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Brand Battle: Home Depot vs Lowe's Home Improvement


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These two retailers and worthy competitors were analyzed with Brandify to find the winner of local marketing.

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Brand Battle: Home Depot vs Lowe's Home Improvement

  1. 1. 636636 1.5%1.5% 474,000474,000 OVERALL SCORE CARD COMPETITORSCOMPETITORS However! Home Depot LOCALSEOLOCALSEO LOCALADVERTISING ENGAGEMENTENGAGEMENT REVIEWS LOCAL DIGITAL MARKETINGLOCAL DIGITAL MARKETING A HEAD TO HEAD SHOWDOWN k.o. brand score DATAQUALITY REVIEWS 77% 87% k.o. Brand BattleBattle Brand A HEAD TO HEAD SHOWDOWN in LOWE’S VS HOME DEPOT SATISFACTION RATING ACROSS MAJOR REVIEWS PLATFORMS KO DATAQUALITY 685685 KO brand score NAP ANALYSIS & LISTING PRESENCE ACROSS THE “BIG 6” ENGINES AND LOCAL DIRECTORIES KO winner bring it on What is your Brand Score? Brandify's real-time algorithms continuously evaluates the online footprint of multi-location brands across the six pillars: Data Quality, Local SEO, Reviews, Engagement, Local Advertising, and Competitors. Improve organic search, business listings, competitiveness and social media engagement with Brandify. We evaluate over 250+ variables representing the following categories: Local SEO Competitors 1 2 3 Local Advertising Reviews Measuring your Brand’s Digital Footprint. DATA COLLECTED: January-April 2015 OVERALL SCORE CARD LOCALSEO 114 143 REVIEWS 85 89 ENGAGEMENT 108 110 DATAQUALITY 147 164 FIGHT FOR THE TOP USING KEYWORDS “HOME IMPROVEMENT”, “APPLIANCE STORE” AND “GARDEN CENTER.” 88%88% NON-RANKING LOCATIONSGOOGLE SEARCH RANK 1. 2. 3. 4. home improvement 1. 2. 3. 4. positions 2-4 by surfacing 12% more often than Lowe’s. Lowe's lack of Local Pages was their weakest point. LOCALADVERTISING GENERATING BRAND AWARENESS AND DRIVING LOCAL CONVERSIONS BUSINESS LOCATOR Home Depot’s locator and website is ranked higher and the company excels with comprehensive local pages. LOCAL PAGES Home Depot’s dominated positions 2-4 by surfacing 12% more often than Lowe’s. FOUND LOCATIONS COMPETITORS 94 94 LOCALADVERTISING 88 85 TOP 3 NATIONAL COMPETITORS LOCAL AMPLIFICATION 12% FANS 6,782,238 2,529,245 HIGHER ENGAGEMENT Likes, Shares, Comments, & Consumer Brand Hashtags TOTAL CHECK-INS 4,159,360 5,600,789 SENTIMENT ANALYSIS KEYWORD ANALYSIS Fast, quality service! Reasonable prices! Helpful staff! ArchitectureContent & Design KEY LOCATOR FACTORS KEY LOCAL PAGE FACTORS SEO Factors Usability DOMINATEDDOMINATED TOP 3 LOCAL COMPETITORS FOR THE KEYWORDS “HOME IMPROVEMENT” TOP LOCAL COMPETITORS ARE... EACH OTHER 39.4% En gagement Data Quality KO HOME IMPROVEMENT AN ANALYSIS OF CONSUMER ACTIONS AND INTERACTIONS Brand Score CHANNEL ANALYSIS Name, Address, and Phone data quality summary Lowe’s invests than Home Depot 49% OF KEYWORDS RANK IN POSITONS 1-3 TOOL HOME IMPROVEMENT LOWES DEPOT HAMMER WRENCH PLY WOOD NAIL POWER CABINET PAINT BRUSH PLUMBING DECORATING DOORS LIGHTS BARBECUE CLEANING SUPPLIES DIY CUSTOM SAW PAINTING FRIDGE WASHER NAIL GARDENING IMPROVEMENT SINKS LIGHTING APPLIANCES GARDEN RAWR!!!11! meow.. Learn More >MESSAGE TO OUR CUSTOMERS - BLACK FRIDAY SALES! Your Store: Hours: The Home Depot View Map Directions Local Ad In-Store Layout Store Details In Store Features More Saving More Doing. Shop By Department Search All Cart of Lowe’s locations ranked at the top #1 position more often than Home Depot. 4. home improvement 42% HOME DEPOT DOMINATES LOCAL SEARCH ON “HOME IMPROVEMENT” 714.660.4870 | | 84% ADDRESS PRECISION 83% 1.1% 23% 0% 8% 12% 8% Home Depot’s local listings presence was stronger by 16.7% LISTING STRENGTH PHONE# PRECISIONMISSING LOCATIONS 94 % 92 % 2%2% Where2GetIt APPLIANCES