Meet	  the	  Presenters	  •    Nate	  Romance	  –	  ExactTarget	  •    Jai	  Williams	  –	  Strongmail	  •    Dave	  Hendr...
Session	  Format	  4	  mini	  debates	  on	  cross	  channel	  topics	  One	  ‘Pro’	  and	  one	  ‘Con’	  Argument	  per	 ...
Debate	  Topic	  #1	  Leveraging	  Facebook	  Connect	  as	  opt-­‐in	  an	  effecFve	  process	  for	  list	  growth	  and...
Pro	  Facebook	  Connect	  •    A	  way	  to	  extend	  acquisiFon	  cross-­‐channel	  •    Allows	  ease	  of	  access	  ...
Pro	  Facebook	  Connect	  •  Facilitates	  creaFng	  brand	  advocates	  /	  Word	  of	     mouth	  markeFng	  •  Unique	...
Con	  Facebook	  Connect	  
Con	  Facebook	  Connect	  •  “Subscribers	  Rule”	  	  •  Facebook	  Connect	  acquired	  users	  ARE	  NOT	     SUBSCRIB...
Con	  Facebook	  Connect	  •  Explicit	  consent	  from	  your	  subscribers	  creates	     value	  •  Facebook	  Connect	...
Debate	  Topic	  #2	  The	  tablet	  is	  a	  unique	  experience	  and	  should	  be	  treated	  as	  a	  separate	  chan...
Pro	  Tablet	  as	  a	  DisFnct	  Channel	  •  There	  are	  three	  disFnct	  experiences	  now	  in	     email	  –	  sho...
BROWSER BY AGE & CTR*based on 1 billion opens
Con	  Tablet	  as	  a	  Unique	  Channel	  •  When	  is	  tablet	  the	  ‘first	  screen’?	  •  How	  does	  the	  tablet	 ...
Con	  Tablet	  as	  a	  Unique	  Channel	  
Debate	  Topic	  #3	  •  Over	  the	  last	  4	  years,	  the	  industry	  has	  seen	  an	     introducFon	  to	  pla_orm...
Pro	  Sponsored	  Tweets/Posts	  •  Provides	  quick,	  value-­‐added	  snippets	  or	     product	  updates	  •  Daily	  ...
Pro	  Sponsored	  Tweets/Posts	  •    Are	  cognizant	  of	  brand	  reputaFon	  •    Transparent	  and	  offer	  full	  di...
Con	  Sponsored	  Tweets/Posts	  •  Social	  media	  is	  about	  engagement	  •  AuthenFcity	  drives	  engagement	  •  A...
Con	  Sponsored	  Tweets/Posts	                         One	  of	  our	                         most	  Engaging	          ...
Debate	  Topic	  #4	  360	  by	  2020:	  A	  360	  View	  of	  your	  customers	  will	  be	  achievable	  by	  the	  year...
Pro	  360	  •  Seven	  years	  is	  a	  long	  Fme	  •  We	  all	  buy	  into	  the	  vision	  •  M&A	  acFvity	  is	  mov...
Pro	  360	  by	  2020	  
Con	  360	  by	  2020	  •  Not	  a	  technology	  problem	  •  Obstacles:	  	  Fme,	  money,	  legacy	  systems	  •  Gartn...
Con	  360	  by	  2020	  
“What are the top three greatest challenges you experience with your current cross                                        ...
Thank	  You!	  
EEC 2013: Segmentation Strategies Across Channels
EEC 2013: Segmentation Strategies Across Channels
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EEC 2013: Segmentation Strategies Across Channels


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We are currently undergoing a radical shift in the delivery of information. As the recipients of today strive for more and more information, they demand to have it THEIR way, as in THEIR media. They require branded content and context; they seek to define the delivery media of their choice; and they want both privacy protection and the benefits of data driven marketing. Learn how to strategically use segmentation strategies to engage and empower your subscribers across channels.

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EEC 2013: Segmentation Strategies Across Channels

