Social Media ROI: Measureable or Myth?


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Social Media ROI

As customers dynamically shift between their laptops, smartphones and tablets, they access a range of various websites and apps which collect and transmit a large amount of data.

This data is highly unstructured and cannot be assessed by traditional measurement models. As a result, we must evolve our measurement approach to make sense of these new forms of data.

This presentation covers:
- What does social media success mean to your organisation?
- Identifying precise social measurement objectives (such as revenue generation, operational efficiency and customer experience)
- Developing a Social Media Measurement Framework (SMMF) for your organisation
- Calculating ROI based on best practice social media attribution models
- Selecting the appropriate tools and technology to measure social media
- The future of social measurement

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Social Media ROI: Measureable or Myth?

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  14. @AbbasAlidinaSocial Media ROI.Measureable or Myth?
  15. @AbbasAlidinaFor Some, It’s a Myth
  16. @AbbasAlidinaWhy So MuchConfusion?
  17. @AbbasAlidinaDefine Success
  18. @AbbasAlidinaIdentify Business Objectives
  19. @AbbasAlidinaDevelop aSocial Media MeasurementFramework (SMMF)
  20. @AbbasAlidinaCase Study:Social Media ROI
  21. @AbbasAlidinaMonthly Sales: Before & After Twitter Activation
  22. @AbbasAlidinaMonthly Sales: Before & After Twitter Activation
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  24. @AbbasAlidinaX & Y are correlated1. X could have caused Y2. Y could have caused X3. An external factor, Z could have caused them both
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  27. @AbbasAlidinaCorrelation
  28. @AbbasAlidinaCorrelation vs. Causation
  29. @AbbasAlidinaSo How Can We ProveCausation?
  30. @AbbasAlidinaSolution: Purer Controlled Experiments
  31. @AbbasAlidinaSolution: Purer Controlled Experiments
  32. @AbbasAlidinaDon’t Just Look at Number of Fans!
  33. @AbbasAlidinaDon’t Just Look at Number of Fans!
  34. @AbbasAlidinaCalculate ROI 
  35. @AbbasAlidinaTraditional Web AnalyticsSource: @Avinash
  36. @AbbasAlidinaTraditional Web AnalyticsSource: @Avinash
  37. @AbbasAlidinaTraditional Web AnalyticsSource: @Avinash
  38. @AbbasAlidinaSocial Media AnalyticsSource: @Avinash
  39. @AbbasAlidinaSocial Media AnalyticsSource:
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  41. @AbbasAlidinaSocial Media Analytics
  42. @AbbasAlidinaAttribution Modelingis like…
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  44. @AbbasAlidinaOr Soccer (I mean Football!)
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  47. @AbbasAlidinaAttribution ModelingSource: Attribution Modeling,Social Media gets ZERO Credit.
  48. @AbbasAlidinaThe Future ofSocial Measurement
  49. @AbbasAlidinaCross Device Measurement with Client IDSource:
  50. @AbbasAlidinaCross Device Measurement with User IDSource:
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  52. @AbbasAlidinaThe Future of Social Media ROI
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