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Performing Arts Catalog Section 1


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Wenger Performing Arts Catalog Section 1

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Performing Arts Catalog Section 1

  1. 1. performing arts 2013-2014 CATALOG Wenger Corporation 555 Park Drive, PO Box 448 Owatonna, MN 55060-0448 Phone 800.4WENGER (493-6437) Fax 507.455.4258 Parts & Service 800.887.7145 Worldwide Phone 1.507.455.4100 Fax 1.507.774.8576 Website Wenger Corporation Canada Office Phone 800.268.0148 © 2013 Wenger Corporation Printed in the USA 09-13/50M/LT0127C The show must go on line! Introducing a new online resource for theatre and arts professionals. is brand new! It’s a vibrant mix of interesting news, useful information, and innovative products. And it’s written for performing arts professionals like you! Stop by and we think you’ll agree — there’s never been such a perfect collection of what you want in an industry website. • Case Studies • Installations • White Papers • Video Links • Photos • Product Reviews We’re on facebook too! w w w . w e n g e r c o r p . c o m QR CODES - Snap these codes at right and other QR codes throughout this catalog for videos and more information on specific products! is brought to you by: NEW!RESOURCE Also from Wenger... Wenger makes the most-trusted equipment for the performing arts market. We also well-known for our music education and athletic products. For more information and a copy of these product catalogs, call 1.800.493.6437 today. Please subscribe to our blog while visiting! Through our focused understanding of customer needs, Wenger provides innovative, high-value products and services that enable and inspire great performances.The Wenger Brand Promise: This catalog was printed with Enviro/ Tech Ink ISO: 9001 SCHEDULE Contract GS-07F-9062G
  2. 2. Dear friends and customers: Founded in 1946, Wenger Corporation has decades of experience serving the Performing Arts market by engineering and building the highest-quality products for all kinds of performance venues around the world. Throughout that time we became your associates and stewards of your needs, resulting in industry breakthroughs like our Diva® Acoustical Shells, which were recently redesigned to provide even greater performance along with industry-unique features. Today, our focus and investment in the Performing Arts has never been greater, as we seek to aggressively grow our business on a global basis by providing innovative products and superior service levels to our customers and partners. This is our first catalog targeted exclusively towards this market, and it certainly will not be our last. Our increased focus on this market is also evident by the fact that we have also launched a new website dedicated to theatre and arts professionals. It’s a vibrant mix of interesting news, useful information, and innovative products. Based on our research, it should be a valuable collection of what industry professionals most desire in a website. Please check it out at One thing is certain; our commitment to providing superior products and services that enable our customers and partners to fulfill their visions for great performances is what drives all of us at Wenger. We appreciate your inspiration and look forward to serving you now and in the years ahead. Sincerely, Chris Simpson President and CEO Wenger Corporation We Share Your Passion for Performance. For all of us it starts somewhere, that need to be part of the show. For us it dates back to 1885, when stagehand John Clancy thought he could create a better rigging system. He did, and today JR Clancy is the leading manufacturer of theatrical stage equipment in the United States. Throughout that time we’ve been there with you on more than 100,000 rigging jobs, from the grand opera house to the local high school. And dependability? JR Clancy is the first North American rigging company to have its Quality Management System certified to the rigorous ISO 9001:2008 standard. In Wenger Corporation, we found a mirror company with similar origins and an identical dedication to superior quality and genuine customer service. Today, as partners, JR Clancy and Wenger bring you nearly 200 years of experience and expertise. Chances are, we’ve solved the very challenges facing you. And if your situation is wholly unique, we’re exactly the partners you want. Please visit us online or call for more information: 800-836-1885 •
  3. 3. Page INTRODUCTION Letter from our president................................IFC New Products.......................................................... 2 Green Efforts............................................................ 2 New Construction.................................................. 3 Acoustical Equipment Diva® Acoustical Shells....................................4-5 Forte™ Acoustical Shells...................................6-7 Legacy® Select Acoustical Shell....................... 8 Legacy® Basic and Classic Acoustical Shell.... 9 Acoustical Panels..........................................10-11 New - Tunable Acoustical Panels..................11 SoundLok® Sound-Isolation Rooms..............12 VAE® Technology..................................................13 Studio VAE® ............................................................14 New - VAE® Rehearsal.......................................15 Acoustical Doors..................................................15 THEATRE Fixed Audience Seating.............................. 16-17 Portable Audience Seating........................18-19 Upper Deck Audience Seating................20-21 Makeup Stations..................................................22 Stage Boxes and FlipFORMS® ........................23 Page CHAIRS Chair Comparison Chart.............................24-25 Nota® ConBRIO® Chairs....................................26 Nota® Standard Chairs.......................................27 Musician Chairs....................................................28 Symphony and Cellist Chairs...........................29 Chair Move and Store Cart...............................30 Nota® Conductor’s Chair & Stand.................31 MUSIC STANDS Stand Overview / Chart...............................32-33 Music Stand Lights..............................................34 Music Stand Carts...............................................35 CONDUCTOR Conductor’s System.............................................36 Preface® Conductor’s Stand / Director’s Stand...37 Sheet Music Storage / Folio Cabinets...38-39 Choral Risers Signature® Choral Risers............................40-41 Tourmaster® Choral Risers.........................42-43 STAGING AND PLATFORMS StageTek® Staging System.........................44-45 STRATA® Orchestra Pit Filler............................46 Specialty Platforms and Outdoor...................47 Terms and Conditions.........................................48 TABLE OF CONTENTS 01
