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Welcome & Introduction – Xamarin Experience London 2017


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By Paulo Lopes – CEO @Xpand IT

Published in: Technology
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Welcome & Introduction – Xamarin Experience London 2017

  2. 2. AGENDA 09:00AM – Welcome & Introduction Paulo Lopes – CEO, Xpand IT 09:30AM – Keynote By Sérgio Viana – Partner & Microsoft Solutions Lead, Xpand IT 10:15AM – Using Xamarin for your Mobile+ Apps By Matt Larson – Xamarin Partner Sales Executive, Microsoft 10:45AM – Gathering Customer Insights with Sitecore By Chris Vezey – Digital Experience Consultant, Sitecore 11:15AM - Coffee-Break & Networking
  3. 3. AGENDA 11:45AM – Why Speed Matters in Mobile Apps By Michael Hancock – CTO, Judopay 12:15AM – Mobile & Cognitive Services | Harnessing the Power of IoT By Jorge Borralho – Microsoft Tech Lead, Xpand IT 12:50AM – Closing & Ask the Experts
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