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Civic Innovation Lab


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Published in: Business, Education
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Civic Innovation Lab

  1. 1. Civic Innovation Lab
  2. 2. Jennifer Thomas Founding Director, Civic Innovation Lab Andradia Scovil Program Coordinator, Civic Innovation Lab
  3. 3. The Civic Innovation Lab Jennifer Thomas, Director Andradia Scovil, Program Coordinator Putting the soul in economic development
  4. 4. Old Industry
  5. 5. Innovative Industry Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park Over 100,000 sq. ft. of riding heaven
  6. 6. Innovative Industry Alternative energy solutions for small business
  7. 7. Traditional Entrepreneur Global business Industry driven
  8. 8. Community Entrepreneurs Sam Merrett, Full Circle Fuels Jennifer Coleman, CityProwl
  9. 9. Community Entrepreneurs Barbara Oney & TL Champion Brother Charles Got*City GAME! McElroy, College Terry Travis Interns for Energy Efficiency
  10. 10. Old Investors n illio $2 b ales? in s v
  11. 11. New Investors Phil Alexander Kathy Barrie Thomas Mulready Collette Appolito Jon Adams Alton Tinker Tim Mueller Earl Pike
  12. 12. The Vision to implement community innovation o with a small amount of seed funding o large dose of civic engagement
  13. 13. How We Implement The Lab fuels innovation by providing funding of up to $30,000 mentoring by seasoned entrepreneurs for civic, social and business ideas that can grow the Greater Cleveland economy.
  14. 14. Civic Innovation Lab Results 2003 - 2009 Initiatives funded: 52 Grants disbursed: $1.5MM Mentor Volunteer hours: 2,500+ Jobs created: 128 Economic Impact: $9.4MM Follow on investments: $6.2 MM
  15. 15. See for yourself
  16. 16. Lab Services o Provide workshops to focus new ideas into business models o Coach top candidates on presentation skills o Provide funding to launch early stage ideas o Mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs “champions” with resident expertise
  17. 17. Why Does it Matter? o Support innovation and company creation at the earliest stages o Develop globally competitive entrepreneurs o Encourage business leaders to take responsibility for the city’s future o Apply innovation at the community level
  18. 18. Why Does it Matter? Business Education Environment
  19. 19. Community Impact Full Circle Fuels - Ohio’s first full service alternative fuels station. Sam Merrett patented a biodiesel blending pump and services 100+ customers weekly. Ray’s MTB – The nation’s only indoor mountain bike park. Rider ship increased 40% in in one year from 7,000 to 10,000. Ray’s fills over 800 hotel nights/ season. E Prep School - sixth grade literacy score go from 7% to 72% in just six months. MedCityNews – online news service covering the business of healthcare has over 70,000 unique visitors per month, growing at 40% rate per month.
  20. 20. Success and Failure Thriving organizations where Success 24% constituents see value and pay for > 2 yrs. service Newer initiatives that have Promising 43% community support but not yet < 3 yrs. thriving Initiatives have lost community Struggling 10% support but champion still trying 2 - 4 yrs. Failure 23% No longer active 3 - 4 yrs.
  21. 21. Future of the Lab Share the Model A flexible, scalable, low cost program that encourages and supports innovation by providing start-up funding and momentum through active civic engagement by local leaders.
  22. 22. How to Get Started Define the Focus for Innovation Economic Development Downtown vibrancy Attracting and retaining talent Supporting entrepreneurship Building new industries
  23. 23. Demand for innovation Community entrepreneurs - no difference between work and play Nurture with mentorship: ideas, innovation, failure lead to ideas, innovation, success Understand continuum of entrepreneurship: need both global business entrepreneurs AND community entrepreneurs
  24. 24. Cost / Benefit 6 Year investment of $2.75 million $9.4 million economic impact = 3.5x return 6 year grant total of $1.5 million $9.4 million economic impact = 5.6x return
  25. 25. Benefit Community impact - entrepreneurs who think globally, act locally New leadership engagement – mentors who use expertise Culture of innovation Attract talent Impact – low cost, high value
  26. 26. Can you do this in your community? o Find cool happenings every week o Volunteer with your friends when it’s convenient o Mountain bike indoors o Help a stay-at-home mom get back to work o Get free entrepreneur biz assistance o Upcycle unwanted products o Buy a gift that diverts glass landfill o Set up alternative energy resource at your biz o Help an musician create a personal portfolio o Buy fresh food from a local farm
  27. 27. It’s possible! o o o o o o o o o …and many more!
  28. 28. Thank you Questions? Civic Innovation Lab 216-925-4826
  29. 29. Please complete the survey being distributed by the volunteers. Survey may be returned to the volunteers or at the Registration Desk in Ballroom A.
  30. 30. Thank you to our sponsors