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Microsoft xamarin-experience


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Published in: Technology
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Microsoft xamarin-experience

  1. 1. João Almeida @jalmeida The Microsoft Platform Microsoft pushing for the Cross Platform development
  2. 2. Release History Recap Announcements • First preview release of Visual Studio 2015, .NET 2015 & ASP.NET 5 • New “Free” edition of Visual Studio, Visual Studio Community 2013 • .NET Open Source & Cross-platform • Visual Studio Online Release Management service and Visual Studio Cloud Deployment Projects • New MSDN Benefits (PluralSight) Releases (Highlights) • Visual Studio 2015 Preview • Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 (RTM) • Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition • Azure SDK 2.4 (RTM) Connect(); - November 2014
  3. 3. .NET Open Source Full-stack server Fully supported cross-platform Open Source Next gen JIT, SIMD Runtime components Compilers .NET Compiler Platform Languages .NET Core 5 Libraries .NET Framework 4.6 Libraries Libraries Distributed with Windows Large footprint for server and client applications No side-by-side .NET Framework 4.6 .NET Core 5 Distributed with every app Cross-platform, cloud optimized implementation Side-by-side
  4. 4. A new, free and fully featured edition of Visual Studio, with access to the full Visual Studio extensibility ecosystem and support for targeting any platform Visual Studio Community
  5. 5. Visual Studio Community Edition A new free edition of Visual Studio Use any extension
  6. 6. MSDN Subscription New Training Benefits Visual Studio 2015 Preview on Azure Virtual Machines Get your Azure account and PluralSight benefits!
  7. 7. Cloud DevelopmentMobile Development Productivity
  8. 8. Approaches for device development Native Web Tool maturity Device optimized experience Updatability Portability across devices
  9. 9. Microsoft supports your choice Desktop apps Universal Windows apps Browser-based applications
  10. 10. Using the platform’s native tools (Siloed approaches are long term problems) Xcode ADT Visual Studio End user experience Better productivity and global developer experience ✗ Building native apps multiple times when targeting multiple platforms! …very expensive, not sustainable… + + -
  11. 11. C# + XIB C# + AXML C# + XAML Native UI Native UI Native UI
  12. 12. C# unique approach powered by .NET and Xamarin The best of both worlds (UX & TCO) Great native apps delivered to the user’s choice of device Development agility, with Visual Studio to move at mobile speed
  13. 13. Black Box CSS | HTML JavaScript | TypeScript
  14. 14. Microsoft developer platform and tools
  15. 15. Cross-platform C++ Code Portability
  16. 16. Android Emulator Fast & Reliable Feature Emulation Visual Studio Integration
  17. 17. Universal Windows apps
  18. 18. Black Box XAML and C# HTML and JavaScript Building for Windows devices
  19. 19. Visual Studio streamlines developing universal Windows apps Share your XAML UI!
  20. 20. Universal Windows apps User interface design (UX) • Use Visual Studio or Blend to build the user interface using graphical designer and/or XAML editor. • Preview the interface in the design surface, tailored to various devices and resolutions. • Create unique interfaces for each platform or share XAML controls/views across universal projects.
  21. 21. Universal Windows apps Shared Projects • Shared Projects enable developers to write common code that runs across their devices, even when some parts of that code is device specific (Example: #if WINDOWS_APP). • Extend code sharing beyond the universal projects using Portable Class Libraries.
  22. 22. Prepare for Windows 10 What now? Windows 10 “The best way to start preparing for Windows 10 is to start building universal Windows apps today for Windows 8.1.” “If you are currently a Windows Phone Silverlight developer, there’s never been a better time to investigate moving your development over to Windows XAML” Check new UI on Windows Store Beta (Win10 preview)! Think of XboxOne! Go 100% cross-platform!
  23. 23. Q&A