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Resonance Marketing is a strategy for developing loyal customers by expressing the core values your business represents and engaging your audience in a mutually rewarding relationship.

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  • Push v. Pull
  • Get them emotionally invested in your brand.
  • How do you do that?
  • Resonance marketing

    1. 1. Resonance Beuershausen Copyright 2012 AllenMarketingByAllen Beuershausen
    2. 2. Resonance MarketingEngaging your audience with a conversation and messagethat reflects their values and interests and reinforces their Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allendesire to do business with your company.
    3. 3. What Resonance Marketing is NOT• Selling on Price• Selling on Features Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen• Selling on Service This can come later
    4. 4. What is Resonance?The intensification and enriching of a musical tone bysupplementary vibration Beuershausen Copyright 2012 AllenSource:
    5. 5. You Your Customer Beuershausen Copyright 2012 AllenImage source:
    6. 6. Resonance Marketing Says…We’re on the same wavelength. I’ll bet we’ll likedoing business with each other. Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen
    7. 7. Resonance in ContextThe intensification and enriching of a customerrelationship by leveraging the “vibe” you develop withyour audience. Beuershausen Copyright 2012 AllenMake sure that your expression is music to theirears.
    8. 8. Traditional Marketing is Overdone“We have the best price, performance, service,blah, blah, blah.” Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen
    9. 9. Resonance Marketing Goes Deeper1. Demonstrates Your Authenticity and Shared Values Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen WHICH 2. Creates Affinity for your brand AND 3. Adds value to the customer relationship
    10. 10. Resonant BusinessesCopyright 2012 Allen Beuershausen
    11. 11. Resonance May Mean Different Things to Different Markets• Consumer v. Commercial v. Industrial• Make sure that you address each market’s core needs, but Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen that your messages across the markets are congruent.
    12. 12. “The World’s First Eco-Friendly Luxury Vodka” Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen Markets: Individual Consumers and Bars/Restaurants Resonance: Sustainability
    13. 13. The Key to Resonance is Communication Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen
    14. 14. What do you Communicate?• Who you are• What you are about Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen• Your interests are aligned with your audience • Values • Interests • Products/Services (We have what you need.)
    15. 15. Know Yourself• What is your image?• What do you want to project? Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen • Brand, Personality, Reputation• What do you really sell? • Dreams, Productivity, Convenience, etc.
    16. 16. And be able to Articulate Who You Are• Web Site• Social Media Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen• Marketing Collateral• Advertising
    17. 17. You might think you know who you are, but youraudience makes that determination forthemselves based on your message and image. Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen
    18. 18. What do you Sell? Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen Productivity Dreams Convenience**Read Selling Dreams by Gian Luigi Longinotti-Buitoni for the great story here.
    19. 19. They know what they sell Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen“At Microsoft, our mission and values are to help peopleand businesses throughout the world realize their fullpotential.”
    20. 20. Know Your Audience• What are their values?• What is their personality? Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen• What interests do you have in common with them?• How does that fit with your brand?• Know how to contact them.
    21. 21. Communication Channels• Social Media• Marketing Communications Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen• Advertisements (Print, TV, Radio, etc.)
    22. 22. Communication Style Matters• Tone Informative, Fun, Reassuring, Authoritative? Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen• Aesthetics – Web Site, Collateral, Advertisements • Color Scheme, Fonts, Layout, Logo
    23. 23. Consistency is KeyCopyright 2012 Allen Beuershausen
    24. 24. Coherence – Internal Alignment• Consistent voice• Image Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen• Aesthetics
    25. 25. Your Audience – External Alignment• Message: Your product addresses their core needs/desires (implicitly) Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen• They can identify with your company/organization• They get something out of continuing/expanding their relationship with you
    26. 26. How do you Leverage Personality and Product?• Engage your fans • Solicit Feedback • Run contests Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen• Encourage them to spread the word• Call to action - Make it easy for them to buy
    27. 27. Example – TOMS Shoes Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen Product: Shoes Resonance: Compassion
    28. 28. Example – TOMS Shoes MessageMany children in developing nations don’t have shoes.The lack of shoes exposes children to preventable diseases,parasites, and injuries. You can help eliminate this threat Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allenby buying your shoes from us.(Paraphrased)(TOMS donates a pair of shoes to needy children for each pairthat you buy.)
    29. 29. Example – TOMS Shoes Communication Channels• Web Site Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen• Social Media• Documentary (Web site and YouTube)• Advertisements
    30. 30. Example – TOMS Shoes Engagement• From the TOMS web site:• SHARE the TOMS story• SCREEN the TOMS documentary Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen• HOST a Style Your Sole party (great play on words!)• UPLOAD your TOMS pictures• REGISTER for One Day Without Shoes• Partnerships with like-minded nonprofits and student associations
    31. 31. Example – TOMS Shoes Results• Sold 10,000 pairs of shoes in their first year (2006)• Sold their 1,000,000th pair in 2010 Beuershausen Copyright 2012 AllenTOMS doesn’t sell on price or style and doesn’t do much onsocial media.
    32. 32. Resonance Marketing isn’t aquick fix. It’s a long term Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allenstrategy based on buildingrelationships.
    33. 33. For Best Results• Know yourself and your audience Beuershausen Copyright 2012 Allen• Know what you really sell• Enjoy the conversation