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Ice Breakers That Aren't Awkward


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The women of Connect: Professional Women’s Network share their favorite getting-to-know you activities at work events. For more information and to join the Connect group for free, visit

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Ice Breakers That Aren't Awkward

  1. BROUGHT TO YOU BYThe women of Connect: Professional Women’s Network sharetheir favorite getting-to-know-you activities at work events.Breaking the Ice
  2. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK 2“I got to a networking event and was given someone elses name tag!I had to find this man, interview him and introduce him to the group.It was fun, and I made a new friend!” Louise Cote, Design Director
  3. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK 3“I ask the group to share what they wanted to be when they grew up.Some people never thought about it, and others had many things theywanted to be or do.” Margie Campaigne, Sustainability Educator
  4. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK 4“We take turns telling 3 things about ourselves -- 2 true and 1 false, then guesswhich one is false. Generally, theres easy Q&A that just happens about the truethings (common interests or interesting stories) or the false thing (why it waschosen).” Tamra Toussaint, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel
  5. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK 5“Take a beach ball and write ice breaker questions all over it. Toss it to thefirst attendee to use the index finger of the hand they write with todetermine what question theyll answer. Then they toss to next person,etc. This was a lot of fun!” Deborah Larsen, Law Secretary
  6. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK 6“I prefer short ice breakers that solicit brief answers. Easier tofacilitate and keep the group on track. In a staff meeting, we wereasked, “If you could work in a circus, what job would you want andwhy?” Jana Flaig, Inspirational Humorist
  7. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK 7“When I do nametags, I write a question relative to the event and havepeople fill in the blank. At our holiday/new year’s party, I did "In 2013, Ihope to ____.” It gets people interested in looking at what they wrote.”Becky Richardson, Administrative Assistant
  8. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK 8“Write down the most interesting job youve had, place in a bowl andthe group has to guess who had that job. Surprising, fun andenlightening. You learn a lot about people this way!” Cyndi Cobb,Regional Sales Director
  9. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK 9“My favorite is Penny for Your Memory. At every chair is a penny.Everyone says something that happened to them the year their pennywas made. It helps to pre-sort the pennies so that you have a rangeof years.” Christine Hanna, Graduate Medical Education Manager
  10. CONNECT: PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S NETWORK 10“For remote teams, have people email photos from the youngest age theycan find. We put them all into a presentation and had everyone guesssilently by filling out a worksheet. Afterwards, we revealed the answersone by one.” Cheryl Johnson, VP Operations Research Analyst II
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