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However! Yogurtland
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Brand Battle: Yogurtland vs Pinkberry


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In partnership with Streetfight Mag, every month we’re taking loved brands to determine how they stack up against their top competitors- determining who gets more love online.

In our inaugural Brand Score Battle, we take Yogurtland and Pinkberry: two national yogurt favorites. Why these two brands? Granted (as our report states) there are about 12 other brands that we could have chosen for this category. Yogurtland and Pinkberry both took origin in Southern California an expanded across the county. What is significant about these two brands is their brand image and position. Pinkberry positions itself as the premier yogurt brand. They are the Bloomingdales of yogurt-- you get selected flavors because Pinkberry knows what is best- and darn it, they are spot on. Yogurtland on the other hand lets the consumer decide what flavor they want, desire, hope for! Price difference is also evident. A Pinkberry serving (being the premier choice) is more expensive than a Yogurtland serving.

A battle is never a battle without some opposition and interesting differentiators, and these two brands across culture and image represent very different things, making this an exciting battle to watch.

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Brand Battle: Yogurtland vs Pinkberry

  1. 1. OVERALL SCORE CARD 49 COMPETITORSCOMPETITORS However! Yogurtland LOCALSEOLOCALSEO LOCALADVERTISING ENGAGEMENTENGAGEMENT REVIEWS LOCAL DIGITAL MARKETINGLOCAL DIGITAL MARKETING A HEAD TO HEAD SHOWDOWN k.o. brand score DATAQUALITY REVIEWS 93.7 67.04 82.34% 95 82.94 87.02% k.o. Brand BattleBattle Brand A HEAD TO HEAD SHOWDOWN in PINKBERRY VS YOGURTLAND SATISFACTION RATING 4-STAR AND ABOVE RATING KO ADDRESS PRECISION PHONE# PRECISION FOUND LOCATIONS DATAQUALITY 583583 648648 KO brand score NAP ANALYSIS & LISTING PRESENCE ACROSS THE “BIG 6” ENGINES AND LOCAL DIRECTORIES KO 3 wrong number, bro come get some! winner! bring it on! What is your Brand Score? Brandify's real-time algorithms continuously evaluates the online footprint of multi-location brands across the six pillars: Data Quality, Local SEO, Reviews, Engagement, Local Advertising, and Competitors. Improve organic search, business listings, competitiveness and social media engagement with Brandify. We evaluate over 250+ variables representing the following categories: Local SEO Competitors 1 2 3 Local Advertising Reviews Measuring your Brand’s Digital Footprint. % % % % DATA COLLECTED: AUGUST 2014 OVERALL SCORE CARD LOCALSEO 107 115 REVIEWS 87 98 ENGAGEMENT 95 107 DATAQUALITY 130 137 FIGHT FOR THE TOP USING KEYWORD “FROZEN YOGURT SHOP” 42% of Pinkberry’s locations showed up at position 1. NON-RANKING LOCATIONS Yogurtland had 13% missing locations. Pinkberry had 20%. SEARCH RANK frozen yogurt shop 1. 2. 3. 4. frozen yogurt shop 1. 2. 3. 4. positions 2-10 LOCALADVERTISING GENERATING BRAND AWARENESS AND DRIVING LOCAL CONVERSIONS FROZEN ICECREAM ICE DESSERTS CATERING SNACKS FLAVORS CUP FRUITS TOPPINGS SWEETS FROYO SELFSERVE PPC KEYWORDS 53 TOTAL 2. 1. 3. 4. 4. 77% RANKING AT POSITION 1-2 Pinkberry has little to no local ad investment 1313%% BUSINESS LOCATOR Yogurtland’s locator has a Map View as well as integrated directions providing an overall greater user experience. LOCAL PAGES Pinkberry beats Yogurtland Local Pages because Yogurtland doesn’t have any. They should know Where2GetIt. STORE HOURS ADDRESS PHONE FLAVORS IN STORE Yogurtland’s Listing’s Presence Strength: 4% more than PinkBerry. 12% 56% 10% 8% 40% 16% MISSING LOCATIONS LISTING STRENGTH COMPETITORS 85 105 LOCALADVERTISING 78 86 TOP 3 NATIONAL COMPETITORS LOCAL AMPLIFICATION 69% FANS 773,968 1,237,012 HIGHER ENGAGEMENT Likes, Shares, Comments, & Consumer Brand Hashtags TOTAL CHECK-INS 25,118 27,563 SENTIMENT ANALYSIS KEYWORD ANALYSIS In an analysis of 8 different experiences customers could potentially have.. Yogurtland excelled. Yogurtland customers were most likely to experience: ArchitectureOn-Page Factors Off-Page Factors KEY LOCATOR FACTORS KEY LOCAL PAGE FACTORS SEO Optimized Responsive DOMINATEDDOMINATED Content & Design Pinkberry and Yogurtland compete at the local level with 12COMPANIES TOP 3 NATIONAL COMPETITORS FOR THE KEYWORDS “DESSERT SHOP” TOP LOCAL COMPETITORS ARE... EACH OTHER YOGURTLAND HAS HIGHER LOCAL OCCURANCES 32 49 %%% of Pinkberry’s reviews are 4 stars and above. of Yogurtland reviews are 4 stars and above. Engagement Data Quality KO Tastier Flavors! Freshness in Product! Cleaner Environment! Flavor Clean Fresh AN ANALYSIS OF CONSUMER ACTIONS AND INTERACTIONS Brand Score %%2020 MISSING LOCATIONS 714.660.4870 | | Where2GetIt