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6 Web Design Mistakes That Could Kill Your Conversion


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Here are 6 web design mistakes that could be killing your conversion rates.

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6 Web Design Mistakes That Could Kill Your Conversion

  1. 1. WEB DESIGN MISTAKESThat Could Kill Your Conversion 6
  2. 2. It’s also important to give your target market a great user experience (UX). This means making it as easy as possible for them to find what they’re looking for. 1Confusing Layout
  3. 3. As much as pictures and videos dominate modern content, text or copy still plays a huge role in compelling people to make purchases. 2Unreadable Texts OR Unconvincing Copy
  4. 4. Lead your customers to the right path by providing clear call-to-action buttons. 3Poor Navigation
  5. 5. Benefit to having a search box is quicker answers, especially if you have a large inventory. 4Missing Search Box
  6. 6. Which colors you select can significantly affect your conversion rates. A simple color scheme change can draw in more traffic. 5Too Many Colors
  7. 7. Taking advantage of this opportunity will increase the chances of conversion – simply by being present where your customers are. 6NOT being mobile.
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