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Shovel Ready Industrial Sites


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A short presentation on three shovel ready industrial sites in Webster City, Iowa. Includes site information, workforce data, permit information, utility capacities and cost estimates, incentives, and even a link to a virtual building tour.

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Shovel Ready Industrial Sites

  1. 1. Webster City, Iowa Shovel Ready Industrial Sites March 2012
  2. 2. Table of Contents Contact Us David Toyer Economic Developer Webster City Economic Development PO Box 217 Webster City, Iowa 50595 515-832-9151 (o) 425-344-1523 (c)
  3. 3. Table of Contents• Contact Us• Shovel Ready Sites Map• Utilities Map• Site Information• Zoning & Permitting• Transportation• Taxes• Workforce & Employment• Utilities • Electric • Water • Sewer • Natural Gas• IncentivesSpecial Features• Virtual Industrial Building
  4. 4. Contact Us Table of Contents Lot 2: Virtual Building Shovel Ready Industrial Sites
  5. 5. Contact Us Table of Contents Lot 2: Virtual Building Served by Municipal Utilities
  6. 6. Contact Us Table of Contents Site Information, Part 1 Site Name(s) SE Development Park Lot 1 SE Development Park Lot 2 SE Development Park Lot 5 Site Address Commerce Drive/E. Commerce Drive General Site Description Shovel ready lots located in an industrial park that fronts a four lane divided highway (Highway 20) Site Owner City of Webster City, Iowa Price Per Acre $10,000 Acres Lot 1 2.11 acres Lot 2 4.72 acres Lot 3 3.86 acres
  7. 7. Contact Us Table of Contents Site Information, Part 2 Total Land Price Lot 1 $21,100 Lot 2 $47,200 Lot 5 $38,600 Approximate Lot Dimensions Lot 1 231’ x 398’ Lot 2 419’ x 512’ Lot 5 240’ x 700’ Topography Lot 1 flat Lot 2 3% slope Lot 5 1-3% slopes Phase I Environmental Completed No Within 100 Year Flood Plain No
  8. 8. Contact Us Table of Contents Site Information, Part 3 Easements or Impediments None that we are aware of at this time History of Hazardous Materials or We have no knowledge of any Contaminants on Site? Liquefaction Zone No Existing Structures on Site(s) No Covenants, Codes or Restrictions Yes. We can make available upon request Current Use Vacant Lot Previous Use Farmland Surrounding Uses Plastics manufacturing, rare breed bird hatchery, machine shop, RV sales, concrete plant, self storage, hotel
  9. 9. Contact Us Table of Contents Zoning & Permitting Current Zoning M1 – Light Industrial Allowable Uses (abbreviated list) Assembly plant, warehousing, manufacturing (wood, tools, metal, food) Estimated Time for Zoning Changes Not applicable if use is consistent with the M1 zone Site Plan Review Plans typically reviewed in 7 to 10 business days Building, Mechanical, Electrical & Permits typically issued within 5-7 Plumbing Plans & Permits business days Existing Codes 2011 National Electric Code, 2009 Building Code, 2009 Mechanical Code, 2009 Plumbing Code
  10. 10. Contact Us Table of Contents Transportation Access Road(s) Commerce Drive Closest Interstate (Name & Distance) Interstate 35 13 miles Closest Divided Four Lane Highway Highway 20 (Name & Distance) 0.75 miles Commercial Air Service Fort Dodge Regional Airport 26 miles West of Webster City Daily Flights to Minneapolis Rail Access None Anticipated Developer Road Costs None
  11. 11. Contact Us Table of Contents Taxes Income Tax Rates First $25,000 of income – 6% $25,001 - $100,000 – 8% $100,001 – 250,000 – 10% Over $250,000 of income – 12% Income Tax Apportionment Single factor, non-unitary formula based solely on profits from Iowa sales. No throwbacks. Sales and Service Taxes State – 6% Local Option – 1% *Sales tax on utilities used for the purpose of manufacturing may be exemptable Inventory Tax None. Raw goods, saleable goods and good in process are not taxed
