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EPiServer 7.5 Commerce


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EPiServer 7.5 Commerce

  1. 1. Connecting e-Commerce and Digital Marketing COMMERCE Commerce beyond boundaries
  2. 2. Connecting eCommerce and Digital Marketing I can launch a new campaign and drive sales within hours of spotting a new trend I can personalize my campaigns by market and channel so the offer is always relevant My content is automatically optimized based on performance to maximize the impact of each campaign. Customers love shopping with us as they can access our product catalog and place orders on any device or channel they choose to. Rapidly launch great e-commerce campaigns EPiServer Commerce is designed for agile marketers who need to quickly respond to market changes and run highly targeted campaigns. The platform’s web-based, drag-and-drop interface makes difficult things easy, so you can sell more, faster, with less effort. New user interface 2 Automatic layout Personalize social media communication
  3. 3. Quick campaign launch Mobile first • Automatic design and layout: Creating a new campaign has never • Built on responsive design and HTML5, our platform is made for been easier – drag and drop the content, editorial and the product range you want to promote, it will be automatically optimized for the page and across screens modern digital experience. Every piece of content you create is automatically enabled and optimized for PC, mobile and tablet • Instant preview on multiscreens, mobile and tablet: See what your • We give your customers a true mobile first experience. You can content will look like in real-time as you create, and switch between any device from PC, mobile and tablet view create and edit directly on the mobile page and personalize your content, by customer segment and device • Do more with less: Create a block of content once and reuse it across multiple pages, sites and channels to further speed your time to market. • Customers don’t just want unique experience, they expect it. With EPiServer Commerce we’ve made it simple to create highly targeted promotion with personalization.You can personalize your content or media assets by demographic, location, customer data, social media and much more. Campaign optimization • The self-optimizing multivariate testing feature intelligently learns which content block works best with your customer segments and automatically displays that content more often to help you improve performance over time. • Perform A/B testing on pages, text and design elements to get an instant view of how the content performs.You can set a single goal or group several goals into one campaign to get a complete view of their performance. Conversion 68,4% A/B Easy to use personalization engine A/B testing 3
  4. 4. Connecting eCommerce and Digital Marketing Market C Market B Market A Market D Market E Grow into new markets with great customer experience EPiServer Commerce gets your global sites up and running quickly, and lets you reuse global catalog across all your markets and brands, and maximize your profit wherever you operate. One platform, multiple markets • Create as many market segments as you need with full support in multiple languages, payment types, currencies and shipping options. Apply market settings to specify which products, catalogs and promotions are active in each market, and cross merchandise to maximize profit. • See what your customers see in each market with easy market preview, and be in full control of the customer experience at local level. Connect the omni-channel experience Today’s customers don’t wait and convenience is key. As your global e-commerce operation grows, the ability to ship faster and cheaper everywhere can make or break a deal. EPiServer Commerce makes it easy to manage your global orders with multiple stock locations. Assign, check and manage your stock easily across your stores and fulfillment centres to enable fast delivery and high customer satisfaction. Also, connect online and in-store experience by letting your customers to buy online, pick up in-store. This not only reduce shipping cost for you and your customers, it removes the hassle of missed home delivery and drives footfall into your store which you can up-sell and cross-sell more. 4
  5. 5. Increase B2B sales with e-commerce Today’s business buyers are heavily influenced by consumer trends. EPiServer combines the best of both the B2C and B2B worlds to give you a highly flexible, end-to-end e-commerce solution to optimize your business process. Opening a channel for online acquisition creates new ways to reach new customers. We provide the tools you need to operationalize online selling and deliver personalized offers for your trade customers. Create as many business customer groups as you need with tiered pricing and specific catalog, and run targeted promotions like volume discounts Plus, increase convenience and improve customer experience by letting them check out products, place and manage their business orders across multiple channels - PC, mobile, tablet and in-store. I can manage my global e-commerce operation quickly and easily by reusing product catalog, template and content across all markets and channels I have instant access to sales performance by market and channel so i can improve conversions where i need to. My global brand is always consistent and relevant, since my website is personalized and optimized for great customer experience, wherever they are. My B2B customers buy more because they can now place and manage their business orders easily on any device 5