  4. 4. 02 For as long as we’ve been developing high-quality, durable products to meet the needs of our customers, we’ve also been exploring ways to be better stewards of the environment we share. Whether it’s the nearly 1,000 tons of materials we recycled last year or the energy-efficient lighting in our plant, our goals have always been green. Here are some of the ways we’re helping reduce, reuse and recycle: • Green cleaning agents and a non-metallic conversion coating • Securing properly sized raw materials eliminates waste • Computer-optimized cutting processes improve yield • ISO quality-improvement tools reduce scrap • Wenger delivery trucks are built with the latest clean-burning diesel emission-control technologies • Stretch-wrapping eliminates corrugated waste • Post-installation packaging is returned and reused or recycled • Pallets are reused or remanufactured • Instant foam packaging — free of CFCs and HCFCs — is used when possible Simplifying the LEED Certification process As a member of the LEED Construction Initiative, Wenger has the insights and experience to make the LEED certification process easier for our customers to understand and attain. Implementing the philosophy of the USGBC As a member of the US Green Building Council, the group that developed LEED, Wenger is dedicated to fulfilling USGBC’s mission to promote green building practices. We understand and embrace the principles behind the USGBC and its LEED Initiative, which is your guaran- tee that once you start down the road to LEED certification, you will be officially and enthusiastically supported every step of the way. Meeting FSC CoC certification Recognized by LEED, the Forest Stewardship Council is an independent, not- for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. FSC Chain-of-Custody (CoC) certified products carry a label certifying that FSC-tracked material is used throughout the production process. Wenger’s certification is pending. Meeting GREENGUARD certification The mission of The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) is to protect human health and quality of life through programs that help reduce chemical exposure and improve indoor air quality. To date, GREENGUARD has certified many Wenger products including folio cabinets, music posture chairs and music stands with more certification to come. Even this catalog is environmentally friendly This catalog is printed with environmentally friendly Enviro/Tech ink and printed on paper that is FSC-certified for its recycled content. USGBC and related logo is a trademark owned by the U.S. Green Building Council and is used by permission. Products and practices that help our environment. Look for this symbol throughout our catalog to indicate products that are environmentally friendly NEW PRODUCTS Some of our breakthroughs are easy to see, others need to be experienced, but each is an improvement in performance and value over anything else available. Virtually every Wenger product goes through a redesign assessment as we continuously strive to improve our product line. Sometimes that means a product redesign, sometimes an all-new design. Either way, our pursuit of perfection never stops and always leads to great products like these. StageTek® Staging and Seated Risers One of our most exciting innovations in years! The StageTek line of decks, legs and accessories is extremely versatile, rugged and easy to set up. The design is simple with no folding legs, hinges or assemblies. We’ve even made moving it easy, with rounded edges for easy gripping and a lighter weight. And we haven’t sacrificed durability. In fact, StageTek has higher load ratings than most comparable staging systems. Pages 44-45 NEW!PRODUCT NEW!PRO D U C T Nota® Conductor’s Chair A conductor’s job is very important, and we want to make your job as comfortable as possible. Introducing our very adjustable and very comfortable conducting chair that you can adjust exactly the way you like it. Added height lets you sit tall where your musicians and performers can see you. Page 31
  5. 5. 03 BUILDING? – WE CAN HELP Wenger’s Performance Spaces Planning Guide Everything you need to understand the new construction process and what you can do to most effectively organize your objectives to make sure your new facility is the best it can be. “Wenger’s Planning Guide gave me some real practical ideas which we used in two music facilities – they turned out very well. I’m amazed that some architects don’t take advantage of the materials Wenger has available. The Planning Guide is easy to read and offers excellent information.” – Edward K. Skahan, Vice President, Director of Design, Kluber, Skahan Associates, Inc., Batavia, Illinois Expertise you should leverage early and often. The success of your new facility depends on your plan. Call Wenger before you start and we’ll help you design your ideal environment, perfectly balancing budget, needs, space, and traffic like no other resource. For nearly seven decades we’ve helped thousands of facility planners get the most out of every dollar for new construction, renovations, additions, and improvements. In fact, no other company in the world has spent more time with architects or studied more types of music facilities. Your Wenger representative is in tune with rehearsal, performance and theatre spaces. We’ll will help you make smart, cost-effective decisions on everything from product selection to space allocation to stretching a tight budget. You’ll also benefit from our close working relationship with architects, ensuring your satisfaction by providing them with a trusted resource for the complexities of performance-space design. Please keep in mind we can also collaborate with your design team and give you the support and resources you need. It’s also important to know that from concept to completion, putting Wenger experience and expertise to work doesn’t cost you a dime. The planning process for these types of facilities can vary from project to project. Fortunately every process follows a timeline of similar steps that we can help you prepare for. We can share our expertise and experience in this process to help you make yours a success. Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Houston, Texas “We found the Wenger Planning Guide tremendously helpful from start to finish. This includes the rule-of-thumb guidelines on room size and volume, information about buffer zones and room adjacencies, and storage cabinet advice.” – Mark J. Hulme, AIA, LEED AP, BD + C Marx Okubo, Pasadena, California Planning is Easier with our Free Planning Guide: Call 1.800.4WENGER (493-6437) for our free literature today. Talking to Wenger long before the shovel is in the ground helps ensure your success.
  6. 6. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • ACOUSTICALEQUIPMENT DIVA®  FULL-STAGE ACOUSTICAL SHELLS 04 Diva® Full-Stage Acoustical Shells An investment in Diva acoustics will reward you the first time you hear the remarkable difference. Diva is a beautiful centerpiece for your stage that is engineered to last for years and years. Diva is also incredibly easy to use, so you can use it more often. No other acoustical shell gives you so much long-term value. USAGE • Beautiful, full-stage acoustics for optimum on-stage sound and excellent sound projection to the audience • Perfect for medium and large theatres CONSTRUCTION • Lightweight construction with the industry’s first all-aluminum frame • Safe, easy setup with the exclusive Air Transporter (manual mover also available) • Built-in leveling pads • Shell ceiling panels raise and lower with stage rigging and can be flown in the fly loft when not in use • Panels rotate easily into position • Panel angles adjust quickly • Modular design accommodates everything from full orchestras to string quartets • Wood veneer, laminate, and painted finish options • Handcrafted composite panel construction • Lower wing sections open creating access doors • Counter-weighted base for superior stability • Designed to accommodate your specific space • Stores compactly ORDERING INFORMATION Many sizes and options available. Please call your Wenger representative for consultation. Stage access doors are wide enough to allow risers, staging, instruments and even a grand piano to pass through. “The Diva is a wonderful system that works really, really well. We’ve gotten a very favorable response from our users. It’s also beautiful to look at.” – Louis D’Alton, Concert Manager University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada “When replacing our original Wenger shell, we considered its longevity and the company’s excellent reputation. Technology improvements mean our new Diva shell is easier to set up, take down and put away. The installation process went very smoothly - the Wenger crew was great.” – Jeff Young, Vice President of Operations The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, The Woodlands, Texas Paramount Theatre, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  7. 7. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • ACOUSTICALEQUIPMENT ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Literature available: (call or download from the web) Catalog, Product and Tech Sheets; Planning Guide Companion Products: Symphony Chair, page 29 The Wenger Advantage Diva full-stage acoustical shells Incredible Acoustical Results – A Diva Shell System is the cornerstone of a remarkable and clear acoustic plan for your facility. Light Weight – The industry’s first all-aluminum frame. Air Mover – Glide your towers into place on a cushion of air. High Grade Wood Veneers – Many options for finish- ing your custom shell to match your facility’s design. Extensive Product Knowledge and Experience – No other company has the know-how and industry experience to help you design, plan, and deliver such an effective and beautiful acoustic shell. 05 Harbin Engineering University Harbin, China Teatro Del Canal, Madrid, Spain Parkstad Limburg Theater, Heerlen, Netherlands National Theatre, Seoul, South Korea Jancek Theatre, Brno, Czech Republic Teatro de Aguascalientes, Mexico Diva® Around the World: SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION A Diva full-stage acoustical shell’s extruded aluminum structural frame is powerfully rigid to keep the panels aligned for superb visual appearance. Plus the aluminum frame makes for a much lighter structure contributing to easier mobility. CREATING A NEW STANDARD IN ELEGANT DESIGN. A Diva full-stage acoustical shell’s all-aluminum frame is an industry first. Lightweight, honeycomb composite panels deliver excellent sound reflection for an outstanding acoustical effect. SHELL CEILINGS Effectively direct sound. Accurately reflect sound within a performance area to give critical feedback. Conserve and direct maximum sound to an audience. TOWERS GLIDE ON A CUSHION OF AIR. With Wenger’s exclusive Air Transporter, Diva full-stage acoustical shell towers glide into place under the power of pressurized air. It’s easier on setup and even easier on floors. A COMPLETE CUSTOM LOOK. Strong lines and gentle curves of Diva full-stage acoustical shell components create an inspiring visual effect. Handcrafted panels finished in an array of wood veneer, paint, or laminate finishes achieve a commanding effect. Engineered and built to the highest standard Our years of experience in designing custom acoustic shells offers your project team the ability to create a shell as unique as your venue and fit within your budget. Wenger offers a design-build approach to satisfy your most stringent aesthetic, acoustic or storage requirements. Our designers and engineers are here to collaborate with you to create the perfect shell and add value-engineered solutions. Aesthetics designed to the highest standard Diva full-stage acoustical shells build on the visual elements of your performing arts center, adding the special effects of elegant wood veneer or your choice of laminate, painted, or custom finishes. Web link: QR Code: video demo “The Diva shell is easy to work with, even the 28’ high towers. The ability to move such a massive shell on our own is amaz- ing. That’s the joy of working with Wenger products that are so well-engineered.” – Kevin Schafer, Director, The American International School of Muscat (TAISM), Oman
  8. 8. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • ACOUSTICALEQUIPMENT FORTE™ ACOUSTICAL SHELLS 06 Forte™ Acoustical ShellS Wenger pioneered acoustical shell design and our Forte Acoustical Shell is a welcome, worthy addition to our line. Forte offers unmatched value. It’s a cost-effective acoustical solution for small- to medium-size performance spaces that delivers impressive full-stage acoustics, a beautiful visual appearance, and ease-of- use — all at an affordable price. USAGE • Cost-effective alternative to large full-stage acoustical shell systems or portable acoustical shells • Ideal for small-to-medium size performance spaces CONSTRUCTION • Easy and safe to set up; requires only two people • No tools required for setup • Configures to accommodate groups of varying sizes • Counter-weighted base for superior stability • Towers nest together for easy, space-saving storage • Tower includes vertical trim strip • Ceilings include angle adjustment • 1 thick honeycomb core panel for optimal sound reflection • 8' (2.4 m) wide panels • 16' (4.8 m) to 20’ (6 m) towers • Ceilings rotate for storage in fly loft, 14 depth (35.5 cm) • Single curve, 10' (3 m) radius • Non-marring casters • Variety of laminate finishes available • Available in any paint color • Optional access doors • Optional lighting package ORDERING INFORMATION Please call your Wenger representative for consultation. Central High School, DeWitt, Iowa “The Forte ceiling panels made a stunning acoustical transformation to our auditorium. Musicians onstage can now play correctly, instead of overplaying to be heard. The sound is true and accurate – the technical parts, runs and clarity all improved instantly. As a conductor or member of the audience, I can now hear everything clearly.” – Bill Davern, Director of Fine Arts, West Genesee Central School District, Camillus, New York Wenger’s wheeled transporter makes Forte easy to move!
  9. 9. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • ACOUSTICALEQUIPMENT The Wenger Advantage FORTE ACOUSTICAL SHELLS Easy Setup – Forte is easy to setup with just a crew of two people. And no tools are required. Flexibility – Easy to reconfigure to accommodate groups of varying sizes. Stability – Wall towers are counterweighted to ensure superior stability and safety. Space-Saving Design – Individual towers nest together when not in use, saving precious back-stage space. Cost Effective – Forte is a cost-effective alternative to full-stage shell systems for small to medium-sized perfor- mance spaces. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Literature available: (call or download from the web) Companion Products: Nota Posture Chairs, pages 26-27 Web link: 07 Movement and Transport Forte Shells are surprisingly easy to move across a stage floor. When your performance is over, Forte moves safely and easily to a nested configuration for compact storage. Optional Access Doors Exit stage left. Access doors allow performers and instruments to move on and off stage without moving a tower. Ceiling Panels Forte ceiling panels complete your full shell by providing critical acoustic and aesthetic elements. They ensure that musicians can hear each other while projecting sound to the audience, rather than having the sound lost in the fly loft. Forte ceilings also create a complete aesthetic appearance that enhances the look of every performance. Optional integrated lighting provides uniform lighting throughout the shell. Forte ceilings are suspended from typical stage rigging systems. Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana Economical Use of Space Forte Acoustical Shells nest together to most efficiently use precious storage space.
