The Business Impact of IT


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The Business Impact of IT

  1. 1. The Business Impact of IT How strategic is your IT organization?
  2. 2. Businesses can’t get anywhere without IT.
  3. 3. IT is vital… Allowing small companies to compete with large. And helping companies grow globally.
  4. 4. Today’s technology performance has raised expectations.
  5. 5. And we’re seeing cloud solutions getting services up and running faster …leaving us with a new benchmark for performance
  6. 6. Now the time between turning an IDEA into a RESULT is getting shorter
  7. 7. And the #1 issue for CIOs is… “IT can’t implement fast enough to meet business goals” Source: InformationWeek, 2011 Top 10 CIO Priorities
  8. 8. 70% of COOs say IT is critical for global expansion, Source: Accenture, 2010 Deficiencies In Talent Recruitment and Information Technology Thwarting Global Expansion of High-Tech Firms but only 21% feel corporate IT systems are capable of supporting it
  9. 9. IT must become more strategic And it all starts with a plan. Where does that leave us?
  10. 10. What are your business goals? And how is IT helping to achieve them? Ask yourself…
  11. 11. How is your infrastructure helping to grow the business? Ask yourself…
  12. 12. What’s the revenue impact if email, ERP, CRM… goes down? Ask yourself…
  13. 13. With all the new technology on the market, mobility security application acceleration cloud Ask yourself… how are you keeping up?
  14. 14. You may be running a cost-effective IT organization… But is it growing the business?
  15. 15. Start by taking a closer look at IT Is it all tasks or is IT strategic?
  16. 16. What if you offloaded the tasks to a managed service provider? Offload tasks, become more STRATEGIC
  17. 17. Let a managed service provider focus on the tasks and technology So you can focus on the business and customer demands
  18. 18. What are companies offloading? • Security and remote access • Mobile device management • Network design and management • Infrastructure management and monitoring
  19. 19. What is the impact? • Freed up IT resources to focus on revenue- generating activities • Reduction in IT spend – 46% report savings of >25% • 13% of which report savings of >50% – 50% report savings of 1-24% Source: CompTIA, 2011 Trends in Managed Services
  20. 20. You have a team proactively monitoring your system 24x7x365 Acting as a seamless extension of your IT staff What that means for you…
  21. 21. A team of experts can take you to the next level With advanced technical skills to address increasing IT complexities Have skill gaps?
  22. 22. Deploy new services around the world with a skilled team of specialists and partners Get up and running in HOURS, not WEEKS Need to scale quickly?
  23. 23. Change with the needs Tap into solutions and services to meet demand – as you need them Have an evolving workforce?
  24. 24. So now you’re saving time with a managed service provider
  25. 25. You’re scaling and adapting more quickly And you’re focused on your core business
  26. 26. You’re seeing a positive impact on… • Performance • Reliability • Budget • User Satisfaction • Revenue
  27. 27. Make your IT organization more strategic. See the business impact of managed services: