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Studiointropp 13

  1. 1. Studio In Art Albany High School Mr. Sickler Email:
  2. 2. Studio In Art This course introduces the student to the Art Elements, Principles of Design and their relationship to the visual arts. A variety of artists, media and studio techniques are explored in an art studio atmosphere. This course satisfies the Regent’s requirement for either one credit in Art or Music needed for high school graduation.
  3. 3. Course Content: Art Elements & Principles of Design Artists and Art Media Art Careers Hands-on Studio Experiences
  4. 4. Textbook The Visual Experience Jack A. Hobbs and Richard Salome • classroom resource copies
  5. 5. AHS Art Students are expected to: …come to class on time …participate every day …do your personal best …keep materials, portfolio and projects organized …work quietly, (cell phones and devices that emit sounds must be set so that they are silent)
  6. 6. AHS Art Students are expected to (continued) …not eat food in the Studio …use appropriate language and behavior …be respectful of peers and teacher …have name and period on all work …leave work area clean
  7. 7. Assessment and Grading Projects Summative 50 percent Concept Experiences Formative 20 percent Topic Assessments Benchmark 10 percent Class Participation Dept. Dis. 20 percent
  8. 8. Assessment and Course Grading Criteria 1 Project Experiences …creativity, originality, technical quality and conceptual understanding of topics 2 Concept Experiences …art exercises and practices that build a vocabulary and conceptual foundation for larger projects 3 Topic Assessments …approximately 8 topic assessments during the year, performance based, verbal, or written 4 Participation …be on time to class, be on task, participate in class activities, behave appropriately, keep class work up to date and organized in a portfolio
  9. 9. Materials a pencil and pen sketchbook is optional all other materials are provided by school district…
  10. 10. Studio Art Class • 5 minutes Listen & Look for Instructions • 5 minutes Presentation or Activity • 25 minutes Studio Exercises and Projects • 5 minutes Clean Up • 2 - 5 minutes Closing Activity
  11. 11. After-School Work There will be after-school time available for you to work on projects…
  12. 12. A bit about me… • Taught Art at AHS for 17 years • Taught Art - others schools 17 years • I am an artist…
  13. 13. Questions ?
  14. 14. Why Study Art? • What do you think?................
  15. 15. Why study Art? To experience the Creation Process.
  16. 16. To be know about art materials and resources.
  17. 17. To respond to and understand works of art.
  18. 18. To understand cultural contributions of the arts from the past and in our present society.
  19. 19. Aesthetic Experience Perceiving and enjoying something for it’s beauty and pleasurable qualities.
  20. 20. Activity Use pen or pencil to fill a sheet of paper with images, symbols and words that reflect your personal interests and personality.