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Luce - Lighting

  1. 1. { } Luce Lighting
  2. 2. { } Sustainable Social, Economic, and Environmental Solutions
  3. 3. { } Por t f olio Solut ion s Manufacturing Innovative Buildings C o n c re t e Sustainable | Reliable I n f r a s t r u c t u re Modern Coatings Lighting E n v i ro n m e n t a l | Efficient IT Energy Empowering | Renewable
  4. 4. { } S t rat egic Object ive s ‣ In teg ra t e t h e s e t r a n s fo r m a t i ve , environm e n t a l ly b e n e f i c i a l , s o c i a l ly re s p o n s i b l e technologi e s t o fo r m a si n g l e , c o m p re h e n s i ve developme n t s o l u t i o n . ‣ S cal e this t o t a l s o l u t i o n fo r u s e by a f u l l r a n g e of clients , l i c e n s e e s , a n d j o i n t - ve n t u re p a r t n e r s . ‣ Deliver fl e x i b l e , c u s t o m i z e d s o l u t i o n s t o m e e t the uniqu e n e e d s o f e a c h p ro j e c t .
  5. 5. { } Missio n Apply th e m o s t t r a n s fo r m a t i ve a n d ve r s a t i l e t echno logies in t h e wo r l d t o b u i l d t h e wo r l d ’s m o s t s ta te-of-the - a r t, e nv i ro n m e n t a l ly s u s t a i n a b l e , a n d a f fo rd a b l e c o m mu n i t i e s .
  6. 6. Lighting Innovation | Efficiency | Affordability
  7. 7. About costs of operating a Lighting is among the most expensive overhead building. The type of lighting, and how you use it, significantly impacts your total energy consumption, the bills you pay, and how much you spend on maintenance. Leading technology in high quality, long lasting, energy efficient lighting has previously been unattainable for millions of businesses and homeowners worldwide. Millions of dollars and kilowatt hours of savings have been left unrealized as a result. Now, with Luce Lighting, it is possible to realize these advantages and have the latest in high quality, high tech lighting all at an affordable price.
  8. 8. LED ‣ Of all our energy efficient lighting products, we specialize in offering a complete range of leading Light Emitting Diodes (LED) light fixtures. ‣ LED lights are the most energy efficient, longest lasting, and softest, most pure light when compared to the leading fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. ‣ LED lighting has previously been limited by size, color, application, and expense, thus being irrelevant and far too expensive for the majority of businesses and homeowners. ‣ Recent technological breakthroughs to produce high-powered white LED light have made these diodes capable of retrofitting existing buildings, require fewer fixtures for new construction, and meet a wider array of lighting needs.
  9. 9. Commercial Public Residential
  10. 10. Innovation ‣ Luce Lighting is constantly adding the very latest in energy efficient lighting technology to its product offering through special relationships it has forged with leading lighting researchers and manufacturers worldwide. ‣ This commitment to innovation provides Luce Lighting clients the most complete and effective range of choices available in the market. ‣ Luce Lighting professionals have decades of experience working with high technology in the lighting field and can help customize lighting packages for each client.
  11. 11. Energy Savings ‣ LEDs are remarkably bright, yet require very little electricity to operate. ‣ Retrofitting with LED in some cases has saved clients up to 70% on monthly lighting bills. ‣ LED lights also produce far less heat than even the leading fluorescent, thus reducing cooling requirements and HVAC offsets. ‣ The environmental benefit of LED lighting is becoming an economic asset: The University of California recently published that widespread use of LED in the US alone could save $115 billion in electricity costs.
  12. 12. Longevity ‣ LED lights are solid state and require no moving parts. ‣ LEDs are low voltage, generate very low levels of heat, and thus do not burn out like traditional bulbs. ‣ These scientific properties allows the LED light to last decades without repair or replacement. ‣ Many of the lights we offer we can guarantee up to 55,000 hours or 10 years.
