 2. Not really 3. Close to yes 4. Yes 5. Somehow 6. Not reallyProducts:What is the first product that you notice?1. Products at promotions2. Decorations and vases3. The car!4. Shoes5. Latest trends – blouses6. Latest trends – blouses and skirtsIs there a central display table with featured products? 1. No 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Yes 5. Yes 6. YesWhere are items that are “for sale” located in the store?1. Close to cash registers2. Among other products3. Outside in front of the store4. On desks close to entrance and on shelves among the other products5. In the middle of the store
  7. 7. 6. Among other productsHow are the products arranged? By function? By price? By color?1. By function and price2. By color and function3. By price and function4. By function and color5. By function6. By functionAre there free samples or demonstrations?1. Yes2. No3. No4. No5. No6. NoWhat products are at eye level?1. Medium priced2. Most interesting3. All4. Special collections of shoes5. Top trendy6. Top trendy and accessoriesWhat items in the store are in the least accessible locations?1. Large items, most expensive2. Large items3. Most expensive4. Most expensive, large items (bags)5. Large items6. Small accessories, not so cool itemsWhere are the most and least expensive products located?1. In the middle of the rows // down the isle2. Both among other products3. Both in front4. Close to cash register, up // on desks close to entrance5. Close to entrance // in the middle of the store6. In the back of the store // in front of the storeAre the prices of the products easy to find?
  8. 8. Are there impulse items near the cash register? 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Yes 5. Yes 6. YesCustomers:Are most customers alone or with someone else? What is the relationship?What is the average age and gender of the customers?When a customer enters the store, do they tend to walk in the same path or direction? -How long do customers stay in the store, on average?Do customer touch the products? Is this encouraged?Do most customers appear to be on a mission or are they browsing?What percent of customers purchase products in the store?Other Observations:

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Observation lab assignement


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