  10. 10. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • ACOUSTICALEQUIPMENT LEGACY® ACOUSTICAL SHELLS 08 Use tool to raise top panel to its full height. Roll tower into place. Gas-assisted pistons help raise the top panel Remove kicker panel from back of tower and set in place. Fasten top and bottom fasteners. Legacy® Select USAGE Portable shell designed to be used primarily with an overhead ceiling system for onstage use. • Legacy units promote excellent ensemble and enhance acoustical projection toward the audience • Add additional shells to cover larger areas CONSTRUCTION • Curved 1 (2.5 cm) thick panels to provide superior cross-communication of sound • Use with overhead ceiling system for optimum acoustical performance • Counterweighted base system • Top panel folds flat for storage, and includes lift assists to raise and lower • Bottom panel is removable for nesting and stores on back of tower frame • Panels are 6' (1.8 m) wide and maximum height is 11' 4 (3.m) • The 11' 4 tower will fit through a 34 (86cm) wide by 80 (2m) high door when the unit is folded in its storage position • Available in a wide variety of paint finishes and woodgrain laminates • 502 lbs (226 kg) • Non-marring casters ORDERING INFORMATION Please contact your Wenger Representative for consultation. 1-person setup Finishes Any Sherwin Williams paint color or Wilsonart laminates Upper panel latches securely into performance position. Kicker panel neatly stores on rear of shell. Upper panel lifts easily with the help of gas assisted pistons. Storage Shells nest together for compact storage when not in use. Sturdy Counterweighted base system ensures safe use. Faribault High School, Faribault, Minnesota
  11. 11. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • ACOUSTICALEQUIPMENT LEGACY® ACOUSTICAL SHELLS 09 Legacy® Basic USAGE Portable design allows almost any space to become a performance venue with simple one-person setup • Legacy units promote excellent ensemble and enhance acoustical projection toward the audience • Add additional shells to cover larger areas CONSTRUCTION • Upper panels are flat in standard 1 (2.5 cm) thick. Lower panel is ¾ (2 cm) thick. All are 6' (1.8 m) wide • Lower fixed panel is constructed of ¾ (2 cm) thick composite laminated wood with edgebanding • Easy, intuitive lift mechanism for raising and lowering shell • Canopy folds flat for storage, and middle panel overlaps bottom panel • Legs protrude in front of shell to provide counterweighted base design • No kicker panel, bottom panel rests 7 (18 cm) from floor • Canopy is 36 (91 cm) high providing less coverage than Legacy Classic model • Fully extended height is 13' 3 (4 m) • Ships partially assembled • Available in Oyster finish only • Canopy adjusts to 45, 60, 75 and 90 degree angles ORDERING INFORMATION 186H016 Legacy Basic, Tapered Canopy, 296 lbs (134 kg) 186H017 Legacy Basic, Rectangular Canopy, 304 lbs (138 kg) 1-person setup Lift canopy to preset angle for optimum sound projection. Roll shell into place. Adjust snap-in pins for desired canopy angle. Turn handle of lift mechanism to set shell height into performance position. Use tool to adjust canopy angle for optimum sound projection. Roll shell into place. Lower its kick panel and raise and set the canopy. Turn handle of lift mechanism to set shell height into performance position. 1-person setup Legacy® Classic USAGE Portable design allows almost any space to become a performance venue with simple one-person setup • Legacy units promote excellent ensemble and enhance acoustical projection toward the audience • Add additional shells to cover larger areas CONSTRUCTION • Panels are flat in standard 1 (2.5 cm) construction, 6' (1.8 m) wide • Improved lift mechanism to raise and lower shell • Canopy folds flat for storage and is adjustable to 45, 60, 75 and 90 degree angles • All panels fit flush with no overlap shadows • No unsightly exposed fasteners • Kicker panel provides coverage within 2 (5 cm) of floor, and folds up for storage • Fully extended height is 15' 2 (4.6 m) • Canopy is 54 (137 cm) high and available in tapered or rectangular design • In storage position, unit fits through 34 (86 cm) wide by 80 (2 m) high door • Includes counterweighted base system, with no legs protruding in front of shell • Available in three solid color finishes • Units nest for storage ORDERING INFORMATION 186G181 Legacy Classic, Tapered Canopy, 434 lbs (197 kg) 186G180 Legacy Classic, Rectangular Canopy, 446 lbs (202 kg) Three solid color laminates: Oyster, Platinum and Warm Sand ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Literature available: (call or download from the web) Product and Tech Sheets Companion Products: Signature Risers, pages 40-41 Web link: Video: Go to Wenger’s YouTube channel to see setup videos of each of the three Legacy shells. The Wenger Advantage LEGACY ACOUSTICAL SHELLS Fast, Easy Operation – Legacy shells are designed for one person to set up in a short amount of time. Adjustable Canopies – Basic and Classic versions have adjustable canopies for optimizing sound reflection to the audience and performers. No Protruding Front Legs – Eliminates interference with setup and eliminates any trip hazard. Maximum Acoustical Benefit – Provides full coverage from floor to top of shell, and gives you 15% more coverage than any other portable shell on the market. 5-Year Warranty – The longest in the industry, protecting your investment. Oyster finish
  12. 12. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • ACOUSTICALEQUIPMENT Acoustical TREATMENTs 10 Performance Acoustical Treatments Working with acousticians and architects, we use our decades of expertise to identify and help engineer the right solutions to treat any acoustical problems in your audience area: hot spots where sound concentrates, dead spots music never reaches, and flutter echoes and excessive reverberation. By using a combination of ceiling clouds and acoustical panels, we’ve already helped hundreds of performing arts centers and world-class concert halls. With a call to your Wenger representative, we can do the same for you. EACH Panel IS tuned to a particular acoustical task Wenger has engineered five unique technical designs, in dozens of sizes, shapes, and diffusion angles and finish options, to yield a broad selection of acoustical panels. Wenger acoustical panels add visual appeal. You can choose from more than 48 attractive fabric colors to coordinate with other Wenger products, and complement your color scheme. Environmentally responsible Fabric made of 100% recycled material Absorber Panels Suited for a wide range of music environments. Designed to neutralize the reverberation and loudness of a room. Engineered to absorb sound across a broad frequency range for effective, balanced abatement. Type I Convex Diffuser Panels Designed to scatter and blend sound, these panels diffuse middle- to high-range frequencies that define timbre and articulation. Type II Convex Diffuser Panels Significantly larger than Type I panels, but with the same shape. In addition to sound-diffusion qualities, they selectively absorb low-frequency sound. Quadratic Ceiling Diffuser Panels Engineered to provide the most effective diffusion in the 750 Hz to 3300 Hz range. These 4' x 4' (122 cm x 122 cm) diffusers are designed as easy-to-apply ceiling in-lays. Pyramid Diffuser Panels Impact-resistant ceiling diffuser panels feature an offset pyramid shape to treat specific acoustical applications. Ceiling mounts in 4' x 4' (122 cm x 122 cm) and 2' x 2' (61 cm x 61 cm) sizes. Wall-mount in 4' x 4' (122 cm x 122 cm) only. Memphis City Schools, Memphis, Tennessee