  13. 13. Quality ‣ Nontoxic. Despite the energy savings that compact fluorescent bulbs offered, they still contain mercury, making them hazardous and toxic when disposed. LED lights contain no toxic materials and provide a more healthy solution to lighting. ‣ Soothing. Compact fluorescents have also been widely cited for triggering migraine headaches and aggravating sensitive eyes. Our LED lights have the highest lumen count and color index on the market today, and offer a soft and soothing yet bright alternative. ‣ Certified. All our lights and fixtures have passed extensive testing and are all certified by the highest and most reputable sources.
  14. 14. Applications ‣ Government Buildings ‣ Multifamily Developments ‣ Hotels ‣ Single Family ‣ Schools Communities ‣ Hospitals ‣ Shopping Malls ‣ Parking Decks ‣ Car Dealerships ‣ Street Lights ‣ Showrooms ‣ Casinos ‣ Industrial Buildings
  15. 15. Retrofit 1. Luce Lighting With the ideal 2. professionals can combination of assess the specific appropriate lights energy and design and fixtures, Luce requirements of can replace existing any residential, lights and install our commercial, or high quality, energy industrial building. efficient products.
  16. 16. New Construction ‣ Luceare ideal for newproducts, such as the LR4, also has lighting that construction. ‣ Architects and Electricianstheir easily build the can proper specifications into designs with the help of our trained team of experts. ‣ Luce also offers builders and of SEEC the developers architectural design services Architecture, a firm with advanced knowledge and experience working with LED and energy efficient lighting.
  17. 17. Products ‣ We offer only the latest technology in high quality, energy efficient lighting. ‣ The products currently available include a range of leading LED lighting solutions and accessories. ‣ Included is a revolutionary new 6” LED downlight, 4” Architectural downlight, multiple stand alone lighting fixtures, LED applications for public lighting, and many more. ‣ Luce Lighting professionals can custom tailor your order with the right blend of energy efficient lights.
  18. 18. State-of-the-Art 6” LED Downlight
  19. 19. 6” LED Downlight, Retrofit Module, Incandescent Color (2700K) 6” LED Downlight, Retrofit Module, Neutral Color (2700K) Adjustable Eyeball Trim Accessory. For Use in All 6” Modules 6” LED Downlight
  20. 20. SR6 LED LR4 LED Downlight Downlight
  21. 21. Outdoor Lighting ‣ LED lighting is the future of outdoor lighting. ‣ With high lumen counts, excellent performance in both hot and cold climates, and the ultimate in longevity, Luce streetlights, parking garage lights, and landscape lighting are ideal choices for developers and governmental entities to reduce energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs, and improve community safety and aesthetics. ‣ Luce offers a range of both high quality lighting and fixture solutions to fit the specific needs of each client.
  22. 22. Parking Garages
  23. 23. Streetlights
  24. 24. This particular product emits light directionally to maximize spatial efficiency.
  25. 25. Financing ‣ Luce Lighting has built financing options into its lighting offering to make this important investment affordable and convenient. ‣ Through its affiliate, Luce Leasing, it can structure and fund large purchase orders based on the financial strength of the purchaser and projected energy savings of the upgrade or new construction - providing the purchaser a simple and financially beneficial way in which to make the investment. ‣ To determine feasibility, Luce Lighting will include a comprehensive energy audit in its underwriting.
  26. 26. { } A bou t SEE C Tec hno lo gies ‣ Vi sion. We see the nee d fo r d eve l o p m e n t t o b e So cially e quitable , Econom ic a l ly s o u n d , a n d Environmentally responsi ble . ‣ Access. We have built t h e ro a d s t o m a ke t h i s po ssible , by being the a ssig n e e o f r i g h t s t o t h e s e te c hnol ogie s. ‣ Value . We offer exclusive a n d p re fe rre d a c c e s s to this ve r tically integr at ed c o l l e c t i o n o f revo luti onar y technologies. ‣ Innovati on. We are c o nst a n t ly g row i n g t h e ne twork and quality of t e ch n o l o g i e s ow n e d a n d rep resente d.