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Business Travel Packing Tips


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Two road warriors share the essential items they pack for a three-day business trip.

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Business Travel Packing Tips

  1. 1. Traveling for business is occasionally fun. Packing for business travel – not so much. There has to be a simpler way. So we asked two road warriors what they wear on the road, and what essential items they pack in their suitcases for a 3-day business trip. Business Travel for Him and Her: WhattoPack? Frank Squilla, Senior Vice President, Sales at Incomm What she wears:What he wears: What he packs: • 2 pairs of dress pants that match his sports jacket • 2-3 dress shirts • 1 pair of casual shoes • 1 pair of sneakers/ athletic shoes • 1 set of workout clothes What she packs: • 2 skirts or pairs of pants • 3-4 blouses/ tops • 2 pairs of shoes • 1 set of workout clothes For more tips on how to simplify business travel, visit • Sports jacket • Slip on shoes • Pashmina • Comfortable walking shoes Mary McHale, Vice President and Senior Engagement Manager, Financial Services at Nielsen