Nonprofit Social Media ROI


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As part of Agilon's Fall Webinar Series, Ann Oleson, Founder of Converge Consulting presents a case study of one nonprofit's efforts to track Social Media ROI.

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Nonprofit Social Media ROI

  1. 1. Social Media… you can measure it!Ann Oleson, Converge Consulting
  2. 2. National Philanthropy Day!That’s How It’s Done In Texas: Philanthropy Made Rice What It IsToday is National Philanthropy Day, "the special day set aside to recognizeand pay tribute to the great contributions that...Keep Reading
  3. 3. Our Time Together•  Social Media, “It’s about people”•  Social Media Strategy and Metrics•  How Do We Really Know if This Stuff Works?•  Case study- Centennial•  Questions
  5. 5. Social media is exploding
  6. 6. Almost half a billion uniquevisitors to YouTube every month
  7. 7. Close to 200 million tweets per day on Twitter
  8. 8. Google+ has nearly 50 million users andgrowing
  9. 9. Facebook today is the size of theentire Internet in 2004
  10. 10. The average American is exposed to between650-3,000 advertising messages a day! each day
  11. 11. There are dozens of social media channels thatmarketers are using to reach individuals
  12. 12. How Do We Measure theimpact of Social Media?
  13. 13. MeasurementIf you can track it,you can measure it.If you can measure it,you can improve upon it.
  14. 14. Create a plan
  15. 15. Social Media Strategy•  Goal•  Channel•  Reach/Credible•  Sustainable•  MeasureableSource: www.admissionslab.com4 Keys to Putting your Social Media Strategy to Work
  16. 16. Results•  Over 1500 Tweets #AMAHigherEd•  Reward for Engagement Random Drawing almost 50% of the attendees•  Top Tweeter 66 tweets in 3 days•  Most retweeted 22times @lizgross144 “The Marketing Office isNot a Kinko’s.” #AMAHihgerEd
  17. 17. Goal for Social Media • Direct action (drive dollars and donors) • Engagement (connected with young alums) • Customer Service (find out what people are happy/unhappy with) • Campaign (short burst)
  18. 18. Editorial Calendar: December 2012 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 12 – FB+T 3 – FB+T 4 – FB+T 5 – FB+T 6 – FB+T 7 8 +Blog9 – FB+T 10 – FB+T 11 – FB+T 12 – FB+T 13 – FB+T 14 15 +Video +Blog16 – FB+T 17 – FB+T 18 FB+Blog 19.  – FB 20 – FB+T 21 22 – The cool – Tweet about event occurs – Blog about the the cool event cool event23 – FB+T 24 – FB+T 25 – FB+T 26 – FB+T 27 – FB+T 28 29 +Blog30 – FB+T 31 – FB+T +Video
  19. 19. Social Media Strategy•  Goal•  Channel•  Reach/Credible•  Sustainable•  MeasureableSource: www.admissionslab.com4 Keys to Putting your Social Media Strategy to Work
  20. 20. ROI AnalysisBuild a Business Case
  21. 21. Establishing ROI- Direct If we can work backwards from the value of an online action we canestablish the value of a specific Social Media connection." *All numbers are created as examples!
  22. 22. Email Postcard Facebook Website Magazine Ad LinkedIn TwitterYour Marketing Hub
  23. 23. Repeat Registered PurchasedEngaged with the Site Went to a landing page Received an email
  24. 24. Measuring Social Media Impact:Direct- Use Google Analytics•  Goals for:•  Online donation form•  Mobile giving form•  Registrations Homecoming/ Events•  Updating Contact information
  25. 25. Sources
  26. 26. Social Report!
  27. 27. Measuring Social Media Impact:Indirect•  Dashboards (specific channels)•  Campaign Reporting•  Social Monitoring
  28. 28. Blogs Hopkins Interactive•  http://www.hopkins- 31
  29. 29. Key Blogging Metrics:•  Number of posts•  Number of comments•  Audience growth (unique and return visitors)•  Number of conversions•  Subscribers•  Inbound links
  30. 30. Just Launched! Hail It ForwardGive back to your Michigan community by sharing one-to-one career guidance with U-M alumni andstudents, including assistance with mentoring, professional branding, relocation, and employmentopportunities. For example, Zachary Rable, 10, is looking for an internship/shadowing opportunityin the field of urban planning. It takes only a few minutes through Facebook. To help grow yourMichigan community and help Zachary, and click on the Hail It Forward application tab.
  31. 31. Key Social Media Metrics•  Referrals from social networks•  Conversions from social networks•  Facebook Fans, Likes, Shares, and Comments
  32. 32. Facebook Metrics: Fans Link to Facebook Fan Analytics
  33. 33. Linked In•  Connections•  Who has viewed page/profile•  Number of Groups•  Advanced analytics
  34. 34. Twitter
  35. 35. Key Twitter Metrics•  Number of Followers•  2nd-order followers (follower’s follower count)•  Velocity: average of first-and second- order followers attracted per day since the account was established•  Social Capital: Influence of twitter followers•  Centralization: How much influence (reach) is invested in a small number of followers•  Pages ranking on key terms from microblogging sites
  36. 36. Video"
  37. 37. Key YouTube Metrics•  Number of YouTube channel subscribers•  Referrals from YouTube•  Views of videos on YouTube•  Pages ranking on key terms from YouTube
  38. 38. Social Media Monitoring
  39. 39. DePaul University Centennial
  40. 40. Facebook
  41. 41. Twitter
  42. 42. Screen cap of DePaul Overview
  43. 43. Channel Report
  44. 44. Sentiment by Channel
  45. 45. Top Tweeters
  46. 46. Wordcloud (frequency)
  47. 47. Make changesDo more of what is workingEliminate what is not working
  48. 48. Questions?Ann