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Brand Battle: Brandify 24 Hour vs LA Fitness


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Mastering #Fitness marketing is no joke for @24HourFitness and @LAFitness ...but who is dominating in #localmarketing? Read this #BrandBattle to find out! via @Brandify @StreetFightMag

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Brand Battle: Brandify 24 Hour vs LA Fitness

  1. 1. MOBILE OPTIMIZED LOCALSEOLOCALSEO LOCALADVERTISING ENGAGEMENTENGAGEMENT REVIEWS LOCAL DIGITAL MARKETINGLOCAL DIGITAL MARKETING A HEAD TO HEAD SHOWDOWN k.o. DATAQUALITY REVIEWS k.o. BRANDSCORE Brand BattleBattleBrand A HEAD TO HEAD SHOWDOWN in 24 Hour Fitness vs LA Fitness Keyword Sentiment ADDRESS PRECISION SEARCH RANK FOUND LOCATIONS DATAQUALITY NAP Analysis & Listing Presence Across the “Big 6” engines and local directories Round 1: Round 2: Round 4: Round 5: Round 3: Phew! That was close... but Oh yeah. A clear winner this round. Well, that was obvious. WINS IN DATA QUALITY WINS IN LOCAL ADVERTISING KO OVERALL SCORE CARD DATAQUALITY 130 REVIEWS 74 73 ENGAGEMENT 108 92 LOCALSEO 125 119 Fight for the Top FITNESS TRAINER GYM FITNESS CENTERUsing these keywords 38% of 24 Hour Fitness’s pages showed up at Position 1. SERP [Search Engine Results Page] TOTAL CHECK-INS Gym 1. 2. 3. 4. 24 Hour Fitness's locations ranked in the first position 9% more often than LA Fitness’s locations. LOCALADVERTISING Generating Brand Awareness And driving local conversions Keywords 93 80 LOCALADVERTISING DOMINATEDDOMINATED MOBILE OPTIMIZED GOTTA STEP UP YOUR GAME, POOL Negative Keywords Positive Keywords @GoBrandify 98% 99% 9 MORE % 589 DATA COLLECTED: JULY - DECEMBER 2015 COST 621 EQUIPMENT STAFF FITNESS TRAINERS FITNESS CLASSES GYM MEMBERSHIP MACHINES 139 KEYWORD RANKING PAY PER CLICK (PPC) WINS IN LOCAL SEO WINS IN LOCAL SEO Wow! WINS IN REVIEWS vs 15 19 24 Hour Fitness vs LA Fitness 24 Hour Fitness vs LA Fitness 24 Hour Fitness 24 Hour Fitness 24 Hour Fitness LA Fitness 85% 79% 84% 1600 8 Keywords of Ad Campaign Keywords ranked in on SERPs TOP3 positions Anaheim Gateway 24 Hour Fitness has a mobile & desktop version of locator which uses the user's current location to find gyms near them. 24 Hour Fitness has 32% higher engagement on & 24 Fitness had almost 4 million more check-ins on social media. 24 Hour Fitness‘s webpages are also responsive, easy to navigate, and user-friendly. Analysis of Consumers Actions & interactions Analysis of customer feedback OVERALL SCORE CARD 18% 38% KO We analyze over 250 variables across: What is a Brand Score? 621 Insights BRAND SCORE M M Brandify's real-time algorithm evaluates the online footprint of multi-location brands across five key areas. Use your Brand Score insights to beat competitors and close the loop from online to offline. Data Quality Local SEO Local Advertising Engagement Reviews 714.660.4870 | | | @GoBrandify