  1. 1. Meet  the  Presenters  •  Nate  Romance  –  ExactTarget  •  Jai  Williams  –  Strongmail  •  Dave  Hendricks  –  Live  Intent  •  Dwight  Sholes  –  Travel  Impressions/American   Express  VacaFons  
  2. 2. Session  Format  4  mini  debates  on  cross  channel  topics  One  ‘Pro’  and  one  ‘Con’  Argument  per  topic  
  3. 3. Debate  Topic  #1  Leveraging  Facebook  Connect  as  opt-­‐in  an  effecFve  process  for  list  growth  and  engagement  across  channels  
  4. 4. Pro  Facebook  Connect  •  A  way  to  extend  acquisiFon  cross-­‐channel  •  Allows  ease  of  access  into  the  social  realm  •  Saves  Fme  •  Allows  for  user  interacFon  from  a  larger  source    
  5. 5. Pro  Facebook  Connect  •  Facilitates  creaFng  brand  advocates  /  Word  of   mouth  markeFng  •  Unique  value  proposiFon  -­‐  its  free  •  Cuts  down  on  formaliFes  •  Yields  access  to  acFonable  "rich"  data  
  6. 6. Con  Facebook  Connect  
  7. 7. Con  Facebook  Connect  •  “Subscribers  Rule”    •  Facebook  Connect  acquired  users  ARE  NOT   SUBSCRIBERS,  they  are  ‘users’  and  are  subject   to  facebook’s  Pla_orm  TOS  •  The  restricFve  policies  related  to  Facebook   pla_orm  can  be  found  at   h`ps://  •  You  are  building  your  biggest  compeFtor  
  8. 8. Con  Facebook  Connect  •  Explicit  consent  from  your  subscribers  creates   value  •  Facebook  Connect  reduces  signup/sign  on   fricFon  •  Low  FricFon  =  low  engagement  •  Pla_orms  can  change  their  TOS  at  will  (see:   Twi`er)  •  “..or  any  other  acFon  as  we  in  our  sole   discreFon  deem  appropriate.”  
  9. 9. Debate  Topic  #2  The  tablet  is  a  unique  experience  and  should  be  treated  as  a  separate  channel  from  mobile  or  desktop  experience  
  10. 10. Pro  Tablet  as  a  DisFnct  Channel  •  There  are  three  disFnct  experiences  now  in   email  –  should  you  treat  them  differently?     –  Legacy  (web  mail  like  MS  IE  and  FFOX)   –  Lean  Forward  (iPhone  and  PhAndroid  “Galaxy”)   –  Lean  Back  (iPad  and  Kindle  Fire)  
  12. 12. BROWSER BY AGE & CTR*based on 1 billion opens
  13. 13. Con  Tablet  as  a  Unique  Channel  •  When  is  tablet  the  ‘first  screen’?  •  How  does  the  tablet  experience  incorporate   context?  •  MulF-­‐screening  on  a  tablet  
  14. 14. Con  Tablet  as  a  Unique  Channel  
  15. 15. Debate  Topic  #3  •  Over  the  last  4  years,  the  industry  has  seen  an   introducFon  to  pla_orms  that  make  an  a`empt   to  connect  and  bridge  the  conversaFon   between  adverFsers  and  tweeters  (or  posters)  
  16. 16. Pro  Sponsored  Tweets/Posts  •  Provides  quick,  value-­‐added  snippets  or   product  updates  •  Daily  Deals  /  Coupons  •  Gives  added  level  of  public  visibility  •  Drives  Brand  Awareness  •  Cross-­‐channel  markeFng  
  17. 17. Pro  Sponsored  Tweets/Posts  •  Are  cognizant  of  brand  reputaFon  •  Transparent  and  offer  full  disclosure  •  Go  beyond  the  simple  product  pitch  •  ConversaFonal  •  All  things  in  moderaFon  /  less  is  more  
  18. 18. Con  Sponsored  Tweets/Posts  •  Social  media  is  about  engagement  •  AuthenFcity  drives  engagement  •  AuthenFcity  is  in  the  eye  of  the  beholder  •  How  your  audience  will  react  is  not  formulaic   or  always  predictable  •  Risk:    sponsorship  as  just  another  way  to  flog   offers  
  19. 19. Con  Sponsored  Tweets/Posts   One  of  our   most  Engaging   posts  of  2012:     14,580  fans   reached  
  20. 20. Debate  Topic  #4  360  by  2020:  A  360  View  of  your  customers  will  be  achievable  by  the  year  2020.    
  21. 21. Pro  360  •  Seven  years  is  a  long  Fme  •  We  all  buy  into  the  vision  •  M&A  acFvity  is  moving  us  in  this  direcFon  •  Progress  being  made  on  acquisiFon  and   analysis  •  Mobile  is  cross-­‐channel  
  22. 22. Pro  360  by  2020  
  23. 23. Con  360  by  2020  •  Not  a  technology  problem  •  Obstacles:    Fme,  money,  legacy  systems  •  Gartner  Report,  2012:   –  1%  of  companies  integraFng  social  media  &  CRM,   increase  to  25%  by  2017  •  With  unlimited  budgets,  no  legacy  systems,  and   infinitely  flexible  staff  and  work  processes,   change  could  happen  overnight  
  24. 24. Con  360  by  2020  
  25. 25. “What are the top three greatest challenges you experience with your current cross channel marketing programs?” [Responses included in top three challenges] 60% Organizing to allow for cooperation 13% 18% Understanding customer interactions across channels 38% 50% (online, mobile, social, offline) 33% 40% Coordination with internal groups or external agencies 25% 33%Maintaining customer data quality across campaigns and/or 13% 30% channels 28% Level 4 30% Automating repetitive marketing processes 4% 13% 20% Level 1 Staffing marketing programs sufficiently 40% 46%Proving results to the executive team to garner support and 20% 33% All budget 38% respondents Managing campaign execution across multiple marketing 10% 29% technologies (email, ad serving, mobile marketing, social, 35% 10% Responding to customers in real-time 13% 17%Lack of knowledge of how to move beyond a single channel 46% approach (email, mobile, social media, etc.) 24% Controlling marketing project budgets that are dependent 29% on IT collaboration 25% Base: 211 cross-channel marketing professionals at companies with $100-million or more in annual revenue Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of ExactTarget © 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited
  26. 26. Thank  You!