  13. 13. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • ACOUSTICALEQUIPMENT The Wenger Advantage ACOUSTICAL PANELS Solves Acoustical Problems – Wenger understands the acoustical anomalies that negatively affect music rehearsal, such as flutter echoes, excessive loudness, clarity of sound, hotspots/dead spots, etc. Guaranteed Acoustical Performance – for music rehearsal and performance spaces. Correct Amount of Absorption and Diffusion – provides the optimum clarity of sound so every musician can hear clearly. Auralization Capability – We can simulate the reverberation of a rehearsal room in order to “hear” the effect of the proposed treatment before you purchase. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Literature available: (call or download from the web) Brochure, Tech Sheets and Fabric Samples Companion Products: Forte Acoustical Shell, pages 6-7 Web link: 11 Solving Acoustical Problems Hot spots. Dead spots. Flutter echoes. Excessive reverberation. They’re all acoustical problems that can make rehearsals nearly impossible and performances disappointing. Wenger has the acoustical products — and decades of accumulated expertise — to help you optimize the sound in performing arts centers. Call your Wenger representative to discover the acoustic quality hundreds of performance spaces are already enjoying. A great, acoustically balanced room starts with a well-thought out plan. TUNABLE ACOUSTIC PANELS The revolutionary acoustical panel that removes compromise from any room. How do you create the optimal acoustical space when performances change, or the type and size of group changes? Impossible – until now. Wenger’s new tunable panel is an innovative design that adapts its absorption and diffusion capability to create a “flexible” room acoustically. The panel changes as quickly as you can turn a handle. Turn it to the left and the panel becomes an absorber – turn it to the right, and it becomes a diffuser. It takes just seconds. The exterior shape of the panel always stays the same, providing a clean, professional appearance. USAGE A panel that can change its acoustic properties with the turn of a handle. Perfect for rehearsal space where the acoustical needs of the group change. CONSTRUCTION • Easily interchangeable for absorption or diffusion • Provides up to 0.8 seconds of change in reverberation • Provides broad range frequency absorption from 125hz to 4000hz • Face panel is constructed of a curved aluminum microperf panel, wrapped in fabric • Sides are constructed of aluminum extrusions • Top and bottom panels are constructed of ¾ (2 cm) thick laminated particleboard with 3mm edgebanding. Available in select woodgrain laminate finishes • 4' x 4' (1.2 m x 1.2 m) stackable design • Panels are available in these configurations: - Absorber/Diffuser (changeable) - Absorber Only - Diffuser Only • Some assembly required • Five-year warranty • Patent pending ORDERING INFORMATION Please call your Wenger representative so that we can first thoroughly understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate. Diffusion Mode Reflects sound waves for improved blending of sound. Absorption Mode Absorbs sound waves to lower sound level. NEW!PRODUCT
  14. 14. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • ACOUSTICALEQUIPMENT 12 SoundLok® SOUND-ISOLATIon ROOMS SoundLok® Sound-Isolation Rooms Practice can be difficult when a musician’s instrument or singing interferes with another performer who is trying to practice at the same time. In many buildings, adjoining rooms offer little or no sound isolation between them. Recording and broadcast studios need the same protection from outside noise. SoundLok offers a better solution than trying to build or re-build soundproofing into your facility. Wenger pioneered sound isolation in practice space, and we continue to use the most advanced technologies to set new standards. That’s why we can guarantee the performance of our sound-isolation practice rooms. Our modular rooms offer a clean, attractive look with closure panels for a seamless installation. And each room is relocat- able — so you can move it down the hall or across town as your facility needs change. USAGE Sound-isolation individual or group practice and teaching studios CONSTRUCTION/OPTIONS • Clean, professional 4 (10 cm) thick steel wall and ceiling panels are filled with high-grade acoustical insulation • Rails, channels, and corner pieces interlock panels at the floor and ceiling with double-seated-gasketed seams • 3' wide door with glass-panel allows easy monitoring, personal security, and inviting ambiance • Room heights (interior) available in 6 (15 cm) increments from 7'6 - 10' (2.3 - 3 m) • Door Options: 3’ (91 cm) standard; 4’ (122 cm) door for large instruments; double door for grand piano • Vertical window panels available • Horizontal broadcast application window available • Choice of fan unit or direct HVAC connection to building system • Extra-capacity raceway for communications and network cabling • Floating floor available for even greater sound isolation • Available in three exterior colors Ordering information Many sizes and options available. Please call your Wenger representative for consultation. An optional computer shelf provides a useful work- space. Folds closed and locks when not in use. Warm Sand Vanilla Oyster WALL  CEILING PANEL COLORS: The redesigned door has an improved acoustical STC rating. Optional built-in Korg metronome/ tuner. Mounts to wall wherever you want it. Rhythm! Discovery Center, Indianapolis, Indiana VAE® Technology For realistic acoustical simulations at the push of a button, see next page Sleek, low-profile fluorescent lights provide better lighting and reduce shadows.
  15. 15. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • ACOUSTICALEQUIPMENT 13 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Literature available: (call or download from the web) Brochure, Cost Comparisons, Product and Tech Sheets Companion Products: Music Stands pages 32-33 Web link: The Wenger Advantage SOUNDLOK SOUND-ISOLATION ROOMS Superior Sound Isolation – Wenger guarantees sound isolation that’s 25% quieter than any other room on the market. Room is Properly Tuned – The correct amount of absorption and diffusion is built-in so the musician can clearly hear the best possible sound. Competitively Priced – Costs 10% less on average when compared to a properly-constructed stick-built practice room.* Relocatable and Modular – Each room can be relocated or resized as future program needs grow. Virtual Acoustics Option – Allows the musician to learn how to adapt to performing in different performance spaces and get immediate feedback with record/playback. * Independent cost study available. VAE® TECHNOLOGY Nine Virtual Acoustical Environments Our incredible Virtual Acoustical Environment (VAE) technology can duplicate the acoustics of a broad range of performance venues — from a large recital hall to a cathedral to a small auditorium. • That means your performance preparation is going to move to an unprecedented level • Changing from one preset acoustic environment to another is as quick and easy as pressing a button Record and Playback Equipped VAE technology now features built-in digital recording and play- back, which dramatically enhances the educational value of the VAE system. VAE will: • Provide the ability to upload music files or download practice sessions to a computer or other recording device. • Enable musicians to practice with uploaded accompaniments and other pre-recorded pieces. Capable of record and playback of 9 sessions for one hour of total length. USB connection for uploading and downloading recorded programs. Presets for 9 distinct virtual acoustical environments: - Practice Room - Baroque Room - Medium Recital Hall - Large Recital Hall - Small Auditorium - Medium Auditorium - Large Auditorium - Cathedral - Arena CONNECT TO YOUR LAPTOP A USB connection to your computer or laptop makes it easy to upload accompaniments or download practice sessions. CONVENIENT FOOT SWITCH The optional foot switch provides hands-free record and playback from anywhere in the room. Mini stereo output jack for real-time recording. USAGE Practice in virtual acoustical environments with the added benefit of record and playback capabilities PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS • Installed by expert Wenger technicians • Works in conjunction with Wenger’s SoundLok® Sound-Isolation Rooms (see previous page) • Designed and built using high-quality electronic components • Nine built-in acoustical environments • Record and playback capabilities CONSTRUCTION • UL® -classified room electrical system • Aesthetically pleasing composite material walls • 2 microphones, 8 custom-designed speakers ORDERING INFORMATION Please call your Wenger representative for consultation VAE® Technology (Virtual Acoustical Environment)  VAE technology in a Wenger SoundLok® Sound-Isolation Practice Room puts your performance venue at the forefront with the latest state-of-the-art music practice technology. VAE technology now offers more realistic acoustical simulations, creating the sensation of being enveloped by the sound and enabling musicians to hear themselves in various performance venues. Connection for optional foot controller that allows for hands-free operation.