  6. 6. Connecting eCommerce and Digital Marketing Streamline product information management Use a single interface to easily manage your product information across your markets and channels, and ensure a consistent customer experience. Add or modify product information once and re-use across sites, customer and market segments to maximize earning from each product. On-page editing so you see exactly what your customers see across market and channels such as mobile and tablet. Get the right products on sale quickly Lipstick Run timely promotions and personalize your merchandise to amplify sales impact • Re-using the master catalog across all your markets and brands, and save time from cross merchandising • Bring up the desired product range instantly with keyword search and choose how you want your products to appear Use keyword search for fast merchandising • Automatically generate personalized product recommendation based on behavioral data, free you from the need to build and maintain multiple rules Right product. Right customer. Everytime. We take away the pains and inefficiencies of managing multichannel catalog across all your markets and put merchandisers in the driver’s seat. I can now put on a new set of merchandise every hour or whenever I need to generate new sales The product information is always accurate as I can update everything from a single interface without duplicating any work 6 I improve conversion rates by delivering the right product to the right customer every time By reusing the global catalog across all the markets, I can maximize the profit from each product with less work
  7. 7. Brand Marketing Site + E-commerce Store Content Management Platform E-commerce Platform Innovate with speed and agility EPiServer Commerce is the only enterprise-class .Net based e-commerce platform with an integrated CMS. The unified, open standards platform helps IT streamline business process and deliver connected customer experience across every digital touch points quickly and easily. Powerful and flexible Smooth operations EPiServer Commerce is made for innovation. Our modular framework gives you the freedom to configure and extend depending on your business needs. Performance is everything to your customer experience. That ‘s why we offer a high-performance web platform and the ability to easily scale – whether you are a local business or an enterprise with global e-commerce sites. You can start out with more cost-effective solutions and scale up to support enterprise sites, with load balancing environments to enhance the scalability, speed and reliability of your website as your business grow. Built-in with a world-class CMS and a full suite of digital marketing tools, our platform combines the power of content and commerce without the need for further development Standards-based technology ensures easy integration with every major CRM, backend office systems and ERP platforms to help you deliver a truly seamless customer experience .Net based framework and open standards give you the flexibility to extend any components or plug in certified third party technologies from our Add-on store. Fast and lean With a fully functional best-practice template site, you can quickly launch any number of multichannel e-commerce websites and start earning profits instantly. Built on HTML5 and adaptive design, EPiServer Commerce is natively screen-agnostic and made for modern digital experience.You can also develop a component once and reuse it across multiple pages, websites and channels to further accelerate your time to market and reduce total development costs. 7
  8. 8. Connecting eCommerce and Digital Marketing Multiscreen edit and preview The combination of commerce and content management alongside the tools for personalisation and mobile make the platform very appealing for our customers that are keen to grow online. Maginus Automatic product layout Choose how you want your products to appear on the page, from horizontal and vertical view to detailed product listing. Horizontal view 8 Vertical view Detailed product listing view
  9. 9. Personalization view A/B testing dashboard Multiple stock locations Easy product information management Update your product information in properties or on-page edit Quick launch campaign Create a new campaign page in seconds using drag-and-drop and on-page edit. 1 2 3 4 Start with a blank canvas, and drag in your banner... ...drag in the products you want to sell. Add an editorial content block to bring your brand story to life. This is your campaign page ready to publish 9
  10. 10. Connecting eCommerce and Digital Marketing COMMERCE functions All the tools and functionality for e-commerce managers, marketers, merchandisers and IT-architects to succeed in their daily work. Products and catalog features Catalog upload SEO support Product Bundle of products Ultra Fast Responsiveness Extended Product Comparison Capabilities Pricing Product Package of products Set Start and End Date and Time Inventory tracking Set minimum purchase requirements Support for product variation with different SKUs Set product exclusions from certain promotions Product associations Customize promotions and campaigns Asset management Tiered pricing - Buy between 1 and 5, get price x, buy 6 or more get price y, etc. Product categorization Multi-lingual catalog editing Merchandising Product associations (for “You may also like,” upselling, cross-selling, accessory recommendations etc.) Top sellers 10 Each store can have its own language configuration Multiple languages supported on a single site Multi-warehouse fulfilment