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Power BI Touche(Point of Sale )

An Strong business intelligence solution for FnB Industry

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Power BI Touche(Point of Sale )

  1. 1. F&B – Analysis of Data
  2. 2. F&B – Analysis of Data A POS software has a rich set of reports which cater to both OPERATIONAL ANALYTICAL Check wise data for revenue, settlements, taxes etc. Days summary Item Sales on specific date(s) Periodic Summary Sales History Revenue, Settlements, taxes etc. with MTD and YTD data
  3. 3. F&B – Analysis of Data But are the reports enough to analyze?
  4. 4. F&B – Analysis of Data More questions that come to the mind….. How do I know the best selling items in April, served for dinner…... ….for the two restaurants, but not the Bar… ……best selling items in Christmas..
  5. 5. F&B – Analysis of Data …how to handle external factors, like….. What sells when the temperature crosses 40 Celsius?... Does the revenue go down when it rains above a certain level?.... Do the covers increase when there is a home match for the local team?
  6. 6. F&B – Analysis of Data The question is, if the reports cannot give me the information, then who/what can?
  7. 7. F&B – Analysis of Data Is it a spreadsheet tool, like Excel? Not really… You must be really good at excel to setup the sheets you require. You must know the database to be able to get the correct data into Excel and then setup formulae (and these are complex) to analyze them. And when the database changes (due to version upgrades), you start all over again.
  8. 8. F&B – Analysis of Data Power Touché
  9. 9. F&B – Analysis of Data What is ? New Microsoft Business Intelligence product line. Aimed at business power users and end-users Rich interactive reports, dashboards, charts, graphs, and maps Minimize clicks to complete tasks
  10. 10. F&B – Analysis of Data What can Power Touché do? It can report from your operational data. Not just in a tabular format but with different visualizations. It can link the structured(operational data) to the unstructured (external factors like weather, events/holidays) and then analyze the data on that basis As it does not directly connect to the data on the premises the data privacy is maintained. Speed of operations is not affected.
  11. 11. F&B – Analysis of Data What do I see in Power Touché? My Business at a glance
  12. 12. F&B – Analysis of Data Let’s go deeper into this and look for the year 2014 Do you notice the unusual spike in my covers in Aug. (My APC will take a sudden hit in this month.
  13. 13. F&B – Analysis of Data And the year 2015
  14. 14. F&B – Analysis of Data Let’s compare the month of Aug for the 2 years– 2014 and 2015.
  15. 15. F&B – Analysis of Data Drilling down further. Is this happening on Weekdays or Weekends? (Have also selected Chargeable checks)
  16. 16. F&B – Analysis of Data Drilling down further. Is this happening on Weekdays or Weekends? Aug Weekends do not have a large variance. 1754 vs 1875
  17. 17. F&B – Analysis of Data The weekdays seem to be where the issue is. If I had so many covers coming into my Restaurants during the weekdays, why has the revenue not gone up?
  18. 18. F&B – Analysis of Data My Average per cover in Aug 2014 is only 627 as against 962 in Aug 2015. Did I give too many discounts in that month? Lets find out……
  19. 19. F&B – Analysis of Data The discount report for all the years. Lets drill down with the same parameters as we had done earlier.
  20. 20. F&B – Analysis of Data Notice that the net discounts given for Aug in the 2 years is not much.
  21. 21. F&B – Analysis of Data In Aug 2014, a net discount is just 2% of the revenue
  22. 22. F&B – Analysis of Data So operationally there is no reason why our Revenue is low in this month. Were there some external factors which affected the revenue? Were the prices lowered in the month due to a competing restaurant which recently opened in the vicinity? Were there some promotions running during the period? Maybe, there are more…..
  23. 23. F&B – Analysis of Data So, through Power Touché, we have taken up a business issue and tried to get to the bottom of it. Same can be done with other problems as well.
  24. 24. F&B – Analysis of Data How does the data flow?
  25. 25. F&B – Analysis of Data What do you need to bring your data to life? A browser Smart Phones/Tablets And a little help from us
  26. 26. Thank you To know more, please contact