  16. 16. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • ACOUSTICALEQUIPMENT VAE® TECHNOLOGY 14 BlackPearl “The VAE practice rooms are awesome – the technology is easy to work with and sounds very realistic. It gives me a better concept of how I actually sound, including tone production and whether I’m being efficient with my air. The sound isolation is also great.” – Sergeant Steven Kemp, Tuba Player 257th Army Band, Washington, D.C. VAE®  PRACTICE VAE Practice is the solution for individual or small groups of musicians and vocalists. Built into Wenger SoundLok® Sound-Isolation Rooms, VAE Practice lets you develop the beauty of your instrument or voice in an effective – and inspiring – environment. Like a metronome, you set VAE to master a particular task. Pick a concert hall to prepare for an upcoming solo. A dry room to compare how your articulation is affected. A spacious room for breath support. It’s your choice. VAE incorporates the latest state-of-the-art music practice technology. VAE technology now offers more realistic acoustical simulations, creating the sensation of being enveloped by the sound and enabling musicians to hear themselves in various performance venues. ORDERING INFORMATION Please call your Wenger representative for consultation Studio VAE®  Technology  Now you can install the VAE technology into a private studio or existing built-in practice room in an affordable, easy-to-install package. The Studio VAE Technology includes the same basic features: • 9 choices of performance spaces, ranging from practice room to arena • Record/playback capability to provide instant feedback • Upload/download capability to record a practice session or upload accompaniments The Studio VAE Technology includes the following components: • VAE digital processor (placed on a table/shelf, or may be rack-mounted) • Four speakers with fabric covers (placed in each corner of the room at ceiling) • Two microphone wall absorber panels (1' x 2' x 3 thick) (30 cm x 61 cm x 7.6 cm) • VAE control panel pedestal • Control panel cable, speaker wire, cable connectors and wire mold kit for complete installation Note: Recommended for rooms up to 200 square feet (18.6 square meters) ORDERING INFORMATION Please call your Wenger representative for consultation The Wenger Advantage VAE® TECHNOLOGY Nine Performance Environments – The musician can practice in a broad range of performance environments, rang- ing from a small recital hall to a cathedral. Record/Playback Capability – Record your practice session and get immediate feedback during your session. Or record your session and take it to your next lesson for review. Upload Capability – Upload accom- paniments to practice with the rest of the group while in your practice session.
  17. 17. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • ACOUSTICALEQUIPMENT VAE® TECHNOLOGY ACOUSTICAL DOORS 15 The Wenger Advantage PRE-ENGINEERED ACOUSTICAL DOORS Superior Sound Isolation – Every door is pre-engi- neered to make it easy to install and to provide minimum sound leakage, rather than relying on a contractor to assemble a “door kit.” Continuous Cam Lift Hinge – A continuous cam lift hinge eliminates pinch points and provides a solid seal at the bottom of the door for maximum sound isolation. Teflon-coated Sweep Seal – Allows door to close easier with stainless steel sill plate and creates a tight seal for maximum sound isolation. Split Frame Design – Provides superior installation and dependable performance. Solid Accent Window Full Window Double Doors with Full Windows Pre-Engineered Acoustical Doors Wenger engineers and acoustical experts have created an acoustical door that provides superior sound isolation. It’s an advanced split-frame design that accommodates virtually any wall thickness so every Wenger acoustical door fits perfectly. After all, even a small gap or imperfec- tion can create enormous acoustical problems. Because our doors are pre-engineered, you’ll be assured a high-integrity installation. USAGE Superior sound isolation for your rehearsal spaces CONSTRUCTION • Minimizes sound leakage outside of room to surrounding environments • Continuous cam-lift hinge improves sound isolation and eliminates pinch points • Superior Teflon® -coated sweep-seal and stainless steel sill plate allows door to close easier and create a better seal • Split-frame design provides superior installation and dependable performance • Most doors with 1-hour UL® fire rating • Durable, maintenance-free hinges up to 100,000 cycles • Standard mortise pocket for easy leverset installation • Door widths: 3' (91 cm), 3½' (107 cm), 4' (122 cm), and 6' (1.8 m) double door with removable mullion • Installs in wall thicknesses 4½ (11 cm) to 12½ (32 cm) ORDERING INFORMATION Pre-Engineered Acoustical Doors come in a variety of configurations and sizes. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can first thoroughly understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate. VAE®  REHEARSAL SYSTEM  Wenger’s new VAE technology for your rehearsal room uses highly advanced active acoustics to simulate nine different acoustic environments – at the touch of a button. We can even custom program any of the nine presets to simulate other acoustic environments of your choosing, even one that simulates a specific performance venue. • Allows entire ensemble as a whole to simulate practice in a performance environment. • Record/playback capability to provide instant feedback • Upload/download capability to record a practice session or upload accompaniments ORDERING INFORMATION Please call your Wenger representative for consultation NEW!PRO D U C T QR CODE Snap this QR code to view our VAE Rehearsal installation at Wayzata High School in Minnesota. The video includes comments from Mark Gitch, Wayzata’s Orchestra Director.