  12. 12. Contact Us Table of Contents Taxes, Part 2 Equipment Property Tax No personal property tax in Iowa. Industrial machinery, equipment and computers are considered personal property and are specifically exempt Corporate Excise Tax None Local Payroll Tax None. Any state personal income taxes are withheld from a company’s payroll, as is the case with federal personal income tax withholding Unemployment Insurance Tax For 2012, the new employer unemployment insurance tax is 1.5% on the first $25,300 in wages
  13. 13. Contact Us Table of Contents Taxes, Part 3 Sales and Use Tax Rate – Construction If your project qualifies for either the Enterprise Zone or State High Quality Jobs Program, you’d be eligible for a rebate of the 6% state sales tax on construction of improvements to your site Real Property Tax Rate 39.50148 per $1000 in assessed value Personal Property Tax Rate None Franchise Tax This applies solely to financial institutions
  14. 14. Contact Us Table of Contents Workforce & Employment Potential Laborforce 84,654 Population Within 60 Minute Drive +200,000 Unemployment Rate (County) 9.5% (December 2011) Number of Workers with Transferable Advanced Manufacturing – 20,903 Skills & Experience Plastics Manufacturing – 14,128 Distribution/Logistics – 11,479 Average Wages Please click on labor characteristics reports (below) for details on workforce, wages and proximity Labor Characteristic Reports (Links) Advanced Manufacturing Plastic Manufacturing Logistics and Distribution
  15. 15. Contact Us Table of Contents Electric Utility Provider Webster City Municipal Current Available Load at Location 11 megawatts (MW) System Expandable Yes Existing Service Available 13.2 kV underground with 3 phase Basic Detail City has three 20 MW substations and a 20MW backup generator for emergencies Generation Make Up 68.8% - coal 8.3% - natural gas 1.7% - nuclear 2.6% - oil, diesel or jet fuel 1.1% - recovered energy 16.5% - wind
  16. 16. Contact Us Table of Contents Electric Utility, Part 2 Electric Rates Depending on monthly usage, your project is likely to fall under either the General Service Rate or Industrial Rate. Estimated Cents Per kWh $0.079 Business Development Programs Energy Efficiency Rebate Program Energy Efficiency Loan Program Business Services Annual Thermography Efficiency Reviews Audits & Demand Analysis Contact David Toyer, Economic Developer 515-832-9151
  17. 17. Contact Us Table of Contents Water Utility Provider Webster City Municipal Water Line & Distance from Site 8” main in north frontage Approximate Water Pressure Hydrant 439 has static pressure of 70 psi and can supply water at 1300 gpm Water Cost (per 1000 gallons) $6.96 Water Rate Structure Base monthly charge and volume charges based on three tiers of usage.
  18. 18. Contact Us Table of Contents Water Utility, Part 2 Water Connection Fee Yes. Based on 8” service line (required if building is sprinkled) would cost $37,968.75. Estimated System Capacity Available 2 million gallons per day Local Contact David Toyer, Economic Developer 515-832-9151
  19. 19. Contact Us Table of Contents Sewer Utility Provider Webster City Municipal Sewer Main Size & Distance from Site 12” main located in south frontage of Commerce Drive Cost Per (1000 gallons) $4.59 Rate Structure Base monthly charge and usage charges by volume of water used Connection Charge Yes, it’s included as part of water connection fee Estimated System Capacity Available 1.5 million gallons per day Local Contact David Toyer, Economic Developer 515-832-9151
  20. 20. Contact Us Table of Contents Natural Gas Provider Black Hills Energy Line Size & Distance to Site Located nearby and could be extended Pressure 75 PSI Cost Estimate We will work with Black Hills Energy to develop a cost estimate based on the usage information you provide Local Contact Justin Jones 515-832-1975 Extension 4
  21. 21. Contact Us Table of Contents Incentives Incentives We will work with you to evaluate available incentives, including but not limited to: • Loans • Forgivable loans • Job training funds • Tax credits More Information Visit Our Financial Incentives Page