extensibility Configurable tax and shipping segments/jurisdictions for various rules for different countries, regions, states, etc. Pricing of SKUs by market Boost site traffic and sales with campaigns and promotions Manage promotions by market Multiple search provider technologies Each store/site can support multiple languages and currencies Multi-currency Multi-category association mangement Extensive Filtering and Narrowing by ANY Field Type Multi-store, Multi-market and multi-language Manage your stores from a single Commerce instance Promotions engine Multiple Search Capabilities Customer segments for targeted marketing campaigns or promotions Assigned prices based on individual customers, customer groups, and quantity Recently viewed products Intelligent search, navigation and browsing Can easily develop your own promotions Straight discounts (Fixed amount of percentage) Shipping discounts Buy n of Product X and get a discount Buy n of Product X and get one free Buy Product X and get discount on Product Y Market filter and association for product and variants Personalization by market Multi-language support for shipping and payment gateways Payment provide configuration by market
  11. 11. EPiServer 7.5 Commerce provides an end-to-end e-commerce solutions for all your needs. Engage the Customer Break out of Home Market Shopping and checkout highlights Create or sign into existing customer accounts from the store Support for multiple payment and shipping gateways Supports anonymous guest checkouts Support for wish lists, cross-sells, and recently viewed products Customize shopping cart and checkout wizard and workflows however you want Order management Shipping to multiple addresses in one order Optimize your Business Fulfilment process for managing pick, pack and dispatch notifications Manage return authorizations, receipt of goods and exchanges Order notes, including system notes Customer management E-mail notifications Checkout without account/Guest Checkout Restrict catalogs and prices structures a given user can see Define customer roles, groups and organizations Control access of both customers and administrators Multiple payment methods Add/edit/remove line items from existing orders Support for flat-rate shipping per order and item Table rates for weight and destination Asset management Drag and drop media files control Upload PDFs, user guides, videos, MP3’s, Word documents, virtually any file for use and download from your site Modify shipping and payment details Support for commercial cloud storage services for files and asset storage Multiple addresses per order and per line item Image re-sampling and optimization tools Built-in shipping and tax management features Custom media meta-data Leverage Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) to create workflows and automate these processes Provide a Personal Service Embrace the Connected Consumer Catalog upload Easy to use and intuitive user interface Customer and user management capabilities Create and control promotions and discounts Process and view orders Create and manage multiple catalogs with a large number of products Customizable reports system Forgot Password Email from front-end and administration panel Marketing Personalization criteria for: recent orders, customer spend, customer properties, products in basket or wish list Ratings and reviews against products, including moderation and abuse reporting gadgets Drag and drop placement of catalog items (categories, products, packages, bundles and SKUs) into site content Layout selector, used to select different layouts for catalog items Mobile first, multi-channel, responsive rendering of pages Admin features Customizable dashboard 11
  12. 12. Unique combination of commerce and content to deliver cohesive customer experience The only enterprise-class .net e-commerce platform with a mobile first solution About US EPiServer connects e-commerce and digital marketing to help business create unique customer experiences which generates business results. EPiServer’s platform combines content, e-commerce and multi-channel marketing capabilities to work full-circle for businesses online, from intelligent optimization, lead-generation through to conversion and repeat business. Sitting at the centre of the digital marketing ecosystem, EPiServer empowers online and IT professionals to create superior customer experience for more than 20,000 websites worldwide. Built on .net, and supported by a pioneering partner network of over 630 partners in over 30 countries, EPiServer’s platform gives customers the ability to deliver the right content to the right person in the right format at a time that suits them. This approach means customers can maximize their investment in digital marketing and increase ROI.The company was founded in 1994 and has offices in the United States, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, The Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, Spain, UAE and the United Kingdom. EPiServer is controlled by the IK2007 Fund. IK Investment Partners is a European private equity firm with Nordic roots, managing €5.7 billion in fund commitments. We been around since 1994 so we know what we are talking about EPiServer Commerce is used by international brands such as Electrolux, Hallmark Cards, Giant Eagle, Intersport, C&H and many more EUROPEAN HQ EPiServer AB | Regeringsgatan 67 | SE-111 56 Stockholm | Sweden | Phone: +46 (0)8 555 827 00 | UNITED STATES HQ EPiServer Inc. | 2 Mid America Plaza, Suite 600 | Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181 | USA | Phone: +1 630 974 3000 |