  18. 18. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • THEATRE FIXED AUDIENCE SEATING 16 Shhhhhhh. Any sound from the audience can be a distraction during a performance – and that includes loud seats. Wenger designed a dual spring plus damper driven lifting mechanism for whisper quiet operation. Seat and aisle number plates Aisle Lighting Pressed Wood for durability and a smooth attractive finish. Upholstery That Lasts High-quality upholstery and stitching with fewer seams provides the ultimate in durability and comfort. A better Seat Our rounded waterfall front seat cushion promotes better leg circulation and the back cushion encourages a natural lumbar curve to help maintain comfort throughout the performance. Donor Plates Get On A Roll Movable seats are equipped with a wheel bracket so they can be easily rolled into place when needed. A simple release pedal can engage and disengage the wheels. Color Palette dozens of fabric and wood colors to choose from. The Boston Conservatory, Boston, Massachusetts Quiet
  19. 19. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • THEATRE The Wenger Advantage FIXED AUDIENCE SEATING Rounded Waterfall Front – promotes better leg circulation and encourages a natural lumbar curve to help maintain comfort throughout the performance. High-quality upholstery and stitching – with fewer seams provide the ultimate in durability and comfort Extremely Quiet Operation – Wenger’s proprietary dual spring plus damper design ensures that seats don’t spring up loudly when audience members stand up. Customized Solutions – We’ll work with you to quickly create almost any seat you can dream of – beautiful, functional and comfortable. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Literature available: (call or download from the web) Brochure, Technical Sheets, Color Samples Companion Products: Diva Full-Stage Acoustical Shell, pages 4-5 Web link: 17 Series 100 The most economical solution for fixed audience seating that combines lasting comfort with attractive styling. Series 200 CUSTOM DESIGN Handcrafted seats with fine wood finishes and premium fabrics. Work with Wenger designers to come up with a custom design that fits your preferences. USAGE Provides performance facilities with an exquisite new combination of quiet durability, lasting comfort, and superb aesthetics CONSTRUCTION • Ergonomic design provides the ultimate comfort while keeping audiences engaged in the performance • Rounded waterfall front seat cushion promotes better leg circulation and back cushion encourages a natural lumbar curve • High-quality upholstery and stitching with fewer seams • Proprietary dual spring and damper driven lifting mechanism for extremely quiet operation “Everyone’s raved about the Wenger seating – both the comfort level and attractiveness. We love them! We evaluated seating from five manufacturers and Wenger was our unanimous choice.” – Dr. Tracy Doyle, Music Department Chair, Adams State College, Alamosa, Colorado Adams State College, Alamosa, Colorado • High-end pressed wood seat bottoms, backs, and end panels for durability and aesthetics • Wood arm rests with smooth finishes for lasting good looks and all-performance comfort • Automatic self-rise seat for easier access and exit • Widths from 19 (48.2 cm) through 23 (58.4 cm) • A wide range of stain-resistant upholstery fabrics and patterns • A wide variety of premium quality veneers and stain finishes • ADA compliant • Accessories include aisle lighting; seat and aisle number plates; donor plates; individual seats for Special Needs companion seating, equipped with a wheel bracket for easy placement and simple release pedal to engage/disengage wheels ORDERING INFORMATION Fixed Audience Chairs come in a wide variety of configurations, colors and sizes. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can under- stand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment. Fixed Audience Seating Audiences can be noisy enough without seats adding to the distraction. Fixed audience seating from Wenger has been designed with an extremely efficient and quiet lifting mechanism that eliminates noise distractions throughout the performance. True to the Wenger tradition, seats are handcrafted and ergonomically designed to provide superior comfort and an attractive appearance for years and years. These will likely be the most comfortable audience seats you have ever experienced. And, if you’re looking for a specific custom solution, we have a team of experts ready to assist in making your dream a reality.
  20. 20. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • THEATRE 18 PORTABLE AUDIENCE CHAIRS Portable Audience Chairs A flexible alternative to fixed audience seating that can quickly adapt to a wide variety of seating configurations. These chairs combine all the features you would expect from a luxury theatre chair at a price that’s affordable. Comes in Standard or Premier styles and double and triple configurations. USAGE Sturdy audience seating you can reconfigure to multiple configurations CONSTRUCTION • Stable freestanding design that can be floor-mounted if desired • Extra comfortable with thick padding • Fine upholstery with classic styling • Reliable automatic spring-return seat mechanism • Premier Audience Chair features finished hardwood on back, bottom and arm rests for an elegant appearance • Folded seat extends 20 (51 cm); unfolded seat extends just 26 (66 cm) • Standard chair dimensions: 32 high x 21-26 wide (81 cm x 53-66 cm) in 1-inch increments • Premier chair available in 23 (58 cm) wide • Five-year warranty • Available in Sherpa and Shire fabric colors Please call for color samples ORDERING INFORMATION Portable Audience Chairs come in a wide variety of configurations, colors and sizes. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can under- stand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment. Standard Portable Audience Chair Premier Portable Audience Chair Donor plates and seat number plates are a nice addition to your Portable Audience seating. Audience Chair Move Store Carts make setup and takedown faster and more efficient. Use them to easily move the chairs anywhere in your facility. (24 single chairs per cart.) Dust cover available as well. Options: Audience Chairs can be fitted with drink holders. Double and Triple Standard Portable Audience Chairs are available Coastal Carolina University, Conway, South Carolina Luther College, Decorah, Iowa
  21. 21. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • THEATRE 19 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Literature available: (call or download from the web) Product Sheets,Tech Sheets and Color Samples Companion Products: Web link: High-Density Portable Audience Chairs by Clarin® This strong, durable folding portable audience seating won’t leave marks on theatre or auditorium floors. You can use them anywhere. The special X-frame construction prolongs the life of the chair and provides even weight distribution for enhanced comfort. The exclusive Duraflex action assures level seating on uneven surfaces — and the chair frame automatically returns to its original shape. USAGE Portable audience seating that’s easy to fold and store CONSTRUCTION • Double tube and channel frame provides strength, durability and flexibility • 1½ (3.8 cm) upholstered seat cushion • 7/8 (2.2 cm) upholstered back cushion • Lobe screws make seat backs virtually tamper-proof • X-frame construction prolongs chair life and enhances comfort • Duraflex action assures level seating on uneven surfaces • Chair frame always returns to original shape • Chair Width — 18 (46 cm) or 19½ (49.5 cm) (add 2¼ (5.7 cm) per arm) • Seat Depth — 21¾ (55 cm) • Seat Height — 17¾ (45 cm) • Seat Width — 18¼ (46 cm) • Chair Height — 31¾ (81 cm) • Weight — 16 lbs (7.2 kg) • Available Options: Without arms, One-arm, Two-arm, ganging brackets, move and store cart, auto seat uplift, cupholder ORDERING INFORMATION High-Density Portable Audience Chairs come in a wide variety of configurations and sizes. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment. by Upper Deck Audience Tiered Risers, pages 20-21 Move and Store Cart available Locking chairs together in a row is a simple task. Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Los Angeles, California
  22. 22. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • THEATRE 20 UPPER DECK AUDIENCE SEATING® TIERED RISERS Standard Natural Tempered Hardboard Heavy Duty Surface Black (Quadripple) Standard Surface Black (Moroccan) Upper Deck Audience Seating tiered risers are available with three deck surface choices. USAGE If you have a black box theatre or flexible performance space, this is the perfect seating system for you CONSTRUCTION • Fast, easy and safe to install and reconfigure with user-friendly assembly • Meets building code standards for grandstand seating, including guard rails and hand rails • Decks are built with integrated chair stops for another level of safety and security Upper Deck Audience Seating® Tiered Risers The folding frame and innovative design allow you to easily change seating configurations based on the layout of the performance. Four people can install seating for 200 in about two hours. Taking it down takes even less time. And the Upper Deck system is available with corner sections for better sight lines, improved traffic flow and greater seating capacity. • Exceeds a uniform vertical load of 100 psf (488 kg/m2 ) and side load criteria for states with seismic loading requirements • Patented design • Simple innovative design with welded steel construction • Available rise (elevation change between tiers): 4-24 (10 cm – 61 cm) in 1 (2.5 cm) increments • Maximum deck elevation: 10' (305 cm) • Two standard deck depths: 3' (91 cm) and 4' (122 cm) • Deck lengths are available from 4' (122 cm) to 8' (244 cm) in 1' (30.5 cm) increments • Leveling feet on all columns adjustable up to 4 (10 cm) • Corner sections are available to create 45° and 90° angles • Standard or custom stairways available • Available in different configurations. (Architectural specifications are available from your Wenger representative.) ORDERING INFORMATION Upper Deck Audience Seating Tiered Risers come in a wide variety of configurations and sizes. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment. Minnesota State University, Mankato, Minnesota
  23. 23. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • THEATRE 21 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Literature available: (call or download from the web) Product Sheet, Tech Sheet, and DVD Companion Products: Portable Audience Chairs, pages 18-19 The Wenger Advantage UPPER DECK AUDIENCE SEATING TIERED RISERS User-Friendly – Fast, easy and safe to install and reconfigure. Meets Building Code Standards for grandstand seating, including guard rails and hand rails. Patented design – Unique Wenger design is ideal for black box theatres. Safety – Exceeds a uniform vertical load of 100 psf (488 kg/m2 ) and side load criteria for states with seismic loading requirements. Decks are built with integrated chair stops for another level of safety and security. Perfect for black box theatres, Upper Deck Audience Seating tiered risers give you versatile audience seating when you need it, and the ability to easily dismantle or retract it when you don’t. After the base structure is assembled, decks are easily set into position with a convenient lowering tool that prevents back strain. The innovative erector-set design meets all building code standards for grandstand seating and offers ample open space underneath. Upper Deck Corner Sections Now you can maximize seating and improve sight lines all with previously unusable space. These innovative sections extend Upper Deck value with an easy, straightforward setup that fits in any corner. OPTIMIZE SPACE – fold up or store Wenger has a well-earned reputation for simplifying installation and making storage more convenient. The decks and rails can be removed in order to fold the frame “accordion-style” against a wall... Power Leveling Power-leveling system features fabricated steel-gear-drive construction for quick and easy leveling of the frame assembly with a drill-mount attachment. It’s also a convenient way to lower the frame assembly on the wheel system. (Note: requires a power drill, not included.) Accordian-Style Folding With its fold-out frame, the Upper Deck Audience Seating system doesn’t have to be completely disassembled to take it down. Just remove the decks and rails and fold it flat against the wall. Web link: QR Code: Snap this QR code to view our Upper Deck demo video on YouTube! ...Or for storage, our Move Store Carts facilitate both ends of the job. When you’re ready to take your risers down, place each component on its dedicated cart as you strike the setup. Then just roll the carts into a corner or against the wall until you want to use them again. Additional high-density storage carts are available for all Upper Deck components. Deck Cart
  24. 24. 800.4WENGER (800.493.6437) • THEATRE MAKEUP STATIONS 22 Studio® Makeup Station Now you can have a professional makeup station in your facility. Mounts into wall studs or masonry at any height; hard-wires to the room’s electrical system; and allows two adjacent stations to share one light column. Backstage® Makeup Station Do makeup anywhere you can find a tabletop. This convenient, portable station is designed to provide even, shadow-free lighting. Large head- to-shoulders mirror makes it easy to achieve great results in a small space. usage Durable, functional makeup station that’s bright and sturdy Construction • Light columns give performers clean, shadow-proof illumination • Curved countertop allows you to lean in just 15 (38 cm) from mirror • Recessed tray and overhead shelf for additional storage space • Steel-laminated construction keeps the mirror from curving or splintering • Medium-density fiberboard with stain-resistant, matte-white laminate • Countertop is rated for 300 lbs (136 kg) • Wall-mounting bracket has multiple holes for alignment with wall frame studs; also mounts to masonry walls • Permanently mounted 3 /16 (5 mm) diameter steel wire light bulb cages. • UL® -listed. Meets NEC (National Electric Code) requirements • A registered electrician must prepare the site Dimensions • 30 Model includes 30w (76 cm) x 20d (51 cm) counter and 22 x 28 (56 cm x 71 cm) mirror • 36 Model includes 36w (92 cm) x 20d (51 cm) counter and 28 x 28 (71 cm x 71 cm) mirror • Concave counter measures 15 (38 cm) from counter edge to mirror ORDERING INFORMATION 187A007 36 9-Light Studio Makeup Station, 80 lbs (36 kg) 187A008 36 6-Light Studio Makeup Station, 75 lbs (34 kg) 187A009 30 8-Light Studio Makeup Station, 72 lbs (33 kg) 187A010 30 5-Light Studio Makeup Station, 70 lbs (32 kg) 187A013 Optional Drawer, 14 lbs (6.3 kg) 187A012 Optional Basket, 4 lbs (1.8 kg) Shown with optional drawer and basket Optional dust cover usage Portable, sturdy, well-balanced station that sets anywhere Construction • Weighs just 35 lbs (16 kg) and can be carried by one person • Sets up easily and multiple stations nest together for compact storage • Durable steel frame doubles as carrying handle • Steel frame and unique aluminum light housing surround the mirror • Single outlet and rocker switch combination with built-in GFCI protection; unit plugs into a standard 110 outlet. Requires converter for international use • Auxiliary power outlet operates with lights off • Permanently mounted 3 /16 (5 mm) diameter steel wire light bulb cages • UL® -listed. Meets NEC (National Electric Code) requirements Dimensions • Overall - 33w x 33¼h x 93 /8d (84 cm x 85 cm x 24 cm) • Mirror – 20¾w x 22¾h (53 cm x 58 cm) ORDERING INFORMATION 187A011 Backstage Makeup Station, 35 lbs (16 kg) 187A021 Dust Cover, 4 lbs (1.8 kg) Tennessee Theatre, Knoxville, Tennessee