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Xray for Jira 3.0 - What's New?


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Xray for Jira 3.0 - What's New?
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Xray for Jira 3.0 - What's New?

  1. 1. Xray Xray v3 – What’s new? Diamantino Campos Team Leader – Xray Server Manual & Automated Test Management inside JIRA
  2. 2. Xray 3.0 in 3 bullet points 1. Test Repository 2. Test Plan Board 3. Tests Evolution Gadget
  3. 3. Xray for JIRA Aim of New Features
  4. 4. Test Repository • An hierachical organization of Tests inside a project Test Plan Board • Hierarchical view of Test Plan – Hierarchical Organization at the moment of execution Tests Evolution Gadget • A way to see the progress of the tests, namely the ones belonging to a Test Plan. What Xray aims with 3.0
  5. 5. Xray for JIRA Test Repository
  6. 6. What Xray aims with 3.0 – Test Repository • Provides project level Test organization • Tests may be organized by high-level feature, characteristic, component, sub- component • Tests should not be organized by execution related aspects (that’s the aim of the Test Plan Board we’ll see later)
  7. 7. What Xray aims with 3.0 – Test Repository Pros • Hierarchical concept, similar to computer folders, may be more easy to understand • Can live side by side with the existing Test Set concept Cons • A Test can only by in one folder… so it cannot be categorized in multiple ways simultaneously (as you can do by using labels) • A folder cannot be used as a way to cover requirements; Test Sets can
  8. 8. Comparing Xray with other enterprise level tools HP ALM/QC Xray for JIRA Test Plan Test Repository (in v3.0) Project wide Test Lab Test Plan Board (in v3.0) In HP ALM, it’s project wide - Test Plan In Xray, it’s version specific Test Set Test Execution Similar, when in HP a Test Set is assigned to a cycle of a release. - Test Set In Xray, a Test Set is a simple list of tests not related with execution aspects. In HP ALM, it can be seen as a Test Set without cycle and executed results.. Test Test Test Run Test Run
  9. 9. Sneak Peek – Test Repository
  10. 10. Xray for JIRA Test Plan Board
  11. 11. What Xray aims with 3.0 – Test Plan Board • Tests Hierarchy at execution time • All Tests associated with a Test Plan can be organized in the hierarchy that the Test Manager finds accurate at that time • Order Tests with Test Ranking inside Test Plan
  12. 12. Sneak Peek – Test Plan Board
  13. 13. Sneak Peek – Test Plan Board
  14. 14. What if I don’t want to use Test Repository nor Test Plan Board features? What Xray aims with 3.0 – Test Repository
  15. 15. Xray for JIRA Test Evolution Gadget
  16. 16. Test Evolution Gadget • Track the (accumulated) progress of testing • Evaluate how far/close you are to have your tests fully passing • Depict regressions during test cycles (i.e. Test Executions)
  17. 17. Test Evolution Gadget
  18. 18. Xray for JIRA Additional Resources
  19. 19. Resources • Xray for JIRA documentation • • Xpand Add-ons web site • • Xpand Add-ons blog • • Xpand Add-ons Twitter • • Youtube channel • • Xray Sandbox (shared environment) •
  20. 20. Xray for JIRA Q&A Session
  21. 21. w w w. x p a n d - a d d o n s . c o m Thank you!