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USJBF Overview Presentation

  1. 1. US-Japan Bridging Foundation
  2. 2. Mission: The United States - Japan Bridging Foundation(USJBF) aims to expand opportunities for Americanundergraduate students to study in Japan, thus helping prepareAmerica’s young people to assume leadership roles in allaspects of trade, security, cultural and educational relationsbetween Japan and the United States.• A 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization• Created in 1998 at the recommendation of the Japan-US Friendship Commission, an independent federal agency• Scholarships made available through the USJBF help prepare America’s young people to assume leadership roles in all aspects of relations between Japan and the US• Bridging Foundation Scholars come from a diverse cross- section of colleges -- large and small -- in every state and represent majors ranging from anthropology and art to business, engineering and technology• Through this cross-cultural interchange, USJBF Scholars garner skills to become the next generation of global thinkers and doers• We invest in young adults in order to grow global leaders
  3. 3. The Problem and a Solution • In 1995, more than 48,000 Japanese students studied in the United States annually, while less than 1,800 American students studied in Japan. That imbalance had palpable impact on the management of the bilateral relationship. From foreign relations to foreign trade, the US needs globally competent citizens. However, insufficient funding and Japan’s higher cost of living pose major barriers for US undergraduates to study in Japan. The USJBF directly and positively addresses this need, having awarded 1,276 study abroad scholarships to help close this funding gap. • The first round of 46 American undergraduate students selected began studies in Japan for a full academic year beginning in the fall of 1999, and forty-five additional scholarship recipients were selected in 2000. • Bridging Foundation Scholars receive stipends of $4,000 for a full academic year and $2,500 for a semester to defray the cost of living in Japan and provide roundtrip airfare. • By July 2012, 1,276 students have been selected from among more than 8,000 applicants to be awarded Bridging Scholarships for study abroad in Japan for a semester or full academic year for; a total of $4,600,000 has been raised. Students hail from diverse colleges – large and small; public and private – in every state in the US and represent a broad cross-section of majors. • As of 2008, the number of American students had climbed to over 5,000 studying in Japan annually – more than tripling in number. Between 2009 and 2010, 6.6% more students studied in Japan (a total of 6,166 students), making it one of the top destinations for US study abroad. The Foundation has indeed “primed the pump” on US campuses for students to study in Japan.
  4. 4. What Bridging FoundationStudents Say About TheirExperience✤ I thought before coming to Japan that the highlights of my experience would be the spectacles you often hear about but... it was the little things, like successfully communicating with fellow Japanese students, or finding my way alone through the city relying on signs and maps, that made my experience worthwhile.✤ (Adrian, Seinan Gakuin / SUNY Oneonta)✤ Coming back from Japan, I notice I am different...Whether I am doing research, teaching English, or going to graduate school, I know that I hope to live in Japan someday.✤ (Anna, Gifu University / Northern Kentucky University)
  5. 5. Career Paths ofAlumni✤ Business✤ Educators -- JET Programme✤ Government -- Public Diplomacy and Policy✤ Law✤ Media Relations and News✤ Nonprofits✤ Science, Technology and Computer Science✤ Translators, Museum Curators, Writers and more✤ Affiliated with US and Japanese organizations✤ Most spend at least one additional year in Japan for additional education or employment.
  6. 6. Thank you!United States-Japan Bridging Foundation1201 15th Street, NW -- Suite 330Washington, DC