Creating social & business value for TELUS & our local communities. By Jill Schnarr


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Creating social & business value for TELUS & our local communities. By Jill Schnarr

  1. 1. Lessons Learned in CorporatePhilanthropy:Creating social & business valuefor TELUS & our local communitiesJill SchnarrVice-President, Community AffairsMember of the TELUS team
  2. 2. Our Discussion TELUS & Corporate Social Responsibility Top 6 Lessons Learned in Corporate Philanthropy 1. Integrate your giving with your business strategy 2. Align your business practices with your causes 3. Enable your employees and retirees to give to the causes they are passionate about 4. Engage your customers in the effort 5. Use social media to create a movement for your cause & company 6. Create an ethical social enterprise Case studies of TELUS Go Pink & Community TTV campaigns
  3. 3. Who are we?
  4. 4. “We believe in our hearts andminds that in order to do well inbusiness, we must do good in thecommunities where we live, work andserve. We are passionatelycommitted to our communitygiving philosophy.” – Darren Entwistle, CEO, TELUS
  5. 5. $245 MAmount donated by TELUS and our team members to local Canadian charities since 2000
  6. 6. Our Areas of FocusCOMMUNITY BOARDS CAUSE MARKETING HUMANITARIAN RELIEF• Grants to grassroots charities • Local community projects • Global/local assistance• Delegation of decision- • Tangible customer benefit in response to disaster/crisesmaking to local leaders • Enhanced customer affinity • Increased stakeholder• Positive social outcomes & competitive differentiation involvement from customers CHARITABLE PARTNERSHIPS EMPLOYEE/RETIREE SUPPORT • Local: Arts, Children’s hospitals • Team TELUS Cares • National: Sports, Health, Education • TELUS Day of Giving • Brand enhancement through affiliation • Employee matched donations • Volunteer & Fundraising Grants • TELUS Community Ambassadors • Enhanced engagement & connection with employees & retirees
  7. 7. $35 MCash donated by TELUS in 2010 to charities and non-profits
  8. 8. $13 M $9 M $1 M $600 K Cash donated by our telecom peers in 2010 to charities and non-profits
  9. 9. review of operations – wireless Our commitment to the environment  Canada’s Best Environmental Corporate Citizen  10-year climate change strategy  117 M sheets of paper used in 2001 reduced to 40 M in 2010  150K wireless devices recycled in 2010  Volunteer Green Teams  LEED certified buildings  Work Styles: Resident, Mobile, At Home10
  10. 10. 11Our commitment to team and community  2011, 2010 – Canada’s Top 100 Employers  2011 – Best Employer for New Canadians  2011, 2010, 2009 – Canada’s Best Diversity Employers  2010, 2009 – Progressive Employers of Canada  2009 – Canada’s 10 most admired corporate cultures  2009, 2007, 2005, 2004 + 2003 – ASTD BEST awards  2008 Canada’s Human Capital Leaders  2010 – Most Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation in the world, AFP
  11. 11. Top 6 Lessons Learned inCorporate Philanthropy
  12. 12. Lesson #1:Integrate your giving strategyto support your businessstrategy
  13. 13. 14TELUS 2011 Priorities Deliver on our future friendly brand promise to clients Optimize the potential of TELUS’ leading wireless and wireline broadband networks Drive market leadership position in SMB and healthcare Continue to improve TELUS’ operational efficiency to effectively compete in the market and fund future growth Raise TELUS team engagement and continue to drive the philosophy of ‘Our Business, Our Customers, Our Community, Our Team, My Responsibility’
  14. 14. Corporate Philanthropy Strategy Create symbiotic relationship with our customers: Contribute positively to local social needs license to operate Build TELUS brand and emotional appeal with our customers: Give customers another reason to buy from TELUS supplier of choice Enable team members & retirees to feel proud to work for TELUS: Facilitate their giving back to the community employer of choice
  15. 15. Lesson #2:Align your business practiceswith your particular cause, sothat you’re demonstratingmore than a tokencommitment
  16. 16. TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes$5,000,000
  17. 17. 18 Supporting diabetes health management TELUS #1 Healthcare IT Company in Canada Electronic Health Records for more than 5 million Canadians  gives those with type 1 diabetes access to online health tools & monitoring devices for wellness, disease prevention & management TELUS bant iPhone app to help teens manage Type 1 Diabetes TELUS Balance Campaign to raise funds for purchase of insulin pumps & CGMs
  18. 18. Lesson #3:Enable your employees andretirees to give to the causesthey are passionate about
