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Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Loans


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A copy of the application for a commercial or industrial energy efficiency loan in Webster City, Iowa. Loans are available up to $50,000 with 0% interest and a 12 month term.

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Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Loans

  1. 1. Webster City Electric Utility C&I Energy Efficiency Loan ProgramCommercial & Industrial Accounts Only Date of ApplicationCustomer Account NumberCustomer ____________________________________________Address Zip CodeContact TitlePhone EmailSignature DateProject Name & Description Attachment Y NScheduled Project Start Date Date of Completion Project Budget Financial CommitmentsMaterials $ Company $Labor $ Bank $Other $ Other $Total $ Total $ Project Budget Less Commitments $ Less Applicable City/Cornbelt Rebates $ (Applies to Materials Only) Total City Loan Request $ (Applies to Materials Only) This Project May Qualify for an Energy Efficiency Rebate, Please Contact Webster City Economic Development Prior to Completing Budget Collateral Required for Loans Exceeding $5,000 for Commercial projects and $10,000 for Industrial ProjectsDescription of Collateral to be Provided:Contractor PhoneAddress EmailLicense #Energy Management Engineer (if applicable)AddressPhoneEmail Estimated Energy Savings (Attach Verifications, Calculations and Other Supporting Documents)KW Demand Summer Projected Annual kWh SavingsKW Demand Winter Estimated Annual Savings $ FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Reviewed By Date Council Approval Date Release of Funds _____________________________________ _________ _________________ _________ Authorized By _____________ UCC Financing Statement ( ) Y ( ) N Collateral in Place ( ) Y ( ) NComments ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________