Global digital marketing KPIs infographic


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Research from the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and Warc has highlighted the changes that brands face in dealing with the torrent of data being generated by digital channels.

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Global digital marketing KPIs infographic

  1. 1. DIGITAL KPIs: Marketers seek data simplicity New research from the World Federation RESPONDENTS of Advertisers (WFA) and Warc has highlighted the changes that brands face Senior marketers with global in dealing with the torrent of data being or regional responsibilities generated by digital channels. Senior marketers fear they will drown in data and as a result, are looking for ways to simplify the number of key performance indicators they monitor. 36% 4% 14% 46% NEW PLATFORMS Across your brand portfolio, what is the average number of digital KPIs Respondents’ top 5 priorities you will measure? for the 12 months to come 60% 1 Mobile marketing 50% 40% 2 E-commerce website 30% 20% 56% 3 Email 10% 24% 0% 12% 8% 4 Facebook 0% 5 Branded online content <5 5-10 10-15 16-20 <20 DIGITAL KPIs PAID, OWNED % MOST TRACKED & EARNED MEDIA % 41 37 Activity 68% % (requests/registrations) Now use a 34 plan to adopt this language % Direct visits/ 35 visitors to website to classify their digital performance Clicks % 30 General brand metrics (awareness etc) TOP TIPS % 44 % 28 Dwell time For setting up a successful online % measurement framework: 44 Bounce rate Avoid KPI silos: KPIs should be driven Reach by the brand’s overall marketing and business % 32 objectives. Engagement activity % 33 Brand loyal metrics Beware death No. of conversations by dashboard: /registrations Carefully Aim for a single vet your dashboard social media with real time tools: not all updates and key suppliers are measures to created equal! translate dataThe research was based on responses from25 companies across 11 categories. Respondents into an easy tohad responsibility for approximately US$35 billion use marketing spend. About WFA About Warc WFA is the only global organization Warc provides trends analysis, case representing the common interests studies and new thinking on brand strategy of marketers. to insights teams in more than 100 countries worldwide.