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How our Team Collaborates with Atlassian Tools - Xpand IT & Atlassian JAM Sessions 2017


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By João Mendonça - Solutions Sales Specialist @Xpand IT & Sofia Neto Canário - JIRA Project Manager @Xpand IT

Published in: Technology
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How our Team Collaborates with Atlassian Tools - Xpand IT & Atlassian JAM Sessions 2017

  1. 1. João Mendonça & Sofia Neto Canário How our Team Collaborates with Atlassian Tools
  2. 2. Our software helps unleash the potential in every
  3. 3. SOFTWARE SUPPORT Success with software teams leads the way for all teams HR LEGAL FINANCE IT MARKETING
  4. 4. What Atlassian does for teams? COMMON PEOPLE TEAMS COMMENTS MENTIONS SHARES NOTIFICATIONS Tasks & projects Pages & files Messages, & calls Requests & SLAs Code & reviews UNIQUE
  5. 5. The #1Agile development solution for tracking, managing & reporting on software projects
  6. 6. Product managers: Planning projects, sprints, and timelines for the next big release Dev managers: Managing scope, timelines, and resources for an on-time release Developers: Tracking issues, bugs, and any work item related to the project at hand Use Cases
  7. 7. The simplest place to create, organize and discuss work with your team 3
  8. 8. Product requirements and documentation for software teams Project documents and file collaboration for business teams Use cases Technical projects and knowledge base for IT teams
  9. 9. Use cases Connect employees with experts to tap into tribal knowledge throughout the company Streamline meeting preparation, note taking and follow-up on action items Share and collaborate pages and files
  10. 10. A Service Desk your employees and IT team willlove to use COLUMN TITLE
  11. 11. Use cases Agents Agents get the tools they need for fast responsive service including an intuitive interface, dynamic queues, visual SLAs, and knowledge Employees Employees get an easy way to ask for help and self- serve for any issue Managers Managers get real-time reports to track the team’s progress and stay on top of critical issues
  12. 12. Real-time team messaging, video and audio communications
  13. 13. Know who’s available to chat at all times Get system notifications fed into HipChat to keep your team up to date Chat with your team from everywhere Use cases
  14. 14. How professional teams do Git
  15. 15. Code reviews and quality Code collaboration and hosting for development teams. Use cases
  16. 16. Quickly find, try and buy 2,000 add-ons for Atlassian products
  17. 17. 2444 add-ons
  18. 18. How do our TEAM collaborates?
  19. 19. #1 Atlassian Stack for Software Development Lifecycle
  20. 20. # For each Customer one Space
  21. 21. # For each project a set of Pages
  22. 22. # For each Sprint a Sprint Plan
  23. 23. # For each Project a Project in JIRA
  24. 24. # For each customer requirement a User Story
  25. 25. # For User Story a branch
  26. 26. # For each team a Board
  27. 27. # For each Sprint Review a complete report
  28. 28. # For each project a hipchat room
  29. 29. # For each Customer a Portal
  30. 30. #1 Atlassian Stack for Quality Management
  31. 31. # A space for XPAGILE Methodology Documentation
  32. 32. # For each process a Page
  33. 33. # For each training a record
  34. 34. # For each Action an issue
  35. 35. # A portal to collect team suggestions