  19. 19. 20 Team TELUS CaresEmployee Charitable Giving Fundraising Grants Dollars for Doers TELUS Day of Giving $7.2 million donated New program 558K hours & $851K 11,000+ TELUS to charities in 2011 introduced in 2011 donated in 2010 volunteers on May 28, 2011
  20. 20. 21 TELUS Community Ambassadors Care Items Local Fundraising Volunteer Clubs Volunteer Awards61,809 care items: $200K in 2010 21 clubs & 1000 Annual Volunteer kits for kids, care active retirees Awards Gala bears, comfortkits, heart pillows
  21. 21. Lesson #4:Engage your customers in theeffort: tell them what you doin the community & treatthem like advocates, not justas consumers
  22. 22. Inviting our customers to give where they live
  23. 23. Every Customer Counts 60 sec TV spot
  24. 24. Lesson #5:Use social media to create aviral movement for the cause& for your business
  25. 25. Social media at TELUS: Online Mentions Minimum monthly mentions of TELUS in external social media sites
  26. 26. Social media at TELUS: Twitter Twitter followers of all TELUS accounts
  27. 27. Social media at TELUS TELUS Twitter followers vs. competitors
  28. 28. Social media at TELUS: Facebook fans Facebook fans
  29. 29. Social media at TELUS TELUS Facebook fans vs. competitors
  30. 30. TELUS Go Pink Campaign
  31. 31. TELUS pink Blackberry Curveoutsold the iPhone 4 the first 2 weeks of release
  32. 32. Go Pink Facebook fan page  Launched Sept. 2010  820,000 people turned their profile picture pink  High English and French engagement  $1 donated for each pink profile  6,273,112 positive media impressions
  33. 33. Go Pink. Pass it on – Facebook fan page  Facebook calls the TELUS ‘Go pink – Pass it on’ campaign one of the most successful cause marketing campaigns in history
  34. 34. Lesson #6:Create ethical socialenterprise – move beyondcorporate philanthropy forboth social change andbusiness impact
  35. 35. 37Social change & business impact $2.5M for digital mammography $4.5M for local community projects 60,000 pink blackberries sold 45,000 new TELUS TV customers
  36. 36. CTTV Campaign Summary Q1 2010 Q2 2010 Q3 2010 Q4 2010 Q1 2011 Q2 2011 Powell River Red Deer Abbotsford Sechelt Ashcroft Whitecourt Powell River General GH Dawe Community Abbotsford Hospice St. Mary’s Hospital Ashcroft Food Bank Whitecourt Splash Park Hospital Foundation Centre Society Foundation $3,500 $15,000 $250,000 $225,000 $15,800 Penticton Kamloops Chilliwack Prince George Victoria Airdrie Okanagan College North Shore Kamloops Chilliwack General Cdn Cancer Society David Foster Airdrie Boys & Girls Club Centre of Excellence Library Computer Lab Hospital Northern Lodge Foundation $50,000 $125,000 $124,700 $309,500 $237,00 Lethbridge Fort McMurray Mission Quebec Campbell River Medicine HatUniversity of Lethbridge Northern Lights Health Zajac Ranch for Children Operation Enfant Soleil Campbell River Rotary Medicine Hat Health $350,000 Foundation $75,200 $110,500 Water Park Foundation $134,300 $18,000 Vernon Grande Prairie Cranbrook Quebec Kelowna Fort McMurray Jubilee Hospital New aquatic and Kootenay Child Health Association du Cancer Kelowna General Keyano College Theatre Foundation wellness multiplex and Development de l’Est-du-Québec Hospital Foundation $175,000 $250,000 Centre $111,900 $39,800 $80,000 To date, $4.5M has been donated to 26 communities across BC, AB and QC
  37. 37. CTTV campaign – win for community & for TELUS Builds needed community  Gives customers another infrastructure and access reason to buy from TELUS Provides a tangible  Allows senior managers to contribution that a customer build relationships in their can see communities Supports local governments  Improves the communities in and health services projects which employees live Provides access to corporate  Builds strong, stable dollars for investment infrastructure  Strengthens a surrounding community’s potential workforce
  38. 38. “When brand value is stronglytied to reputation, corporate citizenshipeclipses innovation, financialperformance, workplace practices,governance and leadership as theleading influencer of public perception.” Boston College Centre for Citizenship
  39. 39. Top 6 Lessons Learned in Corporate Philanthropy1. Integrate your giving strategy to support your business2. Align your business practices with your particular cause, so that you’re demonstrating more than a token commitment3. Enable your employees and retirees to give to the causes they are passionate about4. Engage your customers in the effort5. Use social media to create a movement for your cause & company6. Create ethical social enterprise – move beyond corporate philanthropy for both social change and business impact