Green datacenter jeff lam 2008


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Green datacenter jeff lam 2008

  1. 1. The Green Initiative Chase your Blues by embracing Green. "Todays corporate leaders are already very conscious of using green practices when considering new facilities, and they expect green building to have an increasing impact in the future” Source: Siemens Building Technologies
  2. 2. The Green InitiativeMake the world a better placeCatalysing an energy revolutionDefending our oceansProtecting the world’s remainingancient forestsWorking for disarmament & peaceCreating a toxic free futureSupporting sustainable agriculture
  3. 3. The Green InitiativeChase your blues by embracing green. Technology developments Standards developments Regulatory / Govt developments Material management techniques
  4. 4. The Green Initiative Trends and DriversEnvironmental & Social Responsibility – Reduce pollution to the environment – Conserve natural resources;Economical / Financial Benefits – Use resources more efficiently (water, energy, land) – Rising energy costsTechnology innovationLegislative / Regulatory Requirements – new standards – incentives
  5. 5. The Green Initiative Technology developments •Thermal Management •Lights out Datacenter •Virtualisation "Only after the last tree has been cut down…the last river has been poisoned…the last fish caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten." Cree Indian Prophesy
  6. 6. The Green Initiative Energy EfficiencyMoores Lawthe processing power of a CPU doubles every 18 months >>Number of transistors in a chip doubles every 18 months
  7. 7. The Green InitiativeIntelINTEL PENRYN processorsNamed after PHYTORMEDIATIONeliminated lead-tin based solders.eliminate halogen in 2008.15 percent reduction in our globalwarming emissions.40 percent faster with improved energy-efficiency compared to previous-generations.
  8. 8. The Green InitiativeEnergy Efficiency
  9. 9. The Green Initiative Increased Density Driving Data Center Design ChangesIncreased density exposes DC design flaws Significant increase in power required per rack – DC power doubled 1998 to 2003 Thermal management is unavoidable – One watt of power consumed = one watt of heat Power & Cooling issues – Cool the equipment NOT the room Good cable management is critical
  10. 10. The Green InitiativeCooling design Hot aisles / cold aisles design EIA/TIA 942 Telecommunications Infrastructure. Standard for Data Centers ANSI/ASHRAE TC9.9 – Mission Critical Facilities, Technology, Spaces and Electronic Equipment
  11. 11. The Green InitiativeCooling Design Hot aisles / cold aisles design Place CRAC perpendicular to the aisles Eliminate mixing of hot and cold air. Use cabinet blanking panels. Seal cable cutouts. Manage underfloor airflow obstructions Cold Aisle Cold Aisle Hot Aisle Hot Aisle
  12. 12. The Green Initiative Lights out Data CenterNo lights, No people, No one knows where it isObjectives– Minimise human error– Energy savings– SecurityRemote management & monitoring– CREMS (Computer Room Environmental Monitoring System)– IP KVM– IP security– Intelligent Infrastructure Management Systems– Network Management Systems– Remote server management (IPMI, DRAC, iLO, ALOM etc)
  13. 13. The Green InitiativeOut of Band ManagementIPMI iLo RSA ALOM DRAC
  14. 14. The Green Initiative VirtualisationSeparate the hardware from the softwareCreate virtual systems from pool of servers &storage.Deploy underutilised equipment for otherapplicationsExample– Eg, single server in small remote office runs multiple applications: monitors network traffic, serve as central storage, act as master controller for access control.
  15. 15. The Green InitiativeVirtualisationBenefits– Flexibility: multiple OS on one server– Availability: transfer apps to other computer– Scalability: easy to add computer to cluster– Utilisation: maximise existing resources– Smaller footprint: lower energy / real estate costs.Disadvantages– Decreased performance due to overhead– Higher staffing costs– Greater network traffic
  16. 16. The Green InitiativeDatacenter ConsolidationBenefits– Economies of scale thru reducing number DC Real estate Software licenses Cooling costs– Compliances Assure security and accuracy of information– Facilitate virtualizationChallenges– Increase network traffic, esp WAN links.– Redundancy becomes critical– Processes need to be re-engineered
  17. 17. The Green Initiative Standards developments •10GBase-T short Reach Mode •Energy Efficient Ethernet Dont blow it - good planets are hard to find. ~Quoted in Time
  18. 18. The Green InitiativeIEEE 802.3an 10GBase-T standard 6 2 00 ep e dS tifi Ra 802.3an 10GBase-T TimelineEIA/TIA 568b.2-10 Category 6A standard 8 00 b2 d Fe e tifi Ra
  19. 19. The Green Initiative Cat 6A & 10GBase-TWhat Makes 10G over UTP possible? – Useable bandwidth extended to 500MHz – New multi-level 10G transmission coding scheme – Eliminating the negative effects of Alien Crosstalk How do we achieve this ? – New cabling category = Cat 6A – Either 10G or 1G! No “in-between” – NIC Cards already available From SolarFlare & Tehuti Networks
  20. 20. The Green InitiativeIEEE 802.3an Short Reach ModeReduce power consumption of PHY(< 3.5 watts)In short reach mode, the PHYpowers down components TX voltage lowered Canceller & equalizer operation relaxedShort Reach Mode operates atlengths of 30 meters or less usingCategory 6A/ISO Class EACategory 6/Class E cannot takeadvantage of Short Reach Mode
  21. 21. The Green Initiative Energy Efficient EthernetUndertaken by IEEE P802.3az task forceHigher speeds = higher energy consumed A 1Gbps port uses 2W more than a 100 Mbps port Switch port + NIC card = 4WExpected to save USD450 milion energy costs a yearfor US alone– excluding cooling savings
  22. 22. The Green Initiative Energy Efficient Ethernet2 concepts Adaptive Link Rate : mechanism to throttle down to lower speeds based on data transmitted Low power idle: NIC cards to go to hibernate during no traffic periodsFiber option also proposed based on low power idle. Bugatti Veyron $1,700,000 407.47km/h
  23. 23. The Green Initiative Regulatory/Govt developments •Green Buildings •Hazardous Materials "The supreme reality of our time is ...the vulnerability of our planet." -John F. Kennedy
  24. 24. The Green Initiative Standards and Leading OrganizationsStandards, Laws & Directives Organizations – Leadership in Energy and – U.S. Green Building Council Environment Design (LEED) – Energy Star – Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) – Alliance to Save Energy – Restriction of Hazardous Materials – The Green Grid (RoHS) – ISO – Eco-design of Energy-using – . . . and more Equipment (EUP) – Integrated Product Policy (IPP) – Law for the Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources (LPEUR) – Green Purchasing Law (GPL) – ISO TR 14062 – Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT)
  25. 25. The Green Initiative BCA green Mark SchemeAdministered by Building Construction Authoritylaunched in January 2005promote sustainability in the built environmentraise environmental awareness among developers,designers and buildersFocus on both project conceptualization design aswell as during construction.No financial incentivesModelled after the LEED program
  26. 26. The Green Initiative LEED DefinitionGREEN building– increase the efficiency with which buildings use resources– reduce building impacts on human health & environment– construction and operation phaseLEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design):– Administered by U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)– Voluntary, consensus-based, market-driven building rating system– Products CANNOT be certified under LEEDBenefits of LEED-certified buildings:– Lower operating costs and increased asset value– Reduce waste sent to landfills– Conserve energy and water– Healthier and safer for occupants– Reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions– Tax incentives
  27. 27. The Green Initiative LEED vs Green Mark LEED BCA Green Mark –Certified Level –Certified Level –Silver Level –Gold Level –Gold Level –GoldPLUS LevelLevels –Platinum Level –Platinum Level Sustainable Site Development Site/Project Development & Mgt Water Savings Water Efficiency Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency Good Indoor Environmental Quality Indoor Environmental Quality & Environmental Protection Innovation & Design Process InnovationCriteria Materials Selection
  28. 28. The Green Initiative Hazardous Materials ReductionRegulations.– European Directive 2002/95/EC - Restriction on the use of Hazardous Substances– China’s Ministry of Information Industry Order #39 - Management Methods for Controlling Pollution Caused by Electronic Information Products Regulation”– South Korea’s Act for Resource Recycling of Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Vehicles on April 2, 2007 Objectives– Equipment performs to its required function– Equipment avoids damage to human health– Equipment minimize environmental pollution during disposal
  29. 29. The Green InitiativeHazardous Materials Reduction Restrict hazardous substances in new electronic & electrical equipment. – Lead – Mercury – Cadmium – Hexavalent Chromium – Polybrominated Biphenyls – Polybrominated Diphenylether What is used in typical fiber termnation? – Cleaning alcohol – Epoxy = ??? – Hardener = ???
  30. 30. The Green Initiative Material Management techniques We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. ~Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732
  31. 31. The Green InitiativeThe Traditional Approach: Feed the Job Stage all materials in Anixter warehouse Deliver orders of "bulk" material as directed – Racks, cabinets, cable, cameras, ladder rack, etc. Standard shipments/standard packaging to the job site Customer manages material at job site/production facility – Receiving, storing, moving, installing
  32. 32. The Green Initiative The READY Approach….Maps our Supply Chain Services to the customer’sconstruction or production processOff site pre-fabrication to minmise errors on site.Deliver what is needed to be install that dayInstallers need to focus on site installBenefits– Lower overall material management costs– Eliminate stock-outs and product delays– Minimize construction waste at the job site– Minimise material holding space on site– Encourages better planning
  33. 33. The Green Initiative Where Can Anixter Help?Anixter’s READY! Services can acquireLEED points related to:– Sections 2.1& 2.2 for Construction Waste Mgt. Divert waste from the job site and landfills Measure diverted waste according to the LEED-approved conversion factors Recycle packaging material Provide LEED-approved reports & compliance proof from recycling partner
  34. 34. The Green Initiative Other READY! Deployment Services Offers One faceplate + Four color jacks + Identification + Accessories = One unique part number
  35. 35. The Green InitiativeGlobal Mission-Critical Solutions Provider
  36. 36. The Green Initiative Anixter’s Green OfferingProducts– Provide RoHS compliant products– Help specify energy-efficient solutionsTechnical Expertise– Advice on implementation & deployment– Standards knowledge– Anixter University / Data Center CollegeServices– READY!SM Deployment Services Anixter’s Energy Savings Alsip warehouse 25% savings Reno warehouse 33% savings
  37. 37. The Green Initiative Any questions? Jeffrey Lam RCDD +65 97849870