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Bridging the gap


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Published in: Education
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Bridging the gap

  1. 1. Journals and Sketchbooks for Learning and Teaching Utilising Creative Archives at the University for the Creative Arts
  2. 2. Background: History of University for the Creative Arts • Six Art Schools and Technical Institutes dating from the 1870s • Three mergers • Campuses at Canterbury, Rochester, Maidstone (Kent), Epsom, Farnham (Surrey)
  3. 3. Archives and Special Collections • Individual Artist Archives – Tessa Boffin (Photographer) – Bob Godfrey (Oscar Animator) • The Diagram Group (book publishers) • Foundry Types Artwork (Typographers) • Art School and Institutional Archives Bob Godfrey
  4. 4. Archives and Special Collections Epsom School of Art and Technical Institute opening arrangements, 1896 Guildford School of Art Class, undated [1970s]
  5. 5. First steps: initiating Archives into the curriculum • Collaboration with Learning and Teaching Librarians, and Student Services Faith Cannon, Fine Art student, using Maidstone archives to create digital images • Promotional exhibitions/displays
  6. 6. Why focus on Student Work? • Examples for Learning and Teaching • Visual Impact • Academic history/history of Art colleges • Focus on the ‘ordinary’ student – telling a story Canterbury School of Art Degree Show, 1982
  7. 7. Travelling Displays: Medway College of Design 1950s-1960s sketchbooks
  8. 8. Travelling Displays: Medway College of Design 1950s-1960s sketchbooks
  9. 9. Visual Reflective Journals
  10. 10. Visual Reflective Journals
  11. 11. Academic Literacy Framework
  12. 12. Key documents used Higher Education Academy (2006) Student employability profiles: Art and Design. York: Higher Education Academy. Lea, M. R. & Street, B. V. (1998) Student writing in higher education: An academic literacies approach. In: Studies in Higher Education 23 (2) pp.157-172 QAA (2008) Subject Benchmark Statement: Art and Design. London: The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). Stubbings, R. and Franklin, G. (2007) Does advocacy help to embed information literacy into the curriculum? A Case study. In S. Andretta (Ed.), Change and challenge: information literacy for the 21st century. Adelaide: Auslib Press. pp.145-167 University fot the Creative Arts (2006) Teaching and Learning Strategy 2006 Farnham: University for the Creative Arts University for the Creative Arts (2011) Graduate Employabliity & Entrepreneurship Strategy 2011 Farnham : University for the Creative Arts Hemmingway, A. (2008) Jobseeking strategies online At (accessed on 20.06.2013)
  13. 13. The framework Student Journey • Communication • Team / Group Working • Motivation • Problem-Solving • Understanding the student role • Self-management • Professional practice Research process & producing work • Concept Development • Note-Taking • Effective Reading Techniques • Presentation Skills • Academic Integrity • Essay & Dissertation Writing • Defining the topic • Finding quality sources of information • Evaluating information • Synthesis / using evidence • Reflection • Critical thinking and analysis
  14. 14. Katy Simms Final Major Project Fine Art UCA Rochester 2007 • Gather information • Select information • Articulate it • Refine and expand an idea
  15. 15. Katy Simms Final Major Project Fine Art UCA Rochester 2007 • Reflect • Evaluate • Review • What have you learned? • What next?
  16. 16. James Stenhouse Final Major Project ACCESS Canterbury 2012 • Seek information • Gather information • Select information to use • Managing information • Evaluating information • Using evidence
  17. 17. Digitisation Being Double by Katie Simms, Final Major Project (FE Student), undated [2000s]
  18. 18. Digitisation • Advanced Dress Portfolio Examination, 1960s, by Anne Preston, Fashion Student
  19. 19. Copyright • Creative Commons Licence for known students • JISC guidelines and disclaimers for orphan works • Third party material risk assessments • Password protected URLs
  20. 20. Dissemination and next steps • Initial and on-going digitisation of data • Depositing of hard copy material in the library • Internal blackboard links (My UCA) • Workshops • Interviews of academics, practicing artists, and students • Copyright assessment for online access
  21. 21. In Summary… • Collaboration –Front-Line –Departmental • Digitisation of the resource • Accessibility • Working creatively
  22. 22. Contact us… Rebekah Taylor @RebekahXTaylor Adele Martin-Bowtell @LibrarianAdele UCA @LibraryUCA