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  • Congratulations on the increase of money raised. From $5000 in 2008 to $347,000 in 2011 is great.
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Chicago Dental Society Foundation

  1. 1.
  2. 2. About Us• We are the philanthropic arm of the Chicago Dental Society• We were established in August 2006 by the Chicago Dental Society Board of Directors
  3. 3. Our Charge
  4. 4. Champion of Better Oral Health for AllTwo primary avenues: Support dental education Support access to dental care programs
  5. 5. What the foundation does for organized dentistry 68% of members volunteer their time to dental charities* *CDS survey, November 2011 The foundation makes visible the society’s commitment to improving oral health that our members make in their practices every day.
  6. 6.  It burnishes the reputation of dentistry-- that we are deeply committed to helping people live healthy lives by taking care of their oral health.
  7. 7.  It provides members with opportunities to give back and help the profession.
  8. 8. Donor History 2008 2009 2010 2011 Donors 26 70 166 391Donations 26 73 308 515 Total $4,955 $44,095 $65,323 $346,933 Raised
  9. 9. Corporate Donations 2008 2009 2010 2011Corporate 1 4 10 27 Partners
  10. 10. Our Fundraising Programs Midwinter Meeting Friday Night concert Wine tasting, first held in 2010 and now held annually in October Fundraising hole during CDS branch golf outings Annual campaign to corporate partners in September Fundraising requests to CDS members throughout the year Give a Child a Toothbrush program during National Children’s Dental Health Month
  11. 11. Give a Child a Toothbrush Campaign In first year, raised nearly $10,000 Established partnership with Chicago Public Schools to visit schools serving the low-income communities to provide dental education and dental supplies Together with CDS, donated 76,000 toothbrushes to more than 500 schools and community groups
  12. 12. DuPage County Dental Clinic In January 2012, CDS Foundation Board of Directors voted to re-establish dental clinic in DuPage County after DuPage Community Clinic closed its dental program in June 2011 We have a board of directors and volunteer corps in place for the new clinic We are looking for space and hope to open within the next six months
  13. 13. CDSF Grant Information 2009 2010 2011 Grant 12 20 20Requests Grant Amount $119,729 $233,080 $139,000Requested GrantAmount $60,000 $92,500 $67,500Awarded
  14. 14. CDSF 2011 Grant Awards The ARK  Erie Family Health Center, Inc. The Children’s Clinic  Heartland International Health Community Nurse Health Center Oral Health Program Association  Illinois State Dental Society Community Health Mission of Mercy 2012 CORE Foundation  Northwest Community CURE Network Hospital’s Mobile Dental Clinic Dental Lifeline Donated Dental  Oral Health America - Chicago Services Smiles Across America Dental Lifeline House Calls  St. Bernard Hospital Dental Program Center Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago
  15. 15. Your Foundation Cultivates a culture of philanthropy Engages and grows donors and donations Creates and expands programs and outreach Needs the commitment of top volunteer leaders who champion the importance of fundraising
  16. 16. Be an Advocate Donate Now Attend CDSF programs and fundraisers Volunteer for a CDSF Committee Be a CDSF ambassador Visit Toothbusters, a dodgeball team of dental professionals, plays each week to support the foundation to learn more
  17. 17. Thank You! For more information, contact Rodney Watt or (312) 836-7301