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Green Vehicles Workshop - Dual Fuel Systems Presentation


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Craig Fischer from the Dual Fuel Systems presented on Dual Fuel Technologies at the 11th Annual Green Vehicles Workshop & Showcase on Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

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Green Vehicles Workshop - Dual Fuel Systems Presentation

  1. 1. Dual Fuel Technologies Craig A. Fischer Director of Sales Dual Fuel Systems 630-294-5800
  2. 2. What Are You Trying to Do? • How many vehicles • What types of vehicles • What is your fuel usage • Where will you fuel • What is your planning cycle • What are your short and long term goals
  3. 3. Questions For Your Converter • Are your kits EPA approved? • Are your company/installers certified by the factory? • Are your installers ASE certified? • How many kits have you installed? • CNG kit referrals? • What about follow up service and maintenance?
  4. 4. CNG Kit Challenges • CNG kits limited – EPA certification process is cumbersome and expensive • Kit manufacturers are good at selling systems • Tank/Bracket manufacturers have a mindset to sell “Parts” – However, we are starting to see kit manufacturers bundle tanks with their kits
  5. 5. What are the Vehicle Trends • We believe the driving force for the industry will be medium duty (local/regional) and heavy duty (18 wheeler) over the road trucks – New trucks with CNG engines are becoming more common – After many years of development, retrofitted dual fuel truck kits seem to be coming into their own • Not everyone buys new trucks, they overhaul and rebuild • Typically run up to 60% CNG over the road safely – Do not have to rely on LNG – Typically can run 600 to 700 miles on CNG, switch to diesel if you run low – High fueling rates of 12-15 DGE needed for the future stations are a challenge to engineers and CNG equipment manufacturers
  6. 6. What is the current CNG Environment • More and more of the opportunities we see are driven by business decisions rather than waiting for grant money. • Grant money, in this environment, would add fuel to the “CNG fire” – Need longer term grant programs as many CNG decisions are multi-year